Saturday, January 21, 2012

shows to see

a list to myself and the world

gerald ferguson @ canada
nicholas buffon @ callicoon
trevor shimizu @ 47 canal
letha wilson + @ toomer labza
meghan petras @ blackston (WITH jeffrey scott matthews, more)

lee bontecou @ freedmanart
alfred jensen @ pace 57th
sarah mceneaney @ tibor de nagy

forrest bess @ christies (3/1)

rick briggs + adam simon @ valentine
carrie pollack @ minus space
bromirski/labine/riley @ storefront bushwick (2/10)
katharine bradford/ej hauser/tamara gonzalez/lauren luloff/joanne greenbaum @ journal gallery

hugh scott douglas @ clifton benevento
b wurtz/fabienne lasserre/elisa lendvay/john newman @ kansas
meghan petras/maria walker/james hyde + @ bull and ram

West SOHO(?)-
george ortman @ algus greenspon

lee krasner @ robert miller
joyce pensato @ petzel
smith-stewart show @ c24
andrew lenaghan @ geo. adams
arlene shechet @ jack shainman
jason fox @ peter blum
lori ellison @ mckenzie
chris martin @ mitchell innes & nash
david kennedy cutler @ derek eller
kim maconnell @ salomon
sergej jensen @ anton kern
hugh scott douglas + @ wallspace

material occupation @ suny albany (2/7)

gina beavers @ nudashank (2/11)

(biggest bummer - missing edwin dickinson at babcock! closes 1/27)

plz suggest others...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

boats and trolleys

Nice paintings at an antiques/junk shop in Istanbul.

boats and trolleys... Istanbul scenes, maybe for tourists? but still really good... there is a famous trolley in Istanbul.

oh i am just noticing that nice sile bezi fabric it is on...

the paintings were throughout the shop - lots of other art/treasures/junk too... but it was easy to identify these as all being by the same artist.

i pulled them out from wherever and propped them for most of these photos.

the shopkeeper. he couldn't speak english but we were able to communicate enough to know that he is a musician and doesn't have any idea who the artist is.

only one of them is signed and dated but we could not read the signature.

Somebody tell Orhan Pahmuk.

Monday, January 09, 2012


Carpets, at the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, in Istanbul.

more of my Istanbul photos here.


Sunday, January 01, 2012

Favorites 2011

Hagia Sophia - I was in Istanbul for six weeks!!! courtesy of Jasmine Justice and Jesse Farber.

Meridith Pingree
Meridith Pingree, Magic Curtain, at Freight and Volume.

Joshua Abelow's Art Blog Art Blog - Ross Bleckner let Josh have his NYC studio for six months, Josh let people curate shows.... he hosted nine two-week shows and a one-night Bro-Out. Thanks Josh!

Best Shows Not Seen By Me - Gina Beavers one-night show at PACS.... as seen by Andrew Russeth, and Lori Ellison + Lawrence Swan at Valentine.... as seen by James Kalm. Regretfully missed both.... BUT - Gina is having a solo at Nudashank opening in February! - and Lori is having a solo at McKenzie opening THIS THURSDAY 1/5.

Sharon Butler's New Casualist article - it is nice to be noticed. Thanks!

water delivery
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