Friday, March 14, 2008

Gregory Coates

Gregory Coates, Positions, at Opalka Gallery, in Albany....

Piece above is a detail shot of one of the twelve bars pictured below, all of them wood wrapped with black inner tubes, painted.

Wrapped and woven, gorgeous up close... it's hard choosing images.

Gregory Coates
3 x 4 = 1, 2006, acrylic on rubber on wood pallets.

Like Donald Judd.

How Do You Like Me Now?, 2006, acrylic on rubber with pvc

The title is a reference to David Hammons' white Jesse Jackson.

Inner-tubes sprayed white.

Installation shot of Kiki: Short for Christiane, 2007, pigment on rubber on wood pallet (left), Monument For Steve Cannon, 2007 (right), Strut, 2006 (foreground)

Detail of Kiki: Short for Christiane, 2007, pigment on rubber on wood pallet.

Stretched, wrapped, tied, and painted. Looks like powder. Like seeing the air valves poking out everywhere.

This blue still doesn't quite match the blue of the piece...

Daytime, 2007, acrylic on feathers on wood panels.

One of four large feather paintings in the show... I like this one, but the two next to it not so much. This one is better.

Gregory Coates is one of the artists I liked in the show with Al Loving. I was loving Alvin Loving so much I never got around to posting Coates and Betty Blayton.

Roam, 2006, industrial plastic wrap on wooden pallets.

There are so many tiny lines in the plastic...

Gregory Coates
Detail of Roam, 2006, industrial plastic wrap on wood pallet.

Gregory Coates
Monument For Steve Cannon, 2007

Monument For Steve Cannon consists of a sofa on a carpet, facing a large black feather painting. Steve Cannon is the poet-professor founder of A Gathering of The Tribes. Is this sofa from Tribes??

James Kalm talking to Steve Cannon at Tribes


Barnaby said...

Martin.. yet again you've made me look outside my comfort zone (I am dying to know if that blue pigment flakes off? And how did they hang it without fucking it all up?)

but most importantly.. is that a recent pic of you?!? Dood you're all like rugged mountain man now...

Barnaby said...

(made me look AND enjoy if that wasn't clear...)

Martin said...

i am lonely on the sofa.

Lynn Dunham said...

Love the Gregory Coates work! Fantastic. I'm posting to my blog as well. Looking forward to seeing it live.

JimRichardWilson said...

I just saw this post on the Gregory Coates show at the Opalka. It is one of the best shows of contemporary work we've mounted.

Greg is a very strong artist and it is always a pleasure working with him. This was the second solo show of his work we've mounted. The last was in 1997 in the old gallery (Rathbone Gallery).

Anonymous said...

Jim, I became acquainted with Coates after seeing this blog and made a site for him: www.gregorycoates.blogspot.com. He also has work on line at www.artrentandlease.com

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Coates has a solo at N'Namdi in Chicago now and he has a new website - www.gregorycoates.com