Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Barnaby Whitfield's SOLO SHOW opens this Thursday March 2o, at 31Grand (143 Ludlow St), with a reception from 7-9pm.

This is the first Barnaby Whitfield piece I ever saw. It was on PaintersNYC 9/22/06... seems like longer.

is this pastel? this is so luxurious and rich and sensual.

the woman's hair looks like one of those hard plastic helmet wigs they are selling at the supermarkets now for halloween.. and that red baby... are they burn victims?

without the twisting burned baby, she is like some extremely awkward nerd in a 70's penthouse spread.

i like this very much.

Barnaby's PLAYBOY shoes, with my painting.

RELATED: Barnaby is one of my favorite artists. Another favorite is also currently showing in NYC... Sarah McEneaney at Tibor de Nagy. GO SEE THEM BOTH!


Barnaby said...

thanks Martin! Youdabest!

Still hanging the last bit of work in the group show right this minute.. Jennifer dropped off her piece a little earlier and it's fucking gorgeous..

Martin said...

i saw a really good one by her at kinz tillou feigen, in the office over the desk, hanging close to a piece by eugene von bruenchenhein. that was pretty awesome. they both looked great.

Barnaby said...

the Playboy full circle thing just clicked..

I have now been featured on http://artboobs.blogspot.com/

Oh and I have been hunting for some sort of really amazing meatball sub painting to hang near your pieces as part of an in house curatorial exercise..(I am not mistaken am I? This was during your meatball sub eating period right?)

Martin said...

haha. yeah. but really i had started making paintings like that for i don't know how long exactly and THEN started to eat meatball subs every day... the sub was just my cheap lunch every day for a while...

it's just that i was thinking about my cut paper circles floating in watery paint and sand while looking at these meatballs suspended in meat sauce every day..

Barnaby said...

I knew there was a connection.. I thought it would be funny NOT hanging right next to eachother.. but nearish..

Martin said...

i think next to would be funny also.

will it be right side up on the wall? you bastard.

Barnaby said...


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