Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Clark Anti-Forum, aka Balancing Act, by Christoph Buchel

The Clark held a "forum" (in NYC) last week -

Recent conflict between artist and institution has generated a highly publicized and polarizing debate between artists and art museums over the completion, ownership, and sale of site-specific works. In the end, who determines whether a work is “complete”? Who “owns” the work? Should the commissioning institution also benefit from the sale of a work, or parts thereof?

Did you go? Probably not, as it was unannounced and invitation-only. There is no listing for this event anywhere, including on the Clark's own website.

From the Clark, in response to my request for information -

"The Clark sends out invitations for Clark Forums - they are not public events. We do not advertise forums or include them in general event listings"

This had better not have been the promised Mass MoCA symposium.

A discussion with Barbara Gladstone, Kathy Halbreich, and Matthew Ritchie, moderated by Judith Dobrzynski. Hosted by Michael Conforti, Director of the Clark, with Joseph Thompson, Director of MASS MoCA. Tuesday, February 26, 2008. Luncheon and Program 12:00-2:00pm, at The New York Public Library, Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street.

Michele Maccarone lists Balancing Act as a current exhibition of Christoph Buchel, and Clancco features it as "A Project of Christoph Buchel" ... both of which are at least as accurate as the Clark's terming it a "forum". Someone at the Clark needs to crack open a dictionary.

Virginia Rutledge on Christoph Buchel and Mass MoCA, for ArtForum.... new spirit of sharing photos of the stalled (pre-tarp and pre-lawsuit) installation-in-progress here.