Friday, May 18, 2007

Daniel Buren's Bus-Stop Benches, Keith Schoenheit's Photographs

Ten-plus years ago artist Keith Schoenheit photographed all of the bus-stop benches that Daniel Buren installed in Los Angeles... and he's just scanned them all and put them on his website.

Excellent! These are the bench pieces Buren talked about here, and which I couldn't find any images for. Thanks, Keith!

All of the photos are labeled with the intersection the bench is/was at, and Keith adds that "these are scans from drugstore prints. I still have the original negatives, so if there is any interest I could have them scanned and put up much higher quality images".

Daniel Buren LA bus-stop bench, photographed by Keith Schoenheit
First and Vermont.

Daniel Buren LA bus-stop bench, photographed by Keith Schoenheit
Venice and La Cienega.

Make sure you check out Keith Schoenheit's The Winning Side: Air Raid Sirens in Post-Cold War Los Angeles.


Michael said...

Thanks for the heads up about Keith Schoenheit- I really like the air raid sirens series

Anonymous said...

me too.. i like both collections.

i also like - maybe even moreso - the whole slightly obsessive(?) research and hunt, the doggedness, the urge to document, that had to happen before the pictures (both series) were taken.