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Some Exhibitions at College Art Galleries

Some Exhibitions Seen at College Art Galleries -

Gregory Coates at Opalka Gallery, Sage College, Albany.

Lane Twitchell at University Art Museum, SUNY Albany.
Judith Linhares at University Art Museum, SUNY Albany.
Mr. President at University Art Museum, SUNY Albany.
James Siena at University Art Museum, SUNY Albany.
David Herbert at University Art Museum, SUNY Albany.
Steve DiBenedetto at University Art Museum, SUNY Albany.

Larry Poons at Massry Gallery, College of St. Rose - coming in February 2010!
Judy Pfaff at Massry Gallery, College of St. Rose - not on my blog but on my flickr.

Tony Feher and Jason Middlebrook , at Usdan Gallery, Bennington College.

sorry, NO PHOTOS allowed at the Tang.
Martin Kersels at Tang Museum, Skidmore.
Joseph Grigely at Tang Museum, Skidmore.
Amy Sillman at Tang Museum, Skidmore.
Nicole Eisenman at Tang Museum, Skidmore .
Arlene Shechet at Tang Museum, Skidmore.
Kathy Butterly at Tang Museum, Skidmore.
Molecules That Matter at Tang Museum - okay this one was too bad not to talk about.
Richard Pettibone at Tang Museum - it was too ridiculous not to note that this 'teaching museum' forbid photography of the work of an appropriation artist, an artist who created a body of work from polaroids he'd taken at museums. The Tang actually posted text next to the paintings that read "these tiny, exquisite paintings reiterate art history's reliance on photography to propagate our knowledge about painting".
Michael Oatman at Tang Museum - posted before I got fed up with the no photos allowed rule.

Christoph Ruckhaberle at Shick Art Gallery, Skidmore - this is the older - and now less prestigious - gallery at Skidmore, at which they seem to have no problem with photography. What is the difference? Ruckhaberle is a prominent artist... one of the Liepziggers and he showed at Zach Feuer until recently.

Artificial Light, at Anderson Gallery, VCU -
post 1 (prologue), post 2 (MAIN POST), post 3 (joke post), post 4 (Miami epilogue).
Surface Charge, at Anderson Gallery, VCU -
post 1 (Sigal, Sander, Odita, Robersdottir), post 2 (Herzog, Mayer, Peisajovich, Schoenstadt, Sigurdardottir, Smart), post 3 (joke post), post 4 (more Maix Mayer).

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Wanted to go to Boston last week after reading on a blog! about the RHQ show at the Boston ICA. Was going to go to the opening for fun and then go back to the gallery again the next day to see the show without all the people... but after two e-mails to the ICA to ask what time the opening would be (couldn't find any info on-line) was told that it was a private event not open to the public. Oh well, bummer, but I'm into her work and it would be nice to see what else is showing in Boston... but then I doublechecked and was told no photography is permitted in the ICA galleries.

ME - "i would still love to see the show even though i missed the reception, but i don't want to come all that way if i can't take photographs."

ICA - "Unfortunately photography is not allowed in the galleries…but you can take photos of the building and the art wall in the lobby. And share them in our Flickr group!"

What the hell? Are you serious? Why does a museum that doesn't allow photography in the galleries have a Flickr group? Who joins? Are there even bigger suckers than me?, cause I'm not joining your stupid flickr group of lobby photographers! How many photos of your lobby do you NEED?

Oh yeah did I mention that between my two initial e-mails to the ICA trying to find out when the opening was I coincidentally got an e-mail from a different ICA employee requesting permission to use one of my RHQ photos for their lobby kiosk? So sad. Do they even get that I must have taken them at a place that DID allow photography?

Compound this with trying to see the one-week RHQ show on my last visit to NYC: I went in the gallery - well before the usual closing time - Miguel Abreu was arranging chairs for a Zizek talk later that evening and told me I couldn't look at the RHQ work. Don't remember his exact words but he was rude. Like the gallery but that guy was an ass.

UPDATE: they said it couldn't be done...

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John Haber on New Museum controversy.

"The museum is doing a fascinating project" argues Jeffrey Deitch. Deitch is also curator of the Joannu collection.

Deitch employee (and artist) Kathy Grayson requests "a little respect for the inderdisciplinarity we all celebrate", lauding Jannou's brilliance and the "obvious coolness of the most important artist of the last few decades doing a curatorial project".

"If Louis XIV was alive today he'd own a Jeff Koons balloon dog" - Hrag Vartanian.


Jerry Saltz vs. People Who Know What They Are Talking About:

"It is a joke, by the way, to think that Joannou’s collection will increase in value after being shown here. If anything, using three floors of the New Museum will overexpose the art and decrease its value"Jerry Saltz, NYMag, 11/11

"It is also extremely questionable to say that showing art in a museum increases its value" - Jerry Saltz, NYMag, 11/16

“Showing at a museum gives credence to the works a collector has assembled and does add value to the asset” - John Arena, senior vice president in custom credit at U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management, NYTimes, 11/10

“(A museum) is not supposed to surrender itself to a trustee and donor whose collection stands to be enhanced in value by a major museum show.” Noah Kupferman, Private Client Manager at US Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management, former specialist at Sotheby’s, currently teaches a course called Fine Art as a Financial Asset at New York University, NYTimes, 11/10.

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Apparently Jerry Saltz has deleted his big facebook thread with the pigpile on Tyler Green. If you saved that conversation send it to me and I'll post it here. Discretion assured!

UPDATE!: wrongly worded above... i'm not facebook friends with jerry and had not realized there are/were multiple new museum debate threads. i'm just interested in reposting the new museum debate stuff... for those of us not in the 4500 club.

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inside job

"The one on the right is so nasty (and funny) that even the security guard commented on how rank it was. (Please don't fire him--it's a valid reaction.)" - Tom Moody on Mike Kelley show at Gagosian.

"Giggling at Mike Kelly's penis paintings at Gogo with fabulously inappropriate museum guard." - Joy Garnett facebook "status update" on Mike Kelley show at Gagosian.

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"So far, the back-and-forth has shed more heat than light. As always in such cases, transparency is the key. How much is the show costing? Who’s paying for it? Are works in the exhibition for sale? Needless to say, museum officials would rather drink cyanide than answer such questions. It would be nice, however, if they were occasionally asked by someone besides Charlie Finch [see 'Transparency at the Whitney?'" - Artnet News

James Kalm asked Massimiliano Gioni at the press preview two weeks ago (at 1:30)... his camera shakes as Gioni's body twists like an asp ready to strike him with a kung-fu chop.

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Sunshine Show

View from the window.

I'm curating a show of plop art on the roof of the Bari's Sunshine Hotel, next door to the New Museum, for when Jeff Koons' show is up. This show will only be visible from the big window at the landing of the John S. Wotowicz Stairs, inside the New Museum.

It has to be outdoor-okay stuff, nothing that will blow away, and it's fine if it is work that looks sad and miserable after a couple of months out in the cold on a possibly wet roof, possibly covered in snow. We will have no security, no insurance, and are anticipating no institutional support of any kind.

There will be a VIP preview opening the same night as Jeff's, with a BYOB reception on the landing... although it is unlikely any of the participating artists will be allowed in the museum for that. Sorry!