Tuesday, August 25, 2009

sneak preview

Bob Nickas' Painting Abstraction.

Chapter 1: Hybrid Pictures - Kristin Baker, Lisa Beck, Alex Brown, Jules de Balincourt, Tomory Dodge, Jacob Feige, Chris Finley, Wayne Gonzalez, Alex Hay, Carrie Moyer, Elizabeth Neel, David Ratcliff, Wilhelm Sasnal, Chris Vassell (can't find anything).

Chapter 2: Rhythm and Opticality - Karin Davie, Philippe Decrauzat, Xylor Jane, David Malek, Anja Schwoerer, James Siena, Esther Stocker, Philip Taaffe, John Tremblay, Dan Walsh, Chuck Webster.

Chapter 3: Colour and Structure - Mike Cloud, Joanne Greenbaum, Mary Heilmann, Daniel Hesidence, Alison Miller, Odili Donald Odita (liked his room in Surface Charge), Ann Pibal, Bernd Ribbeck, Ruth Root, Alan Uglow, Stanley Whitney (now at Team), Jens Wolf.

Chapter 4: Found/Eccentric Abstraction - John Armleder, Richard Aldrich, Monika Baer, Agnieszka Brzezanska, Francis Baudevin, Daan Van Golden, Chris Johanson, Tony Just, Marta Marce, Monique Prieto, Alex Ross, Amy Sillman.

Chapter 5: Form, Space and Scale - Tomma Abts, Varda Caivano, Kim Fisher, Katharina Grosse, Bill Komoski, Alex Kwartler, Chris Martin, Julie Mehretu, Katy Moran, Olivier Mosset, Steven Parrino, Peter Peri, Thomas Scheibitz, Clare Woods.

Chapter 6: The Act of Painting - Bernard Frize, Wade Guyton, Jacqueline Humphries, Nathan Hylden, Charline von Heyl, Jutta Koether, Michael Krebber, Anselm Reyle, Josh Smith, Rudolf Stingel, Kelley Walker, Christopher Wool, Heimo Zobernig.

Many artists from Acme, Feature, Friedrich Petzel, Paula Cooper, Team.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jane Benson

Jane Benson, at Thierry Goldberg.

Saw this show last month, shortly before it closed. NYTimes review (scroll to bottom).

Jane Benson

Jane Benson.

RELATED: Clyde Du Vernet Hunt.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

art camp

Artcamp Studio Residency Program, at NY Studio Gallery.

Artists working for two months in a storefront LES studio space open to the public.... you can go in and see what they are doing.

Angela Rose Voulgarelis Illgen, Patsy McArthur
Angela Rose Voulgarelis Illgen (left) and Patsy McArthur (right). Patsy is from Glasgow and currently lives in Barcelona.

Sung Min Lee from Korea, currently studying in Rochester.

Sung Min Lee
soft sculptures of belly buttons.

Sketching a photograph of somebody's belly-button. She's a freak!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Loren Munk

Loren Munk Studio.

Painting in progress... note the tape.

Bowery/LES painting in progress.

Loren Munk
Research pinned to side.


Black Circle Palette

White Square Palette


Loren Munk's studio. Painter, Documentarian, Archivist, Fan, Historian, Critic, Star, Enthusiast, Journalist, Contributor, Chronicler, a.k.a. James Kalm.

A glimpse (at left) of a huge, exhaustively researched two-canvas work, which is being painted on the last two pieces of the best artist's linen in the world. Loren worked at Utrecht for many years.

Notes topped by sheet of artist's studio addresses, color-coded by neighborhood.

Thanks Kate!

Brenda Goodman's Studio
Joanne Greenbaum's Studio
Tom Sanford's Studio, and here.
Kai Vierstra's Studio

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Small A Projects

Sarah Braman, Indian Summer Home, 2008 - almost invisible with plexi, doubled by mirror.

To the left of the rising sun, at Small A Projects summer UPSTATE NY show, in Greenwich, Washington County. This was a shocker for me. I live here. This is a small town of 5,000, about an hour north of Albany. I work on a farm. NEVER expected to see a Sarah Braman here.

Sarah Braman
Sarah Braman, Indian Summer Home, 2008 - this is the other side... a floating (leaping) facade, flat and joyful... no hint of the boxiness, complexity and depth created by the mirror, plexi, and reflections.

Corin Hewitt, Strong Hold, 2009

Corin Hewitt
Corinn Hewitt, detail of Strong Hold.

Liked his work in a 7/05 D'Amelio Terras show - My favorites here were the two collages by Corin Hewitt. Really weird.

Bill Jenkins, Thicket, 2006 - rimmed with pale minty green, looks like it is speeding through hyperspace on the pegboard.

Bill Jenkins, No Title, 2009 - spraypaint on corner wall.

Small A Projects' Laurel Gitlen.

To the left of the rising sun is open Thursday-Saturday noon-six, through August 16th. THERE WILL BE A CLOSING RECEPTION August 16th.

Monday, August 03, 2009

anaba paparazzi

William Powhida, Barnaby Whitfield, Douglas Kelly at Stux... sitting below a gorgeous pastel by Barnaby.

Martha Friedman, at John Connelly Presents. She had that great show at Wallspace.

Martha Friedman
Martha Friedman's piece in the current John Connelly show... weird tower of taped together yams or something... stealthy.

Holly Coulis, at John Connelly Presents... with her painting in the background, and Gerald Davis drawings at left. More Gerald Davis later.

Justin Samson, at John Connelly Presents. Enjoyed his show here early this year.... Inside the Cosmic Motion Projector (scroll down a little for photos).

Sharon Butler and Austin Thomas, at Pocket Utopia.

Austin Thomas
My 246 Editions print at Pocket Utopia, at left.

Phil Grauer and Sarah Braman, at Horton, with Lauren Luloff's piece in background.

Janet Kurnatowski and Phong Bui, at Janet Kurnatowski Gallery.

Loren Munk
Loren Munk, at Janet Kurnatowski. Visited his studio and took some excellent photos... hope to post them this week.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Anya Kielar

Anya Kielar

Anya Kielar, in The Ankle Bones Are Higher on the Inside, at Museum 52... with Benjamin Degen, Julia Goldman, Dana Schutz. Reviewed by Roberta Smith in Friday's NYTimes.

Anya Kielar at Casey Kaplan, on anaba 2/2/09.
Anya Kielar in Without Walls, at Museum 52, on anaba 12/22/08.
Anya Kielar at Daniel Reich, on anaba 4/6/07.

A web of cut and collaged blue-painted canvas, loosely draped over a large plain canvas inset with rays of painted fabric shards.