Thursday, June 29, 2006

Barry Hoggard

27th Street, Chelsea - photographed by Barry Hoggard. it's perfect, isn't it?

this is in Richmond. i like these pretty landscapes.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

seal of approval

this seal is so cute. he makes everything better.

this painting isn't finished, maybe it needs a seal. YES!

this one isn't finished either, but the seal likes it. i love you, seal of approval!

don't hate, nominate!

Nominate someone for a Pollak Prize by June 30th!!! It is easy! Cut and paste the category list, e-mail it with your nominations to Richmond Magazine (harryk@richmag.com). A nomination is not a selection, just a list of people to consider. Nominators are ANONYMOUS, you can nominate yourself, it doesn't matter - nobody is keeping track of who nominates who.

fine artist (painting,printmaking, or sculpture) - ?
photographer or filmmaker - ?
emerging artists - ?
lifetime achiever - ?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Trawick Prize

From Adrian via Kriston, the Trawick Prize finalists are:

Christine Buckton Tillman (Baltimore, MD)
Caryl Burtner (Richmond, VA)
Eric Dyer (Baltimore, MD)
Suzanna Fields (Richmond, VA)
Adam Fowler (Washington, DC)
Kristin Holder (Washington, DC)
Kirsten Kindler (Richmond, VA)
Maxwell MacKenzie (Washington, DC)
Robert Mellor, Chatham, VA
James Rieck (Baltimore, MD)
Jo Smail (Baltimore, MD)
Molly Springfield (Washington, DC)
Georgianne Stinnett (Richmond, VA)
Jason Zimmerman (Washington, DC)

Four Richmonders, all women, only two of whom I am familiar with.

(i have to get out on the river now, but i will update this later.... if i survive)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Oura, Mickael, and Rats

Here are some images of other favorite work from the Gallery5 show that just closed -

Oura Sananikone
Oura Sananikone. Oura makes some good paintings, and other things. He and Phil Barbato also made a big mess on a wall.

Mikael Broth
Mickael Elliot Broth. This is the artist who went to prison for his REFUSE tags. He showed clean complex drawings, and his tagging templates. Read Mikael's statement of contrition in the current RVA.

RATS. Rats is across the street. Go RATS. Rats is the word.

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Mike Martin in the new RVA! ...PLUS!

Timothy Michael Martin is featured in the current issue of RVA!

Do you know RVA? Maybe some of you (most of you?) are not Richmonders; RVA stands for Richmond VA, and RVA is a small magazine that spotlights local art and culture. The current issue also features Mickael Broth, another favorite from the current Gallery5 show, and a good article by Don Harrison. Local artists and writers are ENCOURAGED to submit work for consideration.

Mike is not in Richmond anymore; he's moved back to Tennessee and is starting a gallery in Knoxville. He got a big basement storefront - like Nonesuch, a basement place with windows and doors on the street - to use as a studio space and is going to use the front as an exhibition space. The first show at The Basement Gallery will be Kaleidoscope, a group show, opening July 7th. I'm in it!

The Basement's in-progress website has a Featured Artist page. Not sure if these are artists he will show or just art he likes, but the first one to be featured is Hedwig Brouckaert. I met Hedwig maybe in 2002 at Vermont Studio Center, and Mike met her earlier this year at a residency at Virginia Center For The Creative Arts. Libby and Roberta know her too, her work is the first eight pictures of this set, from her current show at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, where I also had a show once*. It is a small small small art world**.

Mike Martin's painting in my bedroom
My Mike Martin painting.

* i mean twice! i forgot i showed there in 1991. five big Humbertos.

**Duh! It is even smaller. I just remembered that Hedwig and I showed together at Tadashi Moriyama's Freeform space in 2004. I am only at a quarter-career and forgetting everything already. I got a good review from Roberta (before we subsequently met).

Wednesday, June 21, 2006



secrets of james

Secrets of James Won't Get Out of Bed....

Breugel, Death of the Virgin, 1564.

Martin Bromirski, James Won't Get Out Of Bed, page 2
That chair is the same barely noticeable chair in the foreground of the Breugel painting. The soft blanket on his bed is washi, Japanese paper, that I made myself at a four-day papermaking workshop in Gifu, Japan - we did everything from scratch; pick the mulberry, boil it, grind it.

Not sure who the artist is right now, but saw it in a show in Japan, I think. I'll check the postcard info and update later. The open window is used in the image below, Death lurks everywhere.

James Won't Get Out Of Bed, 14
The open window above the sleeping boy is the same as the open window over the sleeping old man (in the previous image). The cat chasing the mouse across the bed was inspired by a creepy Victorian image - I have since lost - of a sleeping girl whose bed is covered with scampering mice. I had a cat that looked like that when I was a boy. Shout out to Mittens!!

See the book on the Breugel chair? The chair in Breugel's painting also has a book on the seat. The book in my picture is The Kuddle Kittens, by S. Sheldon, the unpublished comic of an old Philadelphia friend, Steve Sheldon.

Look how tiny my cut-paper mouse is!

RELATED: my washi teacher was also a Noh master, and gave an impromptu outdoor fireside performance. it was INTENSE!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

they are coming

They are coming! July 13th.

nominate someone!

Not much time left to nominate someone for a Pollak Prize. Only one commenter has left suggestions. I hope some of you are e-mailing your nominations to Harry Kollatz at Richmond Magazine (harryk@richmag.com).

I've made a big set of most of my Richmond photos, maybe that will help jog some thoughts?

on goest

Last week I posted that people often leave good comments on old posts. I also get many e-mails about posts. Here are some nice thoughts on the recent goest post -

"ah, such a great tagger.... 'where thou goest, I will go' comes to mind when I see his tags, it makes me smile, not being religious, but that I appreciate the irony that although, he may not be a religious man, he was exposed to the sunday morning rituals of church in his childhood. I love that. and, its like the opposite---where ever I go, he was there first. before me. how can that NOT bring a smile to the face. its like twisted, subtle urban religion."

Friday, June 16, 2006

some good comments

People often leave comments after a post is no longer *new*. Here are a couple recent posts to which good comments have been added -

Steve Jones with two comments here.

Vittorio Colaizzi responds with a smart comment here. Much more even-tempered than I could be. Vittorio is responding to a commenter who calls his work crappy and says that I am "every artist's bitch". Exciting! Vittorio's comment also includes a thoughtful look at Ryan Mclennan's current show at Nonesuch.

Thanks Steve and Vic and angry young commenter.

(vittorio colaizzi in style weekly here)

the phantom

From yesterday's Richmond Times-Dispatch -

"Richmond's graffiti vandals are getting a one-time-only amnesty offer. Clean up your mess, and you won't go to jail. City prosecutors invite all local aerosol-paint artists to attend a meeting Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. at 1103 W. Marshall St. There, vandals will be asked to identify everything -- homes, buildings, bridges, schools, tunnels, streets they've illegally spray painted, or "tagged." Then, they'll be put to work cleaning up their own messes. In exchange for fessing up, vandals will not be prosecuted."

This is a good chance to gain some instant notoriety for very little effort. You can go and claim to be Goest!! You would be maybe a hero! They would write articles about you! People would whisper "there goes Goest" as you passed. The "real" Goest might continue, but he would just be copying you.







No Goest! Also, NO Playing or maybe Praying!

That would be so funny, for someone to come out and steal Goest's thunder. How frustrating for Goest, perhaps.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Robert Rainey

Robert Rainey, my Richmond friend now living in Albuquerque, is showing at the Chicago Cultural Center through August 6th. An exhibition of about thirty of Nick Cave's Soundsuits is showing concurrently, through July 9th. Nick Cave showed at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond a few years ago and those suits are amazing.

Robert was my Art Basel Miami best friend. He partied very very late every night. It was tough to get him going in the morning.

painting waking robert
wake up, robert!! it is time to see art basel!!

GURSKY!!! Read this if you haven't seen it yet, we laughed so hard.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Sandra Luckett

Sandra Luckett's magical little landscape on a turntable; it spins around. The inside cover has a reflective gold foil, small mirror balls are suspended above (you can see their shadows on the wall). The goal was to create a shimmering aurora borealis on the wall, which she does.

This is part of her show at ADA, closing soon.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Friday, June 09, 2006

Timothy Sean Johnston

Timothy Sean Johnston
Timothy Sean Johnston is one of the artists included in Gallery5's current exhibition of graffiti and graffiti-ish work. I think a number of these artists are taggers and better known to many by their tags. Can't match names with tags here, they are all wanted.

The opening was fun - the gallery erected a big wall out front for anybody to paint on, good bands, the police, beer, and good art. Timothy Sean Johnston (more work below) was one of my favorites, along with Oura Sananikone. I'll post more artists later.

This is an excellent show and the second-best graffiti show in town. The best is here. Does anybody have a name or alias for this artist? I am a huge fan.

UPDATE 6/4/07: the mystery artist linked to above is known as Judith Supine, now "famous" in New York.

Timothy Sean Johnston

Timothy Sean Johnston

Timothy Sean Johnston

RELATED: building as painting, broad street robot dance, rats is the word, goest, Curious, on local graffiti, in-between alley, pretty landscape. Good comments on many of those posts.

Monday, June 05, 2006

p and d

Two things to see if you will be escaping the city heat this summer, Pollock in Williamstown and Da Vinci in Glens Falls -

Jackson Pollock at the Williams College Museum of Art, in Williamstown MA. The show features Number 2, 1949, from the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute Museum of Art; Number 13A, 1948: Arabesque, from the Yale University Art Gallery; and Number 7, 1950, from MoMA. I haven't been yet, but my mom went and was very very impressed.

Pictured above is an installation view of Number 2, 1949 on a free standing plinth; they have it displayed like this so you can walk around and see the back.

Pollock painting
looks like a little Joe Fig doll.

da Vinci -
The Hyde Collection is taking out that Mona Lisa drawing I talked about once before -

"The Hyde is a small house museum like the Gardener and the Barnes - I think the Hydes were actually inspired to think about making their home public after a visit to the Gardener - but much further off the beaten track way up in Glens Falls, NY.

On my visit last week they had out at least one piece each by Rubens,
Ingres (I think there were three out), Tintoretto, Homer, Hassam, Eakins, Renoir, Bierstadt, Courbet, Pisarro, Picasso, Whistler, Rembrandt, Vedder, Ryder, El Greco, Seurat, Ruisdael,Tiepolo, Bellows and more. The Da Vinci is not currently on display but the small Botticelli is sitting on the same table as last time. You would not believe how close you can get to these works, it really does feel like you are in someone's home. This is a stately home but small and intimate by the standards of many of today's new homes. My favorites this time were the Ingres linked to above and this little piece by John Frederick Peto - that mug is much crustier and clumpier in real life. Or maybe my favorite was Rubens' Man in Armor or Cranach the Elder's St. Helena with the True Cross, on loan from another museum in exchange for yet another Rubens. Too Much!!!"


Thursday, June 01, 2006

James Won't Get Out Of Bed, 15 - THE END.

James Won't Get Out Of Bed, 15
and the next day, was cured!

1,2,3 here - 4,5,6,7 here - 8,9,10 here - 11, 12, 13 here - 14 here.
View the flickr set here.

Nominate Someone for the 2006 Pollak Prizes

Theresa Pollak
Theresa Pollak

Richmond Magazine
is accepting nominations for the 2006 Pollak Prizes. The nominees are recommended to a panel of selectors, who then choose the honorees. I don't know if the selectors have to actually choose from among the nominees or not, and the selectors are usually the previous year's winner in each category - 2004's Heide Trepanier chose 2005's Nick Kuszyk, 2004's Richard Roth selected 2005's Elizabeth King.

Categories are:

writer or poet

actor or director
vocalist or instrumentalist
ensemble (vocal or instrumental)
fine artist (painting,printmaking, or sculpture)
photographer or filmmaker
emerging artists
lifetime achiever - i guess this is in whatever art form?

Who will you nominate??? Say so in the comments. I need to think about it, but I'll update this post later with some names. The DEADLINE for nominations is June 30, 2006.

E-mail your nominations to Harry Kollatz at harryk@richmag.com, or post to 2201 W. Broad St, Richmond VA, 23220.

Nominees must be Richmonders, but I don't think you need to be a Richmonder to nominate.