Friday, June 29, 2012

Mark Barry

The Horticulturalist

Mark Barry, at Vermont Arts Exchange, in North Bennington VT.

Morning Person

He paints a lot of scenes from his daily life... friends and family, pets... they are all sweet and freaky.


Mark is a major documentarian/archivist and flickr presence. He is mostly in Baltimore and Vermont, with frequent visits to NYC.

Mark is into biking VERY MUCH.

I LOVE his paintings. Artists like Mark Barry, Liz Markus, Katherine Bradford, Walter Robinson, Gina Beavers make me want to paint real things.


Mark Barry

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lizzie Wright

Lizzie Wright Studio.

She has a current show at Nicelle Beauchene... (these pics are from winter yikes).

Lizzie co-curated and had really cool work in Curse of the Pharaohs, at St. Cecilia's.

Lizzie Wright

Friday, June 15, 2012

shows to see

some shows i would like to see -

Lucio Fontana @ Gagosian, closes 6/30
Sven Lukin @ Gary Snyder, closes 6/30
Jess Fuller @ Martos, closes 6/30
Ken Weathersby @ Pierogi, closes 7/1
Mike Hein @ Mulherin Pollard, closes 7/1
Gandy Brodie @ Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects, closes 7/1
Ellen Letcher @ Pocket Utopia, closes 7/15
Everyday Abstract @ James Cohan, curated by Matthew Higgs, closes 7/27
Edouard Vuillard @ Jewish Museum, closes 9/23

Gina Beavers @ James Fuentes, OPENS 6/17
Group Shoe, curated by Joe Bradley, @ Gavin Brown, OPENS 6/28? 6/30?
Ron Johnson @ Gary Snyder, OPENS 7/10

N Bennington VT - Mark Barry @ Vermont Arts Exchange, OPENS 6/14
Amagansett NY - Liz Markus @ Ille Arts, OPENS 6/16

please suggest others.