Monday, March 31, 2008

gallery gossip

Another 27th St gallery is supposedly closing... Clementine. That closing derails this gallery's plans to move into the vacant Oliver Kamm space. I guess the Oliver Kamm space was a sublet under the Clementine lease.

Overheard at Clementine last week -

"each month has gotten worse and we were hoping matt's show would turn everything around and it hasn't..."

"we knew three or four months of bad business and we'd be in trouble and that's what's happened"

clementine on anaba 4/6/07 -

Neil Farber at Clementine - SNOOZE. The piece pictured above is one of the first ones you see, many many many many little heads with faces... I initially thought it was an unusually unimaginative and drab Deki Yayoi. This show was a yuck that I probably wouldn't have mentioned except I'm playing this follow along with the NYTimes game.

Bridget Goodbody says - the show "brings to mind Dante’s Divine Comedy"... she also describes the show's "pièce de résistance".

HOLY SHIT! What crap! What is happening? She writes for the NYTimes??? Is that some kind of Sanjaya thing they are doing? I don't get it.

UPDATE: i was in chelsea months later... Clementine gallery's storage racks are viewable from the window on the tunnel... the Farber is sitting on a shelf in the back.

clementine on anaba 3/27/06 -

Daniel Johnston at Clementine - Went to this show ready to hate. Most of it was an awful waste of space, but some of them were strong. The person in the piece above is burning in hell and screaming "Please bring me back... I don't want to die. I don't want to be dead!".

The lack of editing was lame. The whole place was just one big ring of framed $2500 drawings. It could have, maybe, been a good show, but this just smacked of cashing in.

clementine on anaba 7/23/05 -

Clementine - Wayne White is so unbelievably boring. Please, no more! David Rathman is a doodler and boring (the link is from his old cowboy work, now he's doing boxers). No more scrappy drawings, please!!! There are very few people who can do scrappy doodles and lots-of well, and more are not necessary. Give me some meat and I'll take a scrappy doodle on the side, but I don't want any more scrappy doodles as the main course. It's not healthy!! Where is the nourishment in Chelsea? I can't believe I used to want to be in this gallery. Okay, I would still do it - but it's not my first choice!!!


Barnaby said...

Martin... you're better than the Drudge report!

Anonymous said...

I have never seen such a concentrated outpouring of negative commentary from you Martin. Fucking bravo!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, Martin. My first response, while I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of Wayne White, is to ask you whether or not you understand that the people who run Clementine are humans. With blood and fears and stuff.

I mean, I *loves* me some catty talk and can take as much as I can dish. But if someone started discussing my finances on these terms, I would feel really awful.

I see value in saying that you heard talk of a gallery closing, and I see value in telling everyone which gallery. But man, the tone of this is so hateful that it just makes you look like you got rejected by them or something.

Martin said...

deborah - thanks for monitoring my professionalism, it's a big concern of mine.

does the reverse hold true, and every gallery that i've ever said anything positive about is one that has "accepted" me?

Martin said...

deborah commenting on winkleman's blog today (5/2/08) -

"I have been told more than once that I am going to hurt my career as an artist by writing criticism. It creates distance between yourself and your peers, and opens you up to accusations of Sour Grapes, folks say."

No Kidding!