Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Favorites '08

Some favorite solo shows from 2008, in no particular order-

Megan Pflug at V&A
RH Quaytman at Miguel Abreu
RH Quaytman at Orchard
Michael Zahn at Eleven Rivington
Agathe Snow at James Fuentes
Gregory Coates at Opalka Gallery
Sol Lewitt at MASS MoCA
Mary Heilmann at New Museum
Joe Bradley at Canada
plus... my show at John Davis Gallery, of course.

I'm thinking of "favorite shows"... some of these installations seemed like exciting works of art themselves... this list is not about "BEST" anything.... meaning, I don't necessarily prefer individual Bradley/Quaytman/Zahn works over individual Barnaby Whitfield, Steve DiBenedetto, or Marlene Dumas works.

More favorite works seen this year, mostly in group situations -

Al Loving, in Albany, at the New York State Museum
Steven Parrino, at the Armory show
Joanne Greenbaum, at the Armory
Lucas Samaras, at the Armory
Linda Benglis, at Andrea Rosen
Wendy White, at Leo Koenig
Kai Vierstra, in his studio (better photos coming soon)
James Wines, at Empire State Plaza
Larry Zox, at Stephen Haller

Okay, actually this could go on and on... just scroll through the blog to see A LOT of great work.

Fanatastic Four 2007
more 2007 favorites

Saturday, December 27, 2008

RH Quaytman

RH Quaytman, at Miguel Abreu - tight smart intense rigorous eye/mind awesome show... her show at Orchard earlier this year equally excellent... i think i might make a small list of the best shows i saw this year.

diamond dusted.... detail... karesansui... tsukimi.

click and enlarge it...

RH Quaytman, at Miguel Abreu.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Without Walls, at Museum 52

Matthew Lusk - like

Museum 52
Without Walls, at Museum 52 - more than fifty artists on two floors; the artists were instructed only that the walls were not to be used, and given approximate dimensions. The dimensions and layout sort of remind me of Keith Tyson's Large Field Array (which reminded me of Martin Kippenberger's The Happy End of Franz Kafka's Amerika)...  and also the first version of the nearby New Museum's Unmonumental, with the bare walls.

Nathan Carter - little David Smith dreamcatcher thing....

So much personality in the work in this show....

David Altmejd -  a Gremlin thing.

David Altmejd - looks so fluffy and light on the floor.... you need to study it close to see it's made up of casts of open mouths and ears... creepy magic.

i see a howling wolf shadow

can you see it?

Anya Keilar - liked her work at Daniel Reich last year...  I guess she is not with him anymore, she's got a show coming up at Museum 52.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Maureen Cavanaugh

Maureen Cavanaugh, Stay With Me, at 31Grand.... closed December 14th.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Elizabeth Riley

Elizabeth is screening a video, Green Chair, behind a structure supported by her green studio chairs and wrapped in solarized prints of every frame in the video. The video and the structure display the same information, in different mediums, at different warp speeds. 

Fred Gutzeit
I met Elizabeth (in the scarf) at Fred Gutzeit's Lee Lozano salon at Pocket Utopia. That's Barbara Lubliner seated next to Elizabeth.

Monday, December 15, 2008

show at g.r. n'namdi

Howardena Pindell - from 1982... seperate sections are stitched together... you can see the stitching up close. 

I'm forgetting the details, but I think this was made at a time when she was attempting to reclaim memories lost after being involved in an accident... the "clearings" have something to do with recording memories.

Howardena Pindell
It's a check painting.... she painted all her old cancelled checks and took a hole punch to them. 1982.

Howardena Pindell
Howardena Pindell was in High Times, Hard Times.... check out my label of "artists who were in High Times, Hard Times" that I've seen good work by since. MANY.

Allie McGhee

Ed Clark - visit his website with great paintings from the 60's, 70's, 80's.

Ed Clark

Friday, December 12, 2008

Marlene Dumas

Marlene Dumas
Genetiese Heimwee (Genetic Longing), 1984

Marlene Dumas, Measuring Your Own Grave, at Museum of Modern Art. See my flickr set for more photos.

Losing (Her Meaning), 1988

Marlene Dumas
The Binding Factor, 1990, ink and crayon on paper

Girl with Head, 1992

Give the People What They Want, 1992

The Secret, 1994 and The Cover-Up, 1994

Marlene Dumas

Marlene Dumas

Suspect, 1999

Stern, 2004

Marlene Dumas

Jen, 2005

The Blindfolded Man, 2007

Marlene Dumas


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Fred Gutzeit

In 1971, Lee Lozano gave Fred Gutzeit one of her blank notebooks inscribed "Love to Fred from Lee Lozano"... thirty years through space and time later Fred used that still-blank notebook to plot out this wormhole of an exhibition inspired by Lozano's wave paintings and his own interests in the cosmological.

Fred Gutzeit
Pocket Utopia Salon to discuss the legend, myth, and work of Lee Lozano...  lots of information provided by Fred G., Loren Munk, Kevin Regan, Austin Thomas, Ingrid Dinter

Fred Gutzeit
Fred Gutzeit's installation at Pocket Utopia will be up for one more week...