Thursday, May 28, 2009

Joe Bradley and Sarah Braman at Museum 52

Joe Bradley, Bax, 2009 - Crooked door, top hat, leaning building. I don't know what Bax means, but he makes good titles... one of the paintings from the Schmagoo show was called Abelmuth, which is probably a reference to the Dick novel Radio Free Albemuth... don't know if Bradley's re-spelling is intentional or was a typo.

Jason Fox presented a copy of Radio Free Albemuth in the display case at his recent Peter Blum show... Fox was included in Bradley's Peanut Gallery.

Joe Bradley and Sarah Braman at Museum 52.

Sarah Braman, Wrong Thing, 2009

Sarah Braman, Love Lock Future, 2009

Sarah Braman, July Again, 2009

Joe Bradley is also currently included in the Steve DiBenedetto-curated show at David Nolan. I don't think I'll get a chance to see it, but it looks good... lots of interesting artists including Tony Feher, Malcolm Morley, Larry Poons. Steve DiBenedetto's show at SUNY Albany was fantastic.

Tony Feher
Took this photo at Tony Feher's current show in the front room at D'Amelio Terras... nice... sort of like one of Lynda Benglis's glittery twisties. Red + Blue is always nice. Plus, saw Tony Feher at Bennington early this month... more red and blue - (buckets) - suspended from the ceiling.

RELATED: Sarah Braman at Armory Show, Sarah Braman at Apartment Show XOXO, Joe Bradley at Canada with a LOT of good comments to read.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lance Rautzhan

Lance Rautzhan, at The Archive.... good coffee shop in Bushwick near Ad Hoc Art, short walk to Pocket Utopia... Morgan Stop on L Train.

Lance Rautzhan
so quiet here.


Everything OK Everything OK Everything OK... The True Artist Helps The World By Revealing Mystic Truths.

Monday, May 25, 2009

new studio

new studio. $100 a month.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Meridith Pingree

Meridith Pingree, in Recess, at Crossing Art... closes May 30th.

Meridith's piece is a suspended clicking wriggle machine, activated at each joint by motion sensors... it's like a struggling insect caught in an invisible web, and also the spider. The moves are twisty slow and jerky... it's creepy alive.

Waffle drawing... click it to enlarge. Martha Friedman's show was full of waffles... Eric Gelber has published a review at artcritical.com.

PLUS: Kai Vierstra is in this same show at Crossing Art.

Brian Cirmo

Brian Cirmo is included in a three-artist show at The Arts Center Gallery, in Saratoga. I saw this show early in the month after reading Doug Gruse's review in the Saratoga Post Star.

David Brickman has reviewed the show and all three artists for his blog.

at the Bean.

He travels the country - in his mind at least - and paints his self-portrait. Most of them have no body and no face, just a balding bearded head with glasses. Lots of contemplation and naps... nice.

Brian Cirmo
at Mount Rushmore.

fun splat detail.

Brian Cirmo

i like the drawings... and they are cheap... this is only $350. he's included in the drawing center's on-line file.

Brian Cirmo, Wisher, 2009.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Nancy Smith's Low-Fi Par-Tay of Watercolors & Paper Banners at Other Music, opening reception THIS THURSDAY May 21st, 7-9pm, 15 East 4th Street, through July 3oth. Nancy Smith of artloversnewyork.... she's the greatest.

Timothy Buckwalter at Bar Olivino, opening reception May 24th, 6-9pm, Bar Olivino, 899 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, through June 6th. These bi-weekly shows are curated by Michael Zahn... wish I had been in the city when Nora Griffin was up.

Rosanna Bruno, Sharon Butler, and EJ Hauser each have individual shows opening at John Davis Gallery on Saturday May 3oth, 6-8pm. John Davis has a main year-round gallery space and a second building - a former carriage house - which is used for the summer... each artist gets a floor. Rosanna is in the main gallery space.

RELATED: photos from my John Davis show last October, last show of the season in the carriage house.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vittorio Colaizzi and Douglas Witmer at The Painting Center

Douglas Witmer, at The Painting Center.

Vittorio Colaizzi and Douglas Witmer at The Painting Center. Douglas has a solo show in the project room, Vic spoke on Robert Ryman in the main space. I don't think that they had ever met before... but Vic wrote a review of Douglas' show in Richmond a few years ago.

Susan English, Nomi Lubin, Vittorio Colaizzi. Vic's show of paintings at Stump Town Gallery has just closed.

Vittorio Colaizzi
Vic speaking on Ryman. All of my lecture pictures have that painting going through his head, sorry!

Douglas Witmer. It was cool to be at this reception with Doug because we are both included in a show that was opening in LA that same night.

Doug stayed with me when he came to RVA for his 2006 show... we saw Jered Sprecher's show at ADA.

Matthew Fisher.

Carrie Patterson painting.... Carrie is included in the group show in the main exhibition space... Vittorio wrote an essay for the catalogue.

Carrie Patterson talking to Russell Roberts. Douglas' friend Lowell is in the background.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Glenn Goldberg

Object 4, 1995

Glenn Goldberg, at Luise Ross, through May 23rd.

Object 6, 1995

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jessica Stockholder

Jessica Stockholder, in Madison Square Park.

I'm sitting on the other half... a set of bleachers. The path through the park bisects the piece... the two halves are connnected by blue... same blue as the bleachers.

edge of bleacher seat at right.

Someone's guerrilla art... looks good here. This is placed at the top of the set of bleachers. From here you can look down on a geo-garden with plastic and rubber extras.

The back of the abandoned painting has a link to a flickr site... many photos of paintings left places.


Please play with me.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Kai Vierstra

Kai Vierstra. Kai's studio.

Lightning Drawings. He makes them on a bed of nails... pressing the paper down flat to the board so that all the nails have punctured through... tilts the board and dips a ball in ink... the ball plink-plink-plinks down through the gridded bed of nails like a pinball machine, leaving a zig-zag ink trail. After the paper is pulled off the board/nails it is usually coated with a honey-scented beeswax.

Kai Vierstra
swing art.

This is supposed to be a GIF.

Kai working.

Kai Vierstra


Kai is included with a new piece in Recess, curated by Jennifer Junkermeier, at Crossing Art (Flushing Queens), through May 30th.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Dana Schutz


Dana Schutz at Zach Feuer. Photos from a month+ ago... the show is now closed.


playing chess.

This piece made me think of Christoph Ruckhaberle... with the gathered figures, patterns, and palette... probably also because many of the Ruckhaberle paintings I have seen were at this same gallery.

Dana Schutz
she is in the same spot as that nice one of the figure in the phone booth - wiping dust off the glass - from the last show.

love the floating blue dots on the yellow dress...