Friday, December 31, 2010


Last year went OVERBOARD with favorites so trying keep this list small and personal, limited to abstract painting...

Vittorio Colaizzi

Simon Hantai - from 1981, but new to me.

Dan Colen - apparently i'm the only one in the world who liked these grody paintings??? they were terrific.

Lance Rautzhan
Lance Rautzhan - i know a lot of different groups of artists in NYC, many of them overlap, and Lance belongs to NONE of them... it's so weird! anyways, i love it.

Lauren Luloff
Lauren Luloff at BUOY!!!
Justin Adian
Justin Adian - this piece and a solo show at Blackston
Maria Walker
Maria Walker
Ken Weathersby
Ken Weathersby
Rosanna Bruno paintings
Rosanna Bruno - in 2 shows
Wendy White
Wendy White
Peter Acheson
Peter Acheson
Beth Gilfilen
Beth Gilfilen

Edwin Ruda
Edwin Ruda - not new or even new to me, but newly appreciated.

SUPER SPECIAL top favorite shows:
Cro-Mirski!!! and Shadow Boner!!! THANK YOU to everyone who came.

Regret not getting around to posting Whitney Claflin (2x... at Real Fine Arts and Thomas Erben), Suzanne Frecon, Blair Thurman, Harriet Korman (in 2 shows)... others surely but that is who comes to mind.

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2007 - Fantastic Four 2007... with a list of 'worsts' at bottom. an update with more '07 faves
2006 - no list
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UPDATE: yeah already realized i did not list Larry Poons and Dona Nelson... basically everything on the blog is a favorite. this is impossible.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Katharina Grosse

Katharina Grosse

Katharina Grosse at MASS MoCA.

boards used to cover the window for jenny holzer's show were recycled as masking for this wall... they don't waste anything at this museum (for example sitting in christoph buchel's abandoned theatre seats to watch guy ben-ner's mocking video).

side by side BUILDINGs-ful of Katharina Grosse and Sol Lewitt wow.

Katharina Grosse

She gave a wonderful talk I attended in 2005 -
Katharina Grosse lecture Part 1
Katharina Grosse lecture Part 2
Katharina Grosse lecture Part 3

more pictures on my flickr


Katharina Grosse

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Charlie McComber

Charlie McComber

Charlie McComber at a coffee shop... I almost don't want to share this mad genius.

they are all(?) less than $200 and i can't afford any of them!!! but i will get one eventually.

i think charlie would like gellochio and vice-versa.


Charlie McComber!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meridith Pingree

Meridith Pingree, Blue Curtain, at Camel Art Space.

A chain along the hall of nine slowly spinning 'wipers'(?) lifting a glistening blue chain up and down, in an out-of-sync jerky looping rythm.

a brain node of the creep chain

NOBODY ELSE IS DOING THIS FREAKY STUFF. the only artists that remotely come to mind are Jon Kessler techy things, but more-so Lee Bontecou... because of a similar attraction/repulsion organic/industrial creep vibe.

spider shadows with lifting and dropping oil blue chain.


Rod Malin
Curator Rod Malin with work by Tom Moody.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Maria Walker

Maria Walker, at NYU's Rosenberg Gallery (34 Stuyvesant St), through 12/12.

hard to see the white paint on raw canvas. the sides aren't wrapped super tight.. it's kind of folded.

Maria Walker

side view.

Maria Walker

First saw one of her paintings in It's A Wonderful Life, at Sideshow Gallery, 1/2009.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Wendy White

Wendy White, Arete, 2010

Wendy White's painting in a group painting show at Schroeder Romero & Shredder... many good artists in the show and I will post more images later, but first wanted to see this one all by itself.


Arete = Excellent