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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

more carz

flashback to the bible car... so awesome. was this really not even a year ago??

cady noland's installation for documenta ix (1992), text panel on red camaro, with at least one steven parrino painting on the wall. this is in an underground parking garage.

i just found out that cady noland's father is kenneth noland.

(salvatore scarpitta cars at venice biennale 1972, richard prince car at freize 2007)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Data Study

A commenter made me curious what a woman critic's male to female review ratio might be, so I looked at the previous six months of Roberta Smith's NYTimes Art in Review contributions.

Roberta Smith contributed 35 reviews of single artist exhibitions to the Art in Review section of the NYTimes between May 23rd through November 23rd, 18 of which were reviews of female artists. I am pretty bad at math but that is clearly 50%!

The above tally is for reviews of a single artist only, no group shows and no reviews featuring more than one artist. If you include the two-person/partnership shows and reviews which note a second solo show within the same review (Fischli & Weiss, Matt Keegan and Jedediah Caeser, Dawit Petros and Bryan Jackson, Nick Z. and Kai Althoff) the total becomes 43 artists, 18 women.

Really good, right?

UNFORTUNATELY (for women), that is not an inclusive tally of Roberta's NYTimes writing within that period. It doesn't count any of the longer feaures/reviews she writes that are not part of the weekly Art in Review. This was a surprise -

11/23 Jeff Koons, 11/16 Lawrence Weiner, 11/08 Robert Greenwold, 11/02 Martin Puryear, 10/26 Georges Seurat, 10/20 Aleksandra Mir, 10/19 Gustav Klimt, 10/16 Damien Hirst, 10/13 Rudy Stingel, 10/5 Renoir, 9/28 Richard Prince, 9/16 Christoph Buchel, 8/23 Robert Gober, 8/17 Richard Pousette-Dart, 8/8 Morton Bartlett, 8/3 Peter Young, 7/25 Chen Chieh-Jen, 7/13 Martin Creed, 6/30 Daniel Gordon, 6/29 Rudy Stingel, 6/15 Neo Rauch, 5/30 Karen Kilimnik.

Twenty-two features/reviews, two of which are of female artists.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Urs Fischer/Christopher Wiedeman.... PLUS

Today's NYMagazine Urs Fischer review makes me want to re-post images of Christopher Wiedeman's piece from last year, in Richmond (scroll down).

Christopher dug a deep pit, through a concrete floor, inside a small cinderblock building. A narrow ante-chamber on a raised platform was constructed from plywood, around the corner of which the plywood flooring becomes a curved ramp directing your eye and body toward the black hole.

The NYMag review, by Jerry Saltz, refers to Fischer's piece as "a Herculean project". It looks cool... but with a backhoe, a $250,000 budget, and a team of assistants.... whatever. Herculean it isn't. Chris did everything by himself, it was a fantastic piece.

Christopher Weideman
Chris building entry, stage, and ramp.

Christopher Weideman
Chris digging pit.

RELATED: Christopher doesn't have any website that I can find.... but you can see another one of his installations here, documented by Michael Lease. MORE: a video.


I am a guy, so I can point and laugh at Jerry Saltz writing yet another feature decrying gender disparity followed by yet another review of a male artist. Jerry has written twenty-six reviews of individual artists so far this year, only seven of which have been reviews of women artists.

MoMA is a museum, and it's asking a lot to go back and revise history, unfair as it may be, but Jerry is writing new history NOW. If I were a girl I guess I would have no option but to put on a gorilla mask and wheatpaste a poster somewhere. I don't think you can expect much more than 25% representation anytime soon, if Jerry is supposedly your champion.

RELATED: Art Candy hasn't been updated yet, so it still stands at 59 men to 16 women.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cartier Award

I am preparing my proposal for the Cartier Award, to be realized at Frieze next year. This is still just a rough proposal, but please have a look and tell me what you think.

(you need to turn your computer sound on)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Data: Art Candy Study... UPDATED 2x

New York Magazine has two pieces on gender disparity; Jerry Saltz's Where Are All the Women?, looking at MoMA, and this tally of women to men at six other art-world institutions.

New York Magazine should maybe do a tally of it's Art Candy feature... fifty-nine men to sixteen women since August 1st.


UPDATE: i made a new label, guerilla anaba, for posts mentioning gender disparity. Here's the post in which I note that of the SIXTEEN consecutive individual artist reviews (12/04 through 12/05) written by Jerry Saltz, only FOUR featured women. i get anonymously attacked in the comments, Jerry gets nothing but praise.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: okay, i've re-checked all of those individual artist features, and counted even the smaller blurby ones i'd ignored previously.... the NEW tally is TWENTY-FOUR artists reviewed, SEVEN of whom are female.

Herman 'Ray' Davis + Christoph Ruckhaberle

An artist and flickr contact named BlueCin recently favorited two of my flickr photos. These were both taken at shows in Saratoga, but at very different spaces and a month or so apart... I had never connected them. Thanks, BlueCin.

Herman 'Ray' Davis, at Uncommon Grounds (a coffee shop). The subject of this painting is Tatyana Grossman.

Christoph Ruckhaberle
Christoph Ruckhaberle, at Skidmore.

PLUS: here are all of my flickr favorites... some real good stuff.

*NEW* - from Marketa.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Barnone Witpleasure

Rachel Hayes, in Red Badge of Courage, curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud, in Newark, suported by the Newark Arts Council. Through December 9th.

Barnaby Whitfield, in Just a Ghostly Paper Sigh, at 31GRAND. Through December 22nd. Perfect show for this piece!

(plus... this should be in that Momenta show)

Diana Al-Hadid, at Perry Rubinstein (photo by Kai). Through November 21st.

PLUS: Diana label, Rachel label.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

SuperJesus VS. Sister Dolorata

Michael Scoggins, at Freight + Volume (photo by Kai)


Sister Dolorata
Sister Dolorata, drawn in the sixth-grade (or maybe seventh).

Sister Dolorata would cream SuperJesus.

RELATED: my Michael Jackson painting.

Total Despair

Matthew Higgs, at Murray Guy (detail here).

me, at Dumbo Arts Center.

Monday, November 12, 2007


i like the blues and roses...

i took all of these photos with disposable cameras, sometimes they turn out blue-ish, sometimes more rosy. they look best all together, mixed-up.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007


it was pretty, but now they are almost all gone.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

***NEW PAGE!!!***

I've re-submitted to the White Columns Artist Registry. CHECK IT OUT!!!

update 2008 - it's been erased by white columns... just a blank page now... still funny.

RELATED: White Columns Slide Registry Part 1, White Columns Slide Registry Part 2

Matthew Higgs
Matthew Higgs. Click to enlarge.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Blogger Show, at Agni Gallery

James Kalm has posted a video on The Blogger Show opening... talking to John Morris, Stephanie Lee Jackson, Chris Rywalt, Libby Rosof, Bill Gusky, and Nancy Baker. I also caught glimpses of Roberta Fallon, James Wagner, Barry Hoggard, and Brent Burket.

Agni Gallery is so cute! Nice little space. It's an anaba.

I'll use this space to post updated links to any further Blogger Show references.

UPDATE: Susan Constanse with images from the opening reception. Nice last pic of Bill Gusky, with my piece (with Steven Larose work to the left of it, Warren Craghead work below it).
UPDATE: Chris Rywalt on hanging the show, and on the opening.

Richard Prince, Third House, American Dream

Richard Prince bought the house next to his Hamptons house. Maybe this will become Third House? Looks cool, kind of sinister.

Found Architecture:

First House - images of First House, 1993 Artforum feature on First House, 1993 LA Times article on First House.
Second House - info on pre-fire Second House, first visit to ruined Second House, VBS.TV visit to pre-fire Second House, my show at Second House, something.
Third House? - Corcoran listing, with many pictures... SOLD!

RELATED: Richard Prince at the Guggenheim.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Jenny Holzer Auction BARGAIN

Jenny Holzer's chair went for $5,000 at the Hoosick Rocks auction...

Jenny Holzer
BARGAIN! Somebody got a treasure. I don't think it was part of an edition.

UPDATE: another person at the auction says it went for $6,100.
UPDATE: someone else says it was sold to someone who works for Jenny, in which case it may have been a way for her to help bring attention to the auction, contribute, and still be able to keep the piece.

Jenny's show at Mass Moca opens November 18th. CultureGrrl has info on the Mass Moca benefit auction and party next week in NYC.