Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Carrie Moyer

Carrie Moyer, Pirate Jenny, at the Tang Museum.

Pirate Jenny, 2012

Mlle. X, 2012

Video Studio Visit - i didn't know she makes little b/w collage studies first as sort of armatures which enlarged the color gets painted poured and layered into... the same design sometimes gets used in more than one painting.

Rapa Nui Smashup, 2009

Motor Belly, 2012

Carrie Moyer
Skullspout, 2007

Friday, February 08, 2013

it's past over

on the case

"These works make you wonder if Bush is familiar with Jasper Johns’s “Seasons,” where each of the four paintings is shadowed by a male, seemingly unclothed silhouette, or Pierre Bonnard’s strangely chaste, luminous paintings of his wife reclining in a bathtub." - R. Smith

Please sign my ipetition to make this be a bad dream.


("These days the art world blogosphere produces so much of its own smug, semi-informed, provincial snark that it is hard for Mr. Safer’s to stand out." - R. Smith)

Tuesday, February 05, 2013


i havent posted any of my own paintings since 8/2011... before i went to istanbul.

Martin Bromirski

i had made this^,... and later i was looking at these islamic carpets again... oh duh.

some of these are scraped and shredded so far down i then stain them from the back.

people talk about casualism and provisionalism but nobody ever talks about wabi sabi.

BROmirskiBROsseau.. look, its one of the best blog posts ever.

Martin Bromirski
qualities of a good scholar's rock -  grotesque, corruscated, pockmarked, elaborated, over-elaborated, animated, awkward, top heavy, wrinkling (texture), moistness (tactile and glossy), resonance.