Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jon Elliott

Jon Elliott, Documenting the Space Between, 2010

Jon Elliott

The Approach, 2011 - many small canvases, some hazy landscapes and some monochromes... when i first saw this through the viewfinder it looked like a reverse flag.

but now i am thinking of arrangement in grey and black.

each painting on the wall is numbered...

figure with binoculars in landscape....

this and the first painting pictured are not part of the large arrangement, they are individual works.

studio audience

Friday, July 22, 2011

Leon Kossoff

Leon Kossoff, at Mitchell Innes and Nash

i'm way way behind with the stuff i wanted to blog, and am leaving for six weeks in istanbul on wednesday, so i'm gonna try to catch-up with as much as i can in the next few days.

Charlie Finch on Leon Kossoff
Franklin Einspruch on Leon Kossoff

Later in the day after seeing this show I was taking the elevator up to Nudashank's show at Art Blog Art Blog and started talking to a woman - who was carrying the Leon Kossof announcement - about what a great show it was... she said when she was younger she was a huge Kossoff fan... before we said goodbye I learned she was the artist Jess Fuller.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Joyce Robins

Joyce Robins, at John Davis Gallery, Hudson NY, through 7/17.

watch - and listen to - this short video of an installation she did in the 90's... really good.

Joyce Robins

Harry Roseman. Nice to meet him after spending a lot of time on his website.

Joyce Robins and Harry Roseman show reviewed in The Brooklyn Rail, 2006.

shoes of art stars. many art stars at this opening.

qualities of a good scholar's rock - grotesque, corruscated, pockmarked, elaborated, over-elaborated, animated, awkward, top heavy, wrinkling (texture), moistness (tactile and glossy), resonance.

Richmond Scholar's Rock.

Joyce Robins, at John Davis Gallery, Hudson NY, through 7/17.

Monday, July 04, 2011

New Casualists

hey i did not 'officially' post this article yet -

Abstract Painting: The New Casualists, by Sharon Butler, in The Brooklyn Rail.... or read it on Sharon's site because there are some good comments.

AND she made a follow-up post responding to all the feedback she's received. Someone actually wrote a letter to The Brooklyn Rail complaining I was included (!)... haha wow.

Anyone interested in Sharon's article, or Raphael Rubinstein's 2009 Provisional Painting article, might enjoy reading this 2006 Vittorio Colaizzi review of a show I had in Richmond -

"Emptiness and lack become activist refusal. This is not mannered 'bad painting', but a genuine absence of professional finesse, a subversion of the handsome, assured, and reassuring qualities of today's more manageable abstract painting"

PS- I looked at PaintersNYC to see which artists mentioned in the New Casualist article had been discussed on PaintersNYC, and what was said.... love to go back and look at that blog.

11/07/2005 Lauren Luloff
4/22/2006 Rob Nadeau
8/15/2006 Martin Bromirski
12/12/2006 Chris Martin
01/03/2007 Rebecca Morris
03/28/2007 Jered Sprecher
05/01/2008 Thomas Nozkowski