Monday, March 31, 2008

gallery gossip

Another 27th St gallery is supposedly closing... Clementine. That closing derails this gallery's plans to move into the vacant Oliver Kamm space. I guess the Oliver Kamm space was a sublet under the Clementine lease.

Overheard at Clementine last week -

"each month has gotten worse and we were hoping matt's show would turn everything around and it hasn't..."

"we knew three or four months of bad business and we'd be in trouble and that's what's happened"

clementine on anaba 4/6/07 -

Neil Farber at Clementine - SNOOZE. The piece pictured above is one of the first ones you see, many many many many little heads with faces... I initially thought it was an unusually unimaginative and drab Deki Yayoi. This show was a yuck that I probably wouldn't have mentioned except I'm playing this follow along with the NYTimes game.

Bridget Goodbody says - the show "brings to mind Dante’s Divine Comedy"... she also describes the show's "pièce de résistance".

HOLY SHIT! What crap! What is happening? She writes for the NYTimes??? Is that some kind of Sanjaya thing they are doing? I don't get it.

UPDATE: i was in chelsea months later... Clementine gallery's storage racks are viewable from the window on the tunnel... the Farber is sitting on a shelf in the back.

clementine on anaba 3/27/06 -

Daniel Johnston at Clementine - Went to this show ready to hate. Most of it was an awful waste of space, but some of them were strong. The person in the piece above is burning in hell and screaming "Please bring me back... I don't want to die. I don't want to be dead!".

The lack of editing was lame. The whole place was just one big ring of framed $2500 drawings. It could have, maybe, been a good show, but this just smacked of cashing in.

clementine on anaba 7/23/05 -

Clementine - Wayne White is so unbelievably boring. Please, no more! David Rathman is a doodler and boring (the link is from his old cowboy work, now he's doing boxers). No more scrappy drawings, please!!! There are very few people who can do scrappy doodles and lots-of well, and more are not necessary. Give me some meat and I'll take a scrappy doodle on the side, but I don't want any more scrappy doodles as the main course. It's not healthy!! Where is the nourishment in Chelsea? I can't believe I used to want to be in this gallery. Okay, I would still do it - but it's not my first choice!!!

Joanne Greenbaum, Xylor Jane, Rebecca Morris, Jakub Julian Ziolkowski

Joanne Greenbaum... don't remember the title... but I love this painting. At greengrassi.

Xylor Jane... don't remember the title or gallery.

Rebecca Morris, untitled (#06-08), 2008, oil and spraypaint on canvas, at Galerie Barbara Weiss.

Here is another one, and here they are side by side. They're small.

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski, untitled, 2007, oil on canvas, at Hauser and Wirth.

I liked the two paintings he had in a group show at 303 Gallery last summer -

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski, in Three for Society, at 303 Gallery, through July 27th - something creepy, like a leather mask or something...both his paintings are cartoony but creepy like that. I like the way he lets these tiny controlled drips happen, and then works them into the composition... for example, in the piece above you can maybe see that little drip of blue in the shoulder, and in this piece you can see the oily ass-crack sweat.

There is so much tension in that drip of blue in the shoulder.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Steven Parrino

Steven Parrino, Baby Blue Suicide, 1995, at Galleria Massimo de Carlo, at the Armory.

Steven Parrino


Steven Parrino


The Return of the Idiot.

Lucas Samaras

Lucas Samaras
Lucas Samaras, Mosaic Painting #27, March 3, 1992, at the Armory Fair (but I can't remember what booth, probably Pace).

Misshapen, uneven, lots of cut-outs, all pieced together. Here's a detail.

Lucas Samaras
Lucas Samaras, Cube with In-Out Pyramids, 1994..... paired with Tony Smith's Moon Dog, 1967... at Pace Wildenstein's Armory booth.

Lucas Samaras photographs... not at the Armory but in a big show at Pace Wildenstein. Photos of chairs, all of them documented outside on the street and sidewalk, digitally manipulated with electric color.

James Kalm has a video from the opening
. He says "each study is snapped as if by an ornithologist documenting exotic birds in their natural habitat". It's true, these chairs are like parrots.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Christoph Buchel

Christoph Buchel, at the Armory.

Swiss(?) children reading the transcript from the motion hearing... different children reading each role. The part recorded here is Judge Posner.

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6/14/2009 - Appeal process begins; read the briefs.
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1/28/2010 - REMANDED!

White Columns at the Armory, 2008

Matthew Higgs.... soldddddddd. This is on Wednesday.

Janice Guy... Matthew's dealer, stopped making art years ago. Can you see the red dots over each picture?

Good job, White Columns.

Monday, March 24, 2008

white columns piss-take number 8 - creating a closed loop

Here are the three most recent White Columns reviews from the NYTimes -

White Columns in NYTimes 3/21/08 - Roberta Smith review of White Columns' exhibition of work from the collection of critic/curator Vince Aletti. The review also mentions White Columns' concurrent exhibitions of work from the collection of curator Bob Nickas, and a solo show of photographs by artist-turned-(Matthew Higgs)dealer Janice Guy.

before that was...

White Columns in NYTimes 12/7/07 - Karen Rosenberg review of Looking Back, a group show of art seen in NY (mostly Chelsea galleries) in the previous year. Last line of the review - "If you missed Andrew Lord’s ceramics at Gladstone, for instance, or Sadie Benning’s videos at Orchard, you’ll be grateful for the second chance."

before that was...

White Columns in NYTimes 7/10/07 -Roberta Smith feature reviewing Dealer as Artist, a group show of work by "six prominent art dealers" that used to make art. Janice Guy featured at top of page.

Good job, White Columns.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

stuff in the mail

Timothy Buckwalter drawing. We traded.

Postcard from The Matthew Higgs Society.

Thanking me for my support of Matthew Higgs' legacy.

Keith Schoenheit photographs documenting Daniel Buren's LA bus stop benches. We traded.

Ron Johnson painting. We traded.

William Powhida authenticated Art in America review.

William Powhida AiA review, signed and dated.

William Powhida, Study for Hypothetical Ideal Career Trajectory, 2007. This was a surprise bonus sent with the authenticated review, because he was so slow.

Amy Wilson... one of two booklets. She had made a post asking if anybody wanted one.

Books/Catalogues/Periodicals - Jered Sprecher, Mildred Greenberg, Paper Monument, Eva Lake, Michael Lobel (Fugitive Artist: The Early Work of Richard Prince).

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Betty Blayton

Betty Blayton, Souls Transcending, 2005

Painting by Betty Blayton in the show with the three pieces by Al Loving. She has three pieces, but this is the most interesting. Here's a detail.

Gregory Coates
Gregory Coates, Blue Smoke, 2006, Blue powder pigment and acrylic on cigar boxes

Gregory Coates has two pieces in this show also, which I revisited after seeing his show at Opalka Gallery.

Gregory Coates
The one on the left is Permission, 2007, Blue pigment on rubber over wood. Click here to see it much better.

wc update

WC registry update - Artists are getting notices of acceptance into or rejection from the WC artists registry... and WC is notifying all of those current registry artists who have since found representation that their pages will be de-activated.

Dear Curated Artist Registry Member,

We would like to thank you for your participation in the White Columns Curated Artist Registry. As you may know, the registry provides exposure for artists who are unaffiliated with a New York City commercial gallery. We are pleased that you have attained representation since your initial inclusion in the registry; however, our policy mandates that we deactivate the web pages of artists who are now associated with a NYC commercial space. I am sure you understand. If for any reason we are mistaken about your status, please us know, and accept our sincere apologies in advance...

There are/were a lot. Maybe they are even going to start curating from the registry again? Hope so. That registry has been a waste for four years. Has anybody included in the WC registry since 2004 had anything at all come from it? I don't get why WC doesn't select registry artists to take to all of those fairs that they go to. That was a great opportunity to help support some good non-represented artists.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Barnaby Whitfield's SOLO SHOW opens this Thursday March 2o, at 31Grand (143 Ludlow St), with a reception from 7-9pm.

This is the first Barnaby Whitfield piece I ever saw. It was on PaintersNYC 9/22/06... seems like longer.

is this pastel? this is so luxurious and rich and sensual.

the woman's hair looks like one of those hard plastic helmet wigs they are selling at the supermarkets now for halloween.. and that red baby... are they burn victims?

without the twisting burned baby, she is like some extremely awkward nerd in a 70's penthouse spread.

i like this very much.

Barnaby's PLAYBOY shoes, with my painting.

RELATED: Barnaby is one of my favorite artists. Another favorite is also currently showing in NYC... Sarah McEneaney at Tibor de Nagy. GO SEE THEM BOTH!

Monday, March 17, 2008


I found this dirty Christmas angel hanging from a tree in Richmond, in the middle of the summer (2006). It was weird to see with all of the green.

I brought it home. You can see her hanging from the light, in the center of this picture.

She has wings.

I can't read what she is reading.

white out

Five months later, my White Columns page has finally been erased. That's okay, I can do it again.

Also erased... the history of White Columns exhibitions prior to Matthew's tenure. Are those gone for good? Hope not.

I can't remember how far back those archived exhibitions went, but when I made this post last year I was able to research and link to all of the Lauren Ross-curated exhibitions (scroll down to the second half of the post).

Friday, March 14, 2008

Gregory Coates

Gregory Coates, Positions, at Opalka Gallery, in Albany....

Piece above is a detail shot of one of the twelve bars pictured below, all of them wood wrapped with black inner tubes, painted.

Wrapped and woven, gorgeous up close... it's hard choosing images.

Gregory Coates
3 x 4 = 1, 2006, acrylic on rubber on wood pallets.

Like Donald Judd.

How Do You Like Me Now?, 2006, acrylic on rubber with pvc

The title is a reference to David Hammons' white Jesse Jackson.

Inner-tubes sprayed white.

Installation shot of Kiki: Short for Christiane, 2007, pigment on rubber on wood pallet (left), Monument For Steve Cannon, 2007 (right), Strut, 2006 (foreground)

Detail of Kiki: Short for Christiane, 2007, pigment on rubber on wood pallet.

Stretched, wrapped, tied, and painted. Looks like powder. Like seeing the air valves poking out everywhere.

This blue still doesn't quite match the blue of the piece...

Daytime, 2007, acrylic on feathers on wood panels.

One of four large feather paintings in the show... I like this one, but the two next to it not so much. This one is better.

Gregory Coates is one of the artists I liked in the show with Al Loving. I was loving Alvin Loving so much I never got around to posting Coates and Betty Blayton.

Roam, 2006, industrial plastic wrap on wooden pallets.

There are so many tiny lines in the plastic...

Gregory Coates
Detail of Roam, 2006, industrial plastic wrap on wood pallet.

Gregory Coates
Monument For Steve Cannon, 2007

Monument For Steve Cannon consists of a sofa on a carpet, facing a large black feather painting. Steve Cannon is the poet-professor founder of A Gathering of The Tribes. Is this sofa from Tribes??

James Kalm talking to Steve Cannon at Tribes

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wafaa Bilal, at The Sanctuary for Independent Media... SHUT DOWN

Wafaa Bilal, re-opened at The Sanctuary for Independent Media, has now ALSO been shut down. This is the place that was going to show the Wafaa Bilal piece after it was canceled by RPI. Wow.

Sanctuary for Independent Media
The City of Troy has closed Wafaa Bilal's installation.

That was the sign on the front door when I visited today to see the Wafaa Bilal piece. Two guys were out front fixing the porch light... they said I could go in and look around, but that the piece would not be screened.

BREAKDOWN to catch you up:

Wednesday 3/5 pm - piece is shown at RPI
Thursday 3/6 am - show is closed at RPI
Monday 3/10 pm - piece is shown at The Sanctuary for Independent Media. A protest outside is led by Robert Mirch, majority leader of the County Legislature.
Tuesday 3/11 am - The Sanctuary is notified that due to code violations it cannot hold public gatherings. City inspectors had visited The Sanctuary on Monday afternoon, before the screening, ostensibly drawn by media attention after The Sanctuary had announced it would show the Balil piece.

UPDATE: Robert Mirch, leader of the Monday protest in front of The Sanctuary for Independent Media, is the City of Troy Public Works Commissioner, responsible for enforcing code violation. What an embarassment...

Sanctuary for Independent Media
An empty room.

Sanctuary for Independent Media
Sanctuary Archives.

Sanctuary for Independent Media
Sanctuary for Independent Media, Troy, NY.

RELATED: Read the 3/12/08 Troy Record newspaper article.... and Game Politics (many comments), Paddy Johnson, NEWSgrist, We Make Money Not Art.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


found a bunch of someone's unsigned art at a junk shop near glens falls... the dealer said that they came from an estate sale and that there were hundreds, which were split between him and another dealer. the estate they came from was not that of the artist... it was a hoarder whose house was filled with treasures and junk. so no idea where they originally came from. they are spread all over now.