Friday, December 22, 2006

Mildred Greenberg

This is my Mildred Greenberg piece, the one discussed here. Can you see all the birds in the center? This piece is so good... Mildred was an awesome artist.

I've found a couple of Sam's letters to me. Here are the first two pages of a letter in which he lists all of the artists included, along with Mildred, in the Ann Percy curated When Reason Dreams, at the PMA -

sam greenberg
page 1 - CLiCK HeRE to see it BIGGER.

sam greenberg
page 2 - Mildred is #40.

HERE is the piece that was in the show.

P.S. - FINALLY ... I put some of my stuff on that Artist's Space site, the one I first recommended 11/28/04, and then again on 4/13/2005.

Here is the page of VA artists.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Richmond Bible Car

I saw this car parked on the street, in front of a church.

side of car.

the window is patched with a bible.

roof of car, with prayer.

it's like the Batmobile.


The Richmond MULLET POLICE. Here is the Richmond Police God.

The Hoosick Falls PAMPERS-MOBILE. This photo was taken on my last visit to my hometown, Hoosick Falls, NY! This is a good post.

window of the pampers-mobile, advertising goods for sale.

Jered Sprecher

Jered Sprecher is showing at ADA this month. I like his paintings.... feeling kind of brain dead at the moment, nothing to say more than that. Somebody say something smart in the comments, smart-ass is fine too.

He's GOOD!

Monday, December 18, 2006

best miami

Joanne Mattera - just found this blog. LOTS and LOTS of miami, she covered everything.

Detroit Arts - scroll down, her miami posts start on december 8th. lots of pictures from all the fairs.

Art Fag City - scroll down, her last Miami post was December 13th.

Caryn Coleman - she is showcasing the LA galleries that went to miami.

these are all good... and i'm still proud of all mine from last year. here they are again in reverse chronological order... so start at the bottom -

ABMB: adrift - my LAST miami post, 2005
ABMB: the containers, PLUS
ABMB: Richmonders showing in Miami - fuckers!
ABMB: Basel Glasses - a cool dude!!
ABMB: Art Basel Miami Beach III
ABMB: Basel's Best Dealers - MEET MY DEALERS!!!
ABMB: NADA, Miami, 2005
ABMB: Art Basel Miami Beach II
ABMB: Art Basel Miami Beach I
ABMB: Sarah Lucas at Sadie Coles
ABMB: Scope, Miami, 2005
ABMB: Photos of Recommendation: Thumbs-Up Mandala: George Clinton
ABMB: Aqua, Miami, 2005
ABMB: Basel is Over
ABMB: The Legend of Gursky as told by The Man Who Loves Gursky - HILARIOUS!!!

International Alien Society - POWER KAI!


I found my photograph of the UFO Space Temple Meteor & Antiques shop that I posted about a couple weeks ago! I googled all the signs that I can read and FORTUNATELY was able to just make out UCHUMURA (space village), in blue characters in the far window.... that was the ticket to the website!

this looks photoshopped... it's NOT. this is an altar inside.


lots of meteor rocks, decorated and displayed like new age scholar's rocks.

(here is my richmond scholar's rock)

also many very old and weird japanese treasures.

early japanese christian and kakure kirishitan (hidden christian) stuff... this place combined christian, buddhist, shinto, and new age space rock worship.

(i have something that i feel like might be a kakure kirishitan piece, i'll photograph and post it later)

some pick-me-up powder you can buy at the shop. they are selling all sorts of "power items", you can see on the website.

This is the UFOjisan! Make sure you check out his drawings of the aliens he's encountered.

Friday, December 15, 2006


it got nicked in my bicycle spokes, lower right corner. i didn't wipe out though. THAT smooth.

CLiCK hERe to see it BIGGER. He has stringy hair.

Salvador Dali's Monument Avenue Statue that Was Never Made

Salvador Dali's Richmond Monument Proposal
This is a drawing of the statue that Salvador Dali proposed for Monument Avenue. It's a monument to a nurse, Sally Louisa Tompkins... in Dali's proposal she is portrayed as slaying a dragon in a bowl of spaghetti, atop a giant finger.

Maybe it isn't spaghetti, I don't know, it looks like it might be spaghetti. Does anybody know of any other sketches or models? I'm not sure if this sketch is by Dali, or an assistant.

UPDATE!!: it ISN'T spaghehtti, she is standing in a petri dish filled with disease! It would have been made of ALUMINUM!!!

Here is a link to Larry Hall's article on Dali and Richmond.
Here is a link to a Style Weekly article on Roland Reynolds, Salvador Dali, and Sally Louisa Tompkins.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Eric Fischl's Arthur Ashe Statue VS. Paul DiPasquale's Arthur Ashe Statue

Eric Fischl
Eric Fischl's Arthur Ashe Statue. Yes, he is naked, heavily muscled, and about to swing an invisible tennis racket.

Arthur Ashe, originally uploaded by answermyclone.
Paul DiPasquale's Arthur Ashe Statue.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

TSJ UPDATE! Timothy Sean Johnston painting on the Guardian's blog!

Hey, one of my photos is on the the Guardian's website today! Scroll down a little bit, it's on the right. That's too funny.

Photographers!: Submit your photos for consideration. I sent a bunch... they chose that one. It would have been sweet to see the Face of Jesus on there.

WARNING! They published the brief explanatory text I included, which I didn't realize would be done. I would have maybe written something more artsy or funny or mysterious, and clearer ("my show" means the show I organized, the painting pictured is by Timothy Sean Johnston).

Thanks, Natalie!

PLUS!: As recently Seen on Other blOgs!!

on NYC artist Paddy Johnson's Art Fag City!
on Philadelphia painter Douglas Witmers blog!
on Richmond artist Fiona Ross's Aprotropaia!
on Indianapolis artist and curator's On the Cusp!
on Richmond photographer Michael Lease's blog!

Timothy Sean Johnston

Timothy Sean Johnston has posted some NEW paintings to his website... he is GOOD. HERE it is BIGGER. We included six of his paintings in the fair. I bought the painting that Jerry lingered over, the one we had first seen at Gallery5 back in June.

You can see more of Jerry's visit here.

See it BIGGER here.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Jason Coates

I visited Jason Coates' studio last week. WOw! I love painter's studios.

These are just studio shots, I have no idea how much of this stuff is considered finished.

Jason Coates
I love the painting, and I also like the mirror with reflection.

Those orange things that look like carrots are not carrots, they're a line-up of oranges. That's so funny, he had a line-up of oranges in one of his paintings the first time I saw his work, in a show at ADA in 2003. His painting has gotten so much better in those three years... there is so much variation and subtle textures in these new paintings. He's done A LOT of experimenting...

some previous posts on Jason's work: 3/23/2005 - ADA show with Bruce Wilhelm and Steven Little, 8/30/2006 - three paintings in a group show, I liked them but a commenter thought they were like the Garbage Pail Kids.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

he needed a matisse maybe

Ivan Navarro - Artificial Light at Anderson Gallery
A collector visiting John Ravenal's Artificial Light, now in Miami, SAT on one of Ivan Navarro's black-light chairs. It was crushed... that must have been so embarassing.

"What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity devoid of troubling or disturbing subject-matter...like a comforting influence, a mental balm-something like a good armchair in which one rests from physical fatigue." - Matisse

Artificial Light in Richmond - Jennifer Allora, Guillermo Calzadilla, Spencer Finch, Ceal Floyer, Jenny Holzer, Ivan Navarro, Nathaniel Rackowe.

Jamaica House anaba

Best place to eat lunch on a cold day is Jamaica House. It is even better on a snowy day, eating hot delicious curry chicken in front of this beach mural, listening to reggae and watching the white snow fall outside through the big windows.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Jerry Saltz Studio Visit Report

Last week at Art Basel: Stuffy's, after overcoming my starstruckedness, I found the courage to invite Jerry Saltz to my studio. He graciously accepted!!

That is Libby in that painting he's studying! Jerry said he never misses a day checking Libby and Roberta's blog... and that "they are fantastic artists blazing new trails".

I totally agree!!!

I showed him all my friend's work, and he loved it all!

It looks like he is smiling here, doesn't it? Maybe the hint of a smile? I think he must like that painting -

but when I asked him what he thought... SILENCE.

Stare down.

Okay... I blinked. He got up on tip-toes, though. Very aggressive.

Seduced. Shalom, partner.

Oh Jerry, I don't care if you don't like Marlene Dumas.

Bless the Beasts

ANOTHER good show at Nonesuch... Bless the Beasts. This is maybe the best gallery in town, along with ADA... but this one is a little more relaxed. I think they are/were featured in a recent issue of The Drama.

Scott Eastwood
Scott Eastwood. Scott was in my show. He is just raw natural talent.

Tyler Thomas, in collaboration with Chad Middleton.

They are only asking one hundred dollars for it. It's really good, and it's KITTIES!

Travis Robertson
Travis Robertson. He helps put out The Drama, or did. Sadly, The Drama is no more.

These two pieces are only twenty-five dollars each.

Adam Juresko. They grow on me the more I look at them.

Also pictured is work by Oura Sananikone, Drew Liverman, and Travis Robertson. Drew and Oura were also in my show.

Melissa Roberts, she owns Nonesuch. This was moving in the sunshine.

Also in this show are Jules Buck Jones chimeras, Shawn Creeden drawings, Kate Horne treasures, Lynne Hassell relics, Ryan McLennan... a lot of good artists.

boo and james
Boo and James playing at the opening.

blast from anaba past: Plush Art at Nonesuch, also featuring Boo!