Tuesday, January 30, 2007

you can get your boards back

Street Board Makers, you may have noticed a bunch of your boards have come down, but DON'T DESPAIR.

I have it on good authority that - "Britt Drews, the spokesperson for the Department of Public Works, says they’re keeping the signs they’ve taken down in case those who did the artwork want them back. No fine, no arrest." I think there will be a feature on local TV about the street boards soon, on the CBS channel.

Thanks, Street Board Makers, for making such nice things and getting people talking about art.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Timothy Buckwalter (San Francisco) - This is a painting, acrylic on canvas. He documents his process if you read through this link. More paintings are here.

Dennis Hayes (Detroit) - He is mostly a painter, and these are scanned in sketches, with color added on the computer... so I guess these would be digital prints if he ever printed them out.

"these are hand sketches scanned in and colored up real qwik. i try to get the color in under a minute 30. kinda like warm ups for figure drawing or something. as for the sketch never more then 5 minutes if even that."

Kelly Towles (DC) - I'm not able to capture a good single image of work from his recent show at Adamson Gallery, I can only find this spread. Go to the gallery website or JT's blog for better looks.

These are digital drawings over photographs, he prints out two editions (not sure of the number) of each print, in two different sizes.

He must be raking it in? I mean, if each image is done in two editions of 10 at $100 each (i'm being conservative here), that would be two thousand bucks if they all sold. Smart. I am happy to *sometimes* get $500 or so for a small painting, never to be seen again....

I am into all this work.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Justin Lincoln

Just came from the Gerald Donato opening and saw artist Justin Lincoln... he is curating free monthly video screenings at ADA, with the first one tomorrow (Saturday) night, 8pm -

"William E. Jones' feature-length documentary Is It Really So Strange?An intimate look at the lives of Morrissey fans in Los Angeles."


PS - go see Gerry Donato's show!! i will try to get back to it tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Richmond Street Boards

Some Richmond street boards... I've learned more since my last post on these, and been talking to one of the artists. S/he has also seen anaba, and told me s/he appreciated the comments of Curious very much.

Curious, are you out there? Thanks!

The artists have different names, like "Hope" and "Lost". I'm not sure who did what here, and some of the artists may be the same person using different names. Larry Lorca, another pseudonymous artist, has an EXCELLENT flickr set of many of the Richmond boards (from which I took these photos).

stuff going on

TODAY! Wednesday, 1/24 - Margret Blondal artist lecture. 11 am, third floor of VCU Fine Arts Building, Broad Street. She will be showing at Solvent Space, opening Friday.

Thursday, 1/25 - Nina Katchadourian artist lecture. 4pm at VCU Student Commons.

Thursday, 1/25 - Paul DiPasquale on TV. The documentary about Paul's Neptune statue, Neptune: Making of the Myth, is airing on PBS TV 23 (in Richmond) on Thursday January 25th, at 9PM. It won Best Educational Film in the Documentary Awards category of the 2006 NY Film Festival

Friday 1/26 - Margret Blondal's Solvent Space opening. 6-8 pm. Is this a one-person show or is Rachel Hayes also included? My e-mailed announcement included a Rachel Hayes image, but no info on why, and the Solvent Space website is out of date.

Gerry Donato
Friday 1/26 - Gerald Donato opening at Anderson Gallery. 7-9pm. Gerry Donato is a recently retired VCU professor, and this is a thirty(forty?)-year overview of his work... should be good. There is a BIG cover story on Gerry in this week's Style Weekly.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Amanda Blackmon

Amanda Blackmon's new animations! Hit "refresh" to start it up again. YES, she is a Richmond artist. I am still here for another week.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Okay, now I'm thinking maybe I will apply to Skowhegan and Provincetown again after all. I realized that I don't need to actually take slides, I can have slides made from the digital images of small paintings I've scanned. Plus, the raft company is definitely shut down... so that summer fun is gone.

I was just on the Skowhegan website and saw that two of this summer's faculty are artists I've shown with recently (Tom Burckhardt) and semi-recently (Angela Lorenz)... maybe that is a good sign?

Anyways, I'm not sure I will make the deadlines. I need to find out how much it costs to get the slides made and how long it takes.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Noel Black: Sculpture Puncher Church Kicker

Sculpture Puncher. More Colorado Springs sculpture getting punched here.

Church Kicker. The horrible horrible churches of Colorado Springs getting their asses kicked.

Church getting whupped.

Noel Black's Blog.

Paul DiPasquale Alert!

Paul DiPasquale is showing fifty ears carved from artifact bricks, and other clay things, at Cross Mackenzie Ceramic Arts (in DC)... the opening is TOMORROW, Friday January 19th, 6-8pm.

Jerry Saltz at Art Basel (Stuffy's)
Here is Jerry admiring some of the ears that were included in Art Basel: Stuffy's.

PLUS! The documentary about Paul's Neptune statue, Neptune: Making of the Myth, is airing on PBS TV 23 (in Richmond) on Thursday January 25th, at 9PM. It won Best Educational Film in the Documentary Awards category of the 2006 NY Film Festival.

"Neptune: Making the Myth documents the creation of a breath-taking 34-foot bronze statue of this mythical character which now adorns the shoreline of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The effort begins with an “idea” which is then lifted and shouldered by a tenacious group of citizen/volunteers from the Neptune Festival, who carry out the vision from initial fundraising to a climactic public unveiling under the stars the very next year. The journey takes the viewer half way around the globe and back with amazing footage of an artist’s rustic foundry in China and a myriad of logistical challenges that must be overcome to bring the dream to reality. Against all odds, the devoted Richmond artist, Paul DiPasquali and other participants find ways to overcome each obstacle that blocks their path. Graphic animations are used to visualize the ancient Chinese lost wax process used to cast the bronze statue. Though this painstaking process itself is enough to carry a documentary, there is engaging subtext on ecology, leadership, cross-cultural communication and a host of other fascinating topics. Woven throughout the program are the candid perspectives of those involved as we follow their impossibly short timeline to its triumphant conclusion."

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Frank on Cary Street

Frank, on Cary
Scratched into the metal door-frame of an empty building on Cary. I'm pretty sure it was scratched... that was my impression, but I never touched it and now I'm wondering.

Frank is.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Monday, January 15, 2007

Grateful Dead Rock, Belle Isle, Da James, Richmond.

Grateful Dead Rock, on Belle Isle. This is the only graffiti on Belle Isle that doen't get painted over by the city.. it's become a landmark. That said, on our first raft trip of 2006 we saw that it had been painted over... it was GONE. That felt like a bad omen. Fortunately, it was quickly painted back early in the season and left alone.

This new one is a little different than the previous one... a little smaller, no red.

Da Roaring James
Da Roaring James. I went down to the river on Saturday.

Grateful Dead Rock, James River
Another view...

Friday, January 12, 2007

geshi's dictionary

Geshi's English-Japanese dictionary. He was one of my students at the Hell Camp... every single page of his dictionary was filled with highlighting. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. His dictionary glowed. I asked him for it and of course he said no... but he later sent me some scans. The above image is only a scan of a scan, here is another page.

I'm posting it now because I was reminded of it looking at the also beautiful Harrel Fletcher-enabled Bible of Veda Epling, in the current issue of Art Papers.
veda epling
CliCK HeRe to see it bigger and read the review.

I very much like Art Papers... not too many ads, with good articles on good art from all over. This issue also includes Richard Roth's review of David Reed and Katy Siegel's High Times, Hard Times.

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jigoku no kunren!!!
my lighter from hell camp

Thursday, January 11, 2007

red show

Timothy Sean Johnston
Timothy Sean Johnston was the star of the red show, at Gallery5.


Timothy Sean Johnston
Fire pole. These photos are not too good, but his website is impossible right now.

parker and doug
Parker is short, Doug is tall.

George Allen singing with his band. Dreamy O'Creamy!

lois dodd tomorrow

Lois Dodd's opening at Reynolds is tomorrow (Friday) night, 7-9pm, with an informal Q&A conversation with the artist from 6pm. I went and saw some stuff today... she is so good.

what else is opening?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

street bee

street bee
Street Bee.

back of street bee
Back of Street Bee, with someone else's smaller piece. Is this kind of thing done elsewhere? I've only seen them in Richmond.

someone's sign

someone's sign

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

technical difficulties... PLUS a blog link

My cell-phone is not sending my pictures... it hasn't worked at all since the New Year.


PLUS: here is a link to the Damien Crisp blog post quoted by Jerry Saltz the other day... it's bad enough that schools pay critics to come to the schools and promote the schools and students, but a bit much when the critic goes on to attack the "power structure" in the same article.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Lois Dodd, Timothy Sean Johnston

Two local shows I am looking forward to....

Lois Dodd at Reynolds Gallery!!!! I think it opens next week? I'm not sure exactly. That is a small Lois Dodd painting pictured above.

Timothy Sean Johnston has five paintings at the Gallery5 show opening tomorrow night!

Richmond Raft is Over

No more Richmond Raft, for real. There was an article in yesterday's paper, and here is an article from Style Weekly two months ago. I'm glad I got three seasons in... thanks, Buzz.

rafting on the James River, 9/8/2005
Hollywood Rapid, 2005. This is my best rafting picture. That was a fun trip, too.

At the campsite after rafting the Ocoee, in Tenessee... Jay, Rob, me, and Buzz.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bethesda Painting Awards, 2007

IF I still took slides of my paintings I would enter this contest, but I haven't had any slides made in a year and a half. Oh well... can I just send a link?

Should I spend the money to get slides made, again? NO. Scanning works so much better - easier, quicker, looks better, and much much CHEAPER. I've spent SO MUCH MONEY on slides and dupes... they are all obsolete and gathering dust a couple years later. Enough.

The deadline is January 31st, for painters from Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. HERE is the application form.

The winner gets $10,000!!!