Thursday, May 31, 2007

some anaba friends showing in nyc...

Some anaba friends showing in NYC, now or soon -

Michael Mewborn - June 5-17 at Broome Street Gallery, 498 Broome St in SoHo. There's no artist's reception, but he will be there some on June 9.

Michael Mewborn
Michael had a GOOD show at ADA Gallery last year.... I was really into it. Was that only less than a year ago? Seems like longer. They were his first new paintings after a thirty-year break. Crazy.

I would definitely have asked him to be in Art Basel: Stuffy's, except I wanted it to be an all-Richmond show, and he lives in Lynchburg.

Huston Ripley - through June 29 at FEATURE. He's showing on the mezzanine level.

Huston was one of the bartenders when I used to spend A LOT of time at Dirty Frank's, in Philadelphia (maybe 1989-1993 or so). Well... Frank's and McGlinchey's, back and forth.

Gallery Axiom, Philadelphia
This is funny to see, a picture of the long-gone Philadelphia gallery Gallery Axiom, 1991(?), with Huston's work in the upstairs window and my stuff in the downstairs window.

(Does anybody remember Annie Somerville's collaborative space that was down the street??? What was that called? Any pictures? It was on the second floor, over a liquor store.. a HUGE space that they made into a live/work/exhibition/band/party place.... I'm not sure if I'm spelling Annie's name right.)

Zoe Strauss - through June 23 at Silverstein. I don't think I need to say anything extra about how excellent Zoe's work is.... Libby has a report from the opening, Brent has a nice post.

I would also like to see -

Nicholas Krushenick at Marianne Boesky. James Kalm did a youtube of it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Believers,

THE BELIEVERS, curated by Nato Thompson, at Mass Moca.

Erkki Kurenniemi - electronic music, video art, synthesized music, theremin, electronics, color, a dancer, b fuller, psychedelic, sex machine, hands touching making colored lights and tones!

Theo Jansen - AWESOME!

Jonathan Meese- painting, supertramp, mel brooks, hitler salute, hot sun, painting, painting on his body, outdoor ampitheatre, older woman... "thank you mommy", running all around with a hand mirror, dancing, up in the stands, hopping up and down with the nazi salute and a handmirror, to supertramp.

carianacarianne - selves indulgent... get over yourselves.... like trying to have an imaginary friend without having the imagination.... a sad twist on every man's fantasy; instead of two girls with half a brain, it's one hyper-neurotic girl. YUK!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Christoph Buchel

This is the reporter from Switzerland.

I went BACK to Mass Moca yesterday, because I am obsessed with the Buchel story and trying to figure out what the deal is.

The tarps are up.... not just tarps, but also large pieces of burlap - smells good. I was wondering if they would be up or if the court decision had come through and maybe they would be down. I didn't take any photos in the tarp alley... you can see some photos on-line in the newspaper articles.

Okay, you first walk in through the old movie house... it is all burlaped up... then into the main space starting in a burlap cul-de-sack becoming a mostly tarp corridor. They have been pretty good at closing all the seams, not many peek-through chances, but you can of course see the tops of things, and some large shapes through the burlap. The space has been very much cleaned up... it really isn't like a Buchel installation at all; the floor is swept clean, no detritus at all.

At the end you enter a closed gallery space containing Made at Mass Moca, photos and text documenting the previous shows that occupied the Building 5 space; Robert Rauschenburg, Tim Hawkinson, Ann Hamilton, Robert Wilson, Cai Guo Qiang, Carsten Holler. A Mass Moca staff person was talking to a reporter from Switzerland in here.... he had come all the way because of this Buchel controversy.

The second floor of this end gallery space is also open.... it is a large loft-like space which overlooks the main (Buchel) space, and is completely open except for a single table and two chairs. One wall has a long bulletin-board of Buchel/massMoca press clippings, and the opposite side - which would normally overlook the Buchel installation space - is blocked by a long banner which lists all of the materials gathered for the Christoph Buchel installation. The Swiss reporter, in the photo posted above, is studying that banner.

Reading the Buchel press... no blog printouts, just newspaper clippings. LAME.

Blogging on Buchel/massMoca -

Modern Kicks - post one, post two, post three, post four - lots of comments.
Edward Winkleman - near the end of the comments artist Lisa Ruyter and Ed get in a little fight. Lisa says about Buchel - "I, for one, am attracted by the stand and risks he is taking" - which sounds ridiculous. The budget for the project doubled, and the artist still insists "the installation remains 50% completed". What is his stand? I refuse to take any responsibility for my flops? Good one.
Art Law Blog - this is Buchel's lawyer - and he is posting letters to Mass Moca and e-mail correspondence.

Peeking down at the canceled show.

I was a bit suspicious when I saw how "done" the Made at Mass Moca show is - lots of nice signage and banners - and how convenient it is that this end space was available... but I talked with the Mass Moca person while she was speaking to the Swiss reporter, asking about when exactly they started to put this show together and what the previous plans for the space were. She said it was all done QUICK, very last minute... and they all impressed themselves with how fast they were able to get it together. Also that the (first floor) back space was originally going to be part of Buchel's installation, and they just cleared all of the Buchel stuff out.

I'm still thinking that Buchel is an absolute perfectionist who was overwhelmed by the space and flaked out rather than open a less-than stunning show... not that this is something that was planned from the start... and that Mass Moca is trying to make the best of a very bad situation.

Related: first post on Buchel, second post on Buchel.


I haven't posted on these other shows yet, but there's a lot more to see at Mass Moca then the Buchel-that-is-not-a-Buchel (or is it?)... I've visited Mass Moca FOUR times in the last two months, today to see Spencer Finch and what was happening with Buchel, but the two previous visits were to see The Believers and Erik Lieshout. On that last visit I was able to watch Spencer Finch (by himself) installing his big show.

Point being, there is a LOT to see at Mass Moca... the large group show The Believers, a solo show for Erik Lieshout, a large Spencer Finch retrospective, and of course whatever the courts will allow anyone to see from the abandoned Buchel project. Oh, and Made at Mass Moca, the last-minute show made in the gallery space at the end of the Buchel tarp-maze.

Note that I say I was able to watch Spencer Finch installing his exhibition. That is normal for Mass Moca, many galleries are always on view... it is not unusual to see work-in-progress at Mass Moca. To get to The Believers and Lieshout it was necessary to walk through parts of the Finch space, and once upstairs there are a couple different balcony areas from which we watched Spencer Finch on top of a stepladder hanging pieces of crumpled cellophane (or something).

Friday, May 25, 2007

Jo Baer's I Am No Longer An Abstract Artist

FOUND! Or rather (and even better), SENT to me! Jo Baer's October 1983 Art in America essay, I Am No Longer An Abstract Artist -

CliCK HeRe to see it BIG enough to Read.

ClicK HERE to Read.

I hadn't realized this is part of a larger feature on thirteen abstract painters of the sixties... I'm going to do more research.

RELATED: Jo Baer's letter to Artforum, September 1967

Thursday, May 24, 2007

baby killer house

Leigh Viande's photographs taken inside a long-abandoned home in Baltimore.... the neighborhood story is that the woman who lived here killed her toddler.

The house is filled with years of creepy graffititi; not art or tagging, just vengeful stuff about children and murder.

This is interesting to post after the Buchel/massMoca posts... something real, not hyper-real... not precious, strategic, or manufactured...

also in that this non-sanctioned "installation" shares a sense of mystery... we see the result, but are unsure about exactly what has happened.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Christoph Buchel

Painting on a wall, inside a house, Western Massachusetts.

The Christoph Buchel exhibition will open at Mass Moca, kind of.... without being "done", and without the artist's permission... unless, it is all a joke and exactly what he intended.

My impression, and I saw "the show", is that Buchel was overwhelmed by the huge space - unable to finish on-time and within budget - while trying to maintain his demanding character at the same time - and just couldn't deal.... so he abandoned it until safely back home in Switzerland, where he perhaps began to embrace the new nature of the piece.

Really, this works out better for him, because even with ALL of the stuff they put in there (a movie theatre, mobile homes, many vehicles and cinderblock walls and shipping containers, a HOUSE) it still looks all spread-out and very much like you are in a single gigantic room, not the disorienting gosh-am-i-still-at-an-art-show? effect that he is able to get in a more manageable space. The museum putting up a maze of tarps and opening the space without permission is doing him a favor... more notoriety for him, and it will actually look better.

christoph buchel, at art fair
This is more Buchel's speed... a Swiss art fair. Hey, it looks like this dealer must have had a similar problem with Buchel, and they had to cover his piece with rugs.

Man, I pretty much ALWAYS side with the artist, and hate curators claiming artistic liscence... but I have to hand it to Joe Thompson and Mass Moca for one-upping Buchel at his own "subverting the relationship" game.

UPDATE: CONTINUE READING THE BUCHEL SAGA HERE - a visit to see the tarp show.

Anthony Fineran

Anthony Fineran - he is a fan of the work of Vittorio Colaizzi, and I think Jered Sprecher.... Anthony has left comments to posts on Vic and Jered.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Robert Motherwell, Alison Fox

Robert Motherwell - this is one of the paintings in the Albany concourse I talked about last week.

Alison Fox
Alison Fox - I wonder if Alison ever saw the Motherwell.... she went to school in nearby Saratoga, so it's possible.

I like both these paintings.

Hoosick Falls Chicken Barbecue VS. Art Basel/Skulptur Projekte Münster/Venice Biennale/Documenta... PLUS Mia Westerlund Roosen

BIG CONFLICT. The Hoosick Falls chicken barbecue I talked about is ON for June 12th!!!! Unfortunately this conflicts with my plans to attend the openings of Art Basel, Skulptur Projekte Münster, the Venice Biennale, and Documenta XII.

venice - 6/10
basel - 6/13
documenta - 6/16
munster sculpture - 6/16

PLUS: Hoosick Falls is on Artnet???

Mia Westerlund Roosen
Mia Westerlund Roosen, Hoosick Falls, 2005

Here's another view.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hans Heiner Buhr

Hans Heiner Buhr....

and Hans has worked hard on Horse Thief Sayat-Nova St: A Fictional Story from Old Tbilisi... click on the red words to see the pictures. It's COMPUTER art! (+ photography, performance, literature, digital, collage, text/image).

"Often I dreamed, how was Tbilisi 150 or 200 years ago? Living in the oldest part of Tbilisi, it was quite easy to imagine it myself, as the district is barely touched, but falling apart these days from lack of any repairs. This will change very soon with the implimentation of govermental and private reconstruction programmes. There is a good chance, that what you see here does not exist anymore, except in our imagination and in history. I worked over the last 3 winter month on digital collages on a fictional story about an imaginary horse thief in Old Tbilisi. I tried to catch my private romantic vision of this quarter. I tried to remember the streets and their living inhabitants, the many families from all different origins living in and around Sayat-Nova-Street and to work on artistic problems in my collages. But it became something else"

Friday, May 18, 2007

Daniel Buren's Bus-Stop Benches, Keith Schoenheit's Photographs

Ten-plus years ago artist Keith Schoenheit photographed all of the bus-stop benches that Daniel Buren installed in Los Angeles... and he's just scanned them all and put them on his website.

Excellent! These are the bench pieces Buren talked about here, and which I couldn't find any images for. Thanks, Keith!

All of the photos are labeled with the intersection the bench is/was at, and Keith adds that "these are scans from drugstore prints. I still have the original negatives, so if there is any interest I could have them scanned and put up much higher quality images".

Daniel Buren LA bus-stop bench, photographed by Keith Schoenheit
First and Vermont.

Daniel Buren LA bus-stop bench, photographed by Keith Schoenheit
Venice and La Cienega.

Make sure you check out Keith Schoenheit's The Winning Side: Air Raid Sirens in Post-Cold War Los Angeles.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Christoph Buchel

Christoph Buchel's installation at Mass Moca, Training Ground for Democracy, was scheduled to open five months ago today... but Buchel abandoned the installation when it became apparent that he wouldn't be able to finish on-time and within budget. Geoff Edgers has covered the whole story in the Boston Globe... and additionally on his blog, excerpting from Buchel's seven page list of demands necessary to finish, sent to the museum. Go read Edger's piece if you are not familiar with the backstory.

I'm now thinking this show will not happen, because one of Buchel's stated demands is that the exhibition does not open until at least two months after he returns to Mass Moca to finish it; meaning that if he were to return today the show would not open until July 16 at the earliest. That would be seven months into the run of a ten-month show.

Jake Oldershaw, an artist whose exhibition at Mass Moca closed last month, writes about Mass Moca and Buchel on his blog -

"(I was) wondering if he might just deliberately be pushing a handful of rich people in the most powerful country in the world to see how far he could go."

Ugh, please. If that is what he thinks he is doing, then he doesn't know what he is doing. North Adams is a struggling town, even with Mass Moca. Did Oldershaw see how many empty storefronts there are downtown? There are no rich people in North Adams.

What is Buchel's goal? To take down struggling art museums in dying milltowns? Noble.

Mass Moca is not an established institution with some huge endowment... they don't even have a collection. It is only whatever show(s) they have up at the time. I was at Mass Moca last week, and instead of the usual $10 adult, $8 student fee... it was $5 for everyone, because they don't have enough galleries open (Spencer Finch is installing where the Ahistoric Occassion show was).

Oldershaw's blog entry closes with -

"knowing a little bit about the costs and ball-aches that people have to go through when they build his shows, I can't help thinking it's a lot of effort for a relatively small pay-off. Seeing through the smoke, mirrors and fine art disneyland I still wonder what exactly is your point?"
buchel at art fair
Gee, I wonder if Buchel will have his fuck-you merchandise ready in time for Basel?

From the statement for Buchel's most recent super edginess at Hauser & Wirth -

Büchel repeatedly manipulates and exploits the perceived power of the social and legal contract, subverting the relationship between artist and audience while insisting on a more active political role for both.

Sounds good to me. Let's play! I am the audience member that has subverted the relationship further by entering the Mass Moca space and taking a bunch of pictures. I'll post them probably tomorrow.

secret location

UPDATE 9/23/07 - go HERE to read all the court stuff (i went to the motion hearing).

Monday, May 14, 2007

Wallace Harrison and Nelson Rockefeller's Empire State Plaza

Wow, there is an AMAZING collection of art at the Empire State Plaza. I've always loved this place architecturally, but really had no idea about the art... most of it in the concourse directly below the plaza.

Okay, a little background. The Empire State Plaza is an Albany, NY centerpiece.. an elevated grouping of several state buildings around a central plaza. All of it is from the 1970's, except for the New York State Capitol at one end. As kids we know this place because of The Egg (and here's an unusual view) and as a place for ice-skating in winter; I'd never thought of it as an art destination.

We visited last weekend and I was excited to take note of all of the sculpture on the plaza... George Rickey, Ellsworth Kelly, Alexander Calder, Claes Oldenburg, and many others... when I saw a security guard I asked if there was a list of all the artists represented and he took me into the Egg and down into this concourse level which I had never known existed. It's a huge hallway under the plaza, connecting everything.... and FILLED with more stuff. The guard got me the list of all the artists in the collection, way more than I was expecting, and so I had to come back another day to see it.

Allan D'Arcangelo, American Landscape, 1967. I was thrilled to find both this and a Nicholas Krushenick... last time I saw them they were also both in VMFA's Speed.

Almost everything in the collection is from late 1960's New York... they must have been acquiring and commissioning work as the Plaza was being built. High Times, Hard Times picks up pretty much exactly where this work leaves off... really nice to see this having seen High Times, Hard Times.

Nicholas Krushenick is the subject of what looks like an excellent survey show at Marianne Boesky right now... serious thanks, James Kalm.

Lee Bontecou, Untitled, 1966. This piece is at the end of a looong Al Held.

It's like Logan's Run. I don't remember who did this piece, only half of which is visible here.

From far left: Pollock, Kline, Rothko, Frankenthaler, Louis, Still. It's staggering...

The Pollock is gorgeous, lots of poured soaked paint... yellow, blue, silver, brown, black. This was the only piece I saw that didn't have a sign, although the old frame had a small thing affixed to it which gave the title as Number 12, from 1952. I'm wondering if there is no sign because there are some attribution questions or something? I know there is another Jackson Pollock also called Number 12, but from 1949. Whatever this piece is, it's lush.

Without Pollock we would have no Frankenthaler, and without Frankenthaler we would not know Louis... so this stainy Pollock is a good one to show with those two.

Another good painting by an artist whose name I can't recall.... it's like a Kristin Baker done by Ben Shahn, which I guess means it's better than a Kristin Baker.

UPDATE: The above artist is Robert Goodnough. Thank you, kind reader. More on the mysterious Goodnough here.

Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol, Portrait of Nelson Rockefeller, 1967 - Rockefeller was the governor... the whole plaza was his idea; Wallace Harrison was the architect. I truly can't imagine a politician today making an art and architecture project like this happen.

others to see - Philip Guston, Jack Youngerman, a huge Alfred Jensen, Jack Tworkov, Grace Hartigan, a grouping of David Smith, Donald Judd, Al Loving, Louise Nevelson, Larry Zox, and much MORE.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!
Notice how my mom is giving me the wrong finger... not a propriety thing, she just can't get a handle on what finger is "the" finger. Nice try, mom!
Spatula and Rolling Pit Attack!!! When moms go wild! Whatever you do, DON'T give her any beads!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007


a box with personality.

Friday, May 11, 2007

More POTATOES found!!!

YAY! I found more stuff from the Potato Year in my storage locker! Sometimes I am a little nervous posting OLD stuff... but they really made me laugh when I saw them again.

Star-Spangled Potato, 1989

It's a xerox of a potato covered in pushpins.

Normal Potato VS. Insane Potato, 1989

Celestial Potato, 1989

I used to be so weird at the supermarket with the potatoes...

Good thing I'm not weird anymore!

Two Potatoes - Two Worlds, 1989

Oops, I spelled "potatoes" wrong. It was made before Dan Quayle made the famous spelling mistake. One side says something like "He was the All-American Potato", the other sides says things like "He was a quiet potato", "a loner", "nobody ever expected anything like this to happen". I think I originally had this set flat with two potatoes on it...

I still need to figure out what happened to the potato mystery train, and some others. That was a really weird one...

The potatoes grew into the Humbertos. Humberto's brain was a potato. Actually... Humberto at one point eats a poison potato and dies; his soul flies away in the form of a potato.

But the torment continued...

RELATED: if you are fascinated by my potato work of 1989, go the flickr set to see the potato polaroids, texas potatoes, potato elvis, boxing potatoes.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

grave marker!!!

I ate a turkey sandwich in the Maple Grove Cemetery.

Next I went back to Mass Moca to see The Believers again... and Erik van Lieshout. Mass Moca is great... the ride was so nice today, the air smelled so fresh and green.

I lucked out because Spencer Finch is installing his big upcoming show and I got to meet him...

surfing the hoosick??
Surfing the Hoosick??? This was a surprise on the way back... they found a little hole to play in.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Heroes Show

Laura Sharp Wilson is maybe a new hero... I did Art Basel: Stuffy's last year, and thought that was a lot of work with fifteen artists, but Laura's show - The Heroes Show - includes almost fifty artists. Plus, all of my artists were Richmonders, while Laura has assembled artists from all over the country.

My Heroes piece is below, along with the short statement provided to let people know who your heroes are. I think all of the statements are collected together in a couple of binders...

Laura has sent a list of everybody's heroes, I'm including that below. I don't know whose hero is who... go to this post to see the list of all of the participating artists, maybe you can figure some out. There are some excellent artists in this show.

It's Libby and Roberta!!!!

my Heroes statement -

My two heroes featured in this piece are the Philadelphia-based collaborative artists and artbloggers Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof.

Through their blog, Libby and Roberta are non-stop Philadelphia art enthusiasts and supporters of their fellow artists... to the extent that their support of others has perhaps overshadowed awareness of their own very interesting artwork. Roberta and Libby have helped to draw artists to Philadelphia, kept artists from deciding to leave Philadelphia, motivated galleries and collectors, and made Philadelphia a much more dynamic and exuberant place for art.

If it were within my power I would give them a huge grant, or a medal or something... but all I can do is to try to capture and relay some of their generous-hearted vibe in this painting.

Thanks, Libby and Roberta!

This worked out really well, because I had pretty much finished this piece before I was invited to be in the show... serendipitous.

HERE is a LIST of HEROS: these are all the heroes celebrated by the artists in the show -

George deChirico, Samantha Smith, Joseph Cornell, David Brower (Wilderness Saver), Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Teresa and Peace Pilgrim, Philadelphia-based collaborative artists and artbloggers Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof, Edith Lewis (life long assistant and partner of the writer Willa Cather), the land of China, Marguerite Barankitse, Lil' Weezy aka Lil' Wayne, Kurt Vonnegut,Noah Webster, Jose Gomez ( a blind sculptor from L.A.), Agent Bauer, grandmother, mother, father, friend,David Hockney, Intention, YOU, Rachel Corrie, Pedro Aldomodovar, an expecting Wonder Woman, BALD, Karl Weyprecht, the founder of the great scientific collaboration across all disciplines that focus on the polar regions, International Polar Year, “All My Hero’s Cheat On Their Wives” (1950’s Mafioso), heroic books, UnknownMan in an Orange Terrestrial Suit, Oatsie and St. Francis (animals in our lives), Dan Friedman,Brian Jones, Great American Hero, Dennis Kucinich, the thistle (plant), Ghandi, Frida Kahlo, ArundhatiRoy, Hans Christian Anderson, John Brown, Louise Bourgeouis, Paul Farmer, peacemakers, Miranda (convictedrapist who Miranda rights are named after), Unknown Hero.

PICTURES will come next...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Hoosick Falls White-Hot Market Report

My village is for sale!! When I was in NYC last month I talked to a FAMOUS GALLERIST who told me that s/he is thinking of buying property in the country... hey, how about in or around Hoosick Falls???

We have many nice houses available... and some landmark buildings that have hit the skids. Some of these would make great live/work studio buildings.

I was just there a couple weeks ago, taking care of Paco. C'mon, let me show you around!

This is called The American House... it used to be wrapped in porches on all three floors. We used to come here and eat pizza and play pool. My grandfather was in a club called the Derby Club, which met in the bar.

You can have it for $99,000! WOW!

That brick building on the far left used to be a small market called O'Dells, ran by Mary Jane O'Dell and her mother. We would go there for the penny candy. I think Mary Jane is still around, but I haven't seen her since the last time I went to the Kiwanis Chicken Barbecue (at the church where the real Natty Bumpo is buried).

This is St. Mary's Academy, where we went to school. My parents and three of my four grandparents also went to school here. I actually remember being in school here and thinking that these would make nice apartments someday.

Now you can! $349,000! It's been empty for years, totally dickerable!

BONUS: View from St. Mary's! You can see a bit of the protest house on the left. Unfortunately, the protest house has now been mostly painted over, and is no longer a protest house to the whole town, just to the neighbors on one side.

I heard my first dirty joke down on that corner, by the stop sign, about a lady looking for her dog, named Titswiggle. Have you seen my Titswiggle?

Officer Royal Howard used to stand in that street so we could cross.

This place has no special memory, but it is BIG and for sale, for only $150,000! Check it out. Yes, that is the top of the American House in the background (the back view).

Okay.. you can have BOTH of these houses and that lot to the left for only $75,000! Junky but cheap. In the background you can see the St. Mary's church.

Here's a nice building for only $189,000. That is Don's Barber Shop next door... I showed this place before (remember my WARNING) .

This is almost directly across the street from the window where Grandma Moses' paintings were first discovered! We actually ended up living in one of the apartments above that store for a short time. Here is one of Grandma Moses' pictures of Hoosick Falls....

Have you seen my Grandma Moses screenplay idea???

Confession: I have a painting in the window (of the next-door store)!!! Mine is in the center, back.... here is a better image. This just might be my ticket to the big time!!!

Thomas Moses, great-grandson of Grandma, also has stuff there.

Every kid in Hoosick Falls learns to swim and ice-skate, cute library, nice public tennis courts, nice athletic fields, Youth Center with basketball courts, band concerts in the park every Wednesday night all summer long since the beginning of time conducted by Mr. Gaillard.

MORE info:

- Hoosick Falls Town Website
- Hoosick Falls History - NICE site!
- Hoosick Falls on Wikipedia
- one of my previous HF posts

MORE properties:

- Valerie Sutton has a lot of good ones - i used to be her paperboy, and play in her haybarn!
- At-Home Realty
- Martinez Realty - his father was the town doctor!
- This one I know for a fact is in great shape, for a really good price. He is my sister-in-law's step-brother.
- Here is one that might be made nice, for $52,000.

Nice big cheap houses, beautiful place, proximity to Bennington VT, Williamstown MA, North Adams MA, Albany NY, Saratoga Springs NY; also not too far from NYC, Boston, and Montreal.
Artists! Consider a move to Hoosick Falls!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Jo Baer review(S)

I'm glad to see that Jo Baer got a good review in the NYTimes. It's amazing how many exhibitions never get mentioned anywhere at all.

UPDATE: Carrie Moyer reviews Jo Baer for the Brooklyn Rail.

Some of the shows I saw on my last trip to NYC have been reviewed in the NYTimes, but I would like to read other views on those, and there were many other shows I saw (and some good ones I missed) that I haven't seen noted anywhere.

Here is a list of some of the shows I was interested in but which I haven't seen enough, or ANY, mentions of. It would be nice if they received more attention/discussion. Let me know of any and I can add the link (if there is a link).

Philip Akkerman - on Jen Bandini
John Beech
John Dilg
Andreas Hofer - I was seduced by the comic books of this one... I'm less into it now. I'll tell you, I have a stat counter, and he has been googled A LOT. - in Village Voice
Lauren Luloff
Mitzi Pederson
Lamar Peterson
Michael Rodriguez
David Shapiro - in Village Voice (scroll down)
Jered Sprecher - on PaintersNYC
Michael St. John - on Jen Bandini
Charles Steffen
Margo Victor - on Heart as Arena

I should wait for the magazines...

Here is a link to all my Chelsea posts, Brooklyn posts. The show at Momenta was very good, but I never posted on it (yet?)... oh, and the woman at Like the Spice was wow, amazingly nice.

It was disappointing to find that Paul Sharpe has closed.

Friday, May 04, 2007

head in window

there is a head in the window.
head in window
it's eyes are closed.