Friday, May 25, 2007

Jo Baer's I Am No Longer An Abstract Artist

FOUND! Or rather (and even better), SENT to me! Jo Baer's October 1983 Art in America essay, I Am No Longer An Abstract Artist -

CliCK HeRe to see it BIG enough to Read.

ClicK HERE to Read.

I hadn't realized this is part of a larger feature on thirteen abstract painters of the sixties... I'm going to do more research.

RELATED: Jo Baer's letter to Artforum, September 1967


Anonymous said...

You know Martin I think it's great those guys got it wrong, and as much as I could sequentially read Jo got it right, but the point is here that GETTING IT wrong, making those ridiculous Diluvian statements, placing those stupid confining demands on a practice, is just so faNTASTIC so far off ...cool, out of ordinary mundane off the compound. And... also... getting it wrong means you can always attempt to get it right, at anytime, because wrong just aint right, right!

BTW. I don't think Jo went on to make great paintings but did and does her own thing. And I do think her art made in the confines of the border and the edge/side are truly breathing breathtaking things.

In this way, I can rearrange where or what freedom is. I guess I can say, with some degree of authority then it is where you are, and if not, where you want to be, if that is possible. And the funny thing is that where you are or where you want to be might not be any good, but still registers freedom... and that's kind of weird.


Anonymous said...

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