Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lucas Samaras

Lucas Samaras
Lucas Samaras, Mosaic Painting #27, March 3, 1992, at the Armory Fair (but I can't remember what booth, probably Pace).

Misshapen, uneven, lots of cut-outs, all pieced together. Here's a detail.

Lucas Samaras
Lucas Samaras, Cube with In-Out Pyramids, 1994..... paired with Tony Smith's Moon Dog, 1967... at Pace Wildenstein's Armory booth.

Lucas Samaras photographs... not at the Armory but in a big show at Pace Wildenstein. Photos of chairs, all of them documented outside on the street and sidewalk, digitally manipulated with electric color.

James Kalm has a video from the opening
. He says "each study is snapped as if by an ornithologist documenting exotic birds in their natural habitat". It's true, these chairs are like parrots.