Thursday, December 04, 2008

peanut gallery

Agathe Snow - enjoyed her show at James Fuentes in October, even more so now looking back at my pictures. Each of those hanging sculptures - I thought of them as mobiles - was based on a different Leonardo da Vinci fable.

Peanut Gallery, curated by Joe Bradley, at Journal Gallery.

Rita Ackerman - this is my other favorite piece from the show, and I liked her paintings at Andrea Rosen on that same October visit. I think they're roommates(?).
Nate Lowman
Nate Lowman - i like this one.

It was an unexpected and pleasant surprise to see a Chris Martin side-by-side with a B. Wurtz in this group show of artist friends... because Chris Martin put together that fun painting show at Janet Kurnatowski, and B. Wurtz curated the concurrent and very good sculpture show at White Columns. Nice pairing.

I'm not actually sure if everyone in this show is friends... but maybe... and I like how he hung it with Dan and Nate on different walls, Agathe and Rita on different walls, Chris M. next to B. Wurtz. It's nice to see a network of artists feeding off of and informing each other... not this Nate Lowman specifically, but a few of the ones at Stellan Holm, are like more cluttered mini-versions of the dirty-canvas grease-pencil Bradley pieces at Canada.

(Elena Pankova is left of Snow, top photo... liked that one too, but didn't get a picture)


zipthwung said...

Scumbling is a sin.

Martin said...

ha. there was one of those josh smith palette paintings here too.

Anonymous said...

yeah, they're roommates.