Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ellie Pyle

Ellie Pyle

Ellie Pyle had a one-night show last month at a shop in Brooklyn... at a boutique called Guenevere Rodriguez.

liked them on the glass shelves.

She isolates patterns/logos/designs that catch her eye... from shopping bags, passing vans, clothing.

Ellie's friend - wearing a dress she designed and made. Wow gorgeous.

THAnk you.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Noam Rappaport

Noam Rappaport, at White Columns, through July 17th.

Sorry, I was gabbing and didn't take many photos... you have to go to White Columns... he has that entire front space, with Josh Smith and Keith Boadwee in side rooms.

Jesse Cohen with Noam Rappaport.

Ariel Dill and Elwyn Palmerton
Ariel Dill and Elwyn Palmerton. Don't Fuck With Elwyn Palmerton.

Ariel Dill is currently included in what looks like a great show at STOREFRONT... Please Jump Around Here... with EJ Hauser, Christian Sampson, MORE.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ken Weathersby

Ken Weathersby, at Pierogi, through June 27th.

Ken Weathersby
cut-outs, re-assembled side-by-side, reversible....

Interference. Nine insets... different sizes, unaligned. Those blotches disrupt the pattern even more... so hard to focus on anything.

Ken Weathersby
detail at an inset, showing pencil lines and blotches. the imperfections were a nice surprise... i had thought it was all gonna be super fussy and "clean".. but they are kind of frankenstein.

Ken Weathersby.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

future phenomena

i'm LATE, but...

Amanda Browder's Future Phenomena
1066 Manhattan Ave - at Eagle Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lance Rautzhan

Lance Rautzhan, in artless, at Sacred Gallery.

First saw his work in a long-term hanging at Archive coffee shop... really like them.

power is power is power is power is power

Lance Rautzhan, with artless curator Michelle Halabura.

sex drugs and rock and roll

im a perv

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

John McAllister

John McAllister, at James Fuentes, closes 6/27th.

i was told he worked as night security at the met for a while and spent a lot of time looking at those paintings alone... supposedly all of the famous paintings incorporated here are in the met.

the upstairs is now gallery space... it was his kitchen (he - fuentes - used to live upstairs)... i like spaces like this, with radiators, molding, and textured walls.

i noticed the radiator at rachel uffner disappeared but i think it's because she removes it in the summer when it isn't needed.

John McAllister

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Monday, June 14, 2010


Jaime Gecker

Metallika, curated by Patrick Brennan, at Monya Rowe.

JD Walsh - didn't take a good picture of it, but he has a great video/sculpture... he took a stereo speaker, layed it flat, and made videos of things being dropped into the concave speaker... they bounce around or pulse to the bass... feathers, glitter, a chain... throbbing beauty. His white-gloved hand is visible dropping items into the speaker, it's a magic act.

Sarah Dornner


Denise Kupferschmidt

Patrick Brennan

Patrick Brennan
popsicle sticks

Patrick Brenan FAZES....

Jaime Gecker

Ned Colclough
Ned Colclough.... (another angle).


Julia Dault

Julia Dault, in Substance Abuse, at Leo Koenig's next-door project gallery.

Julia Dault

Julia Dault, at Blackston, 3/2010.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

tv party

BADASS Judith Braun, with Gretchen and Meadow.

Judith enraptured by Miles.

paddy tweet paddy tweet fast as you can.

glamour shot.

TV PARTY - the show was better than I expected... very funny... the editing was good.

JUDGES - china chow who cares... bill powers looked like a cross between perez hilton and tweedle dee... simon d. he reminds me of the nurse shark that shark that skims along at the bottom... the other one rohatyn was bland and unmemorable.

ARTISTS - my current faves are Judith, John P., Miles, Erik. that clown painting was not the worst piece at all!!! those judges are tards... that dude mark is a creepy clown, and trapped in that palette framed by the easel was a reference to being made-up framed and presented by 'Work of Art'... it was like General Zod trapped in the Phantom Zone as it goes spinning off into space. look at all the portraits... clown is in the top three for sure.

hey judges - Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled (Portrait of Ross in L.A.), 1991, Louise Bourgeois, Torso Self-Portrait, 1962-63, David Hammons, Esquire (or John Henry), 1990... etc etc blah blah blah (not that Nao's piece was any good).

spilling the beans???

NEXT i want to see Roberta Smith go on Wife Swap.

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Lee Bontecou

Lee Bontecou, at MoMA.

Lee Bontecou

I think MoMA should start a flickr page of people staring at this.


The Spring 1960 Art in America (it was a quarterly then) Market Letter includes-

"Find of the year - Constructions in canvas-and-leather of Lee Bontecou at Leo Castelli Gallery; she is a 28-year-old realist sculptor who has gone geometrically abstract."

Untitled, 1980-98

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Alisha Kerlin

Alisha Kerlin, Cat and Mouse, at Real Fine Arts, through June 27th.

Paintings of losing games of solitaire. Failure is an option. Not usually into conceptual strategizing as an excuse for lame(?) painting, but... this is not overly-elaborate... nice and lazy... listless. I kinda like being or thinking about being alone in that 'whatever' rote state.

There is also a series of close-up photos of an old cockatoo bird she keeps visiting at the pet store, photographing as it wakes up and nods off. This show is some kind of limbo.


Alisha Kerlin

you lose slacker.

- she got dissed by CVF in the VV review of GNY. so did Erin Shireff. so did Amy Yao. I guess if I ever had a gallery it wouldn't look too much like Roebling Hall... haha.

Damien Crisp and Gillian Wilson - getting married this summer, and opening a new gallery in the former Fake Estate space.

Alisha Kerlin. RFA is only open on weekends.