Saturday, March 22, 2008

stuff in the mail

Timothy Buckwalter drawing. We traded.

Postcard from The Matthew Higgs Society.

Thanking me for my support of Matthew Higgs' legacy.

Keith Schoenheit photographs documenting Daniel Buren's LA bus stop benches. We traded.

Ron Johnson painting. We traded.

William Powhida authenticated Art in America review.

William Powhida AiA review, signed and dated.

William Powhida, Study for Hypothetical Ideal Career Trajectory, 2007. This was a surprise bonus sent with the authenticated review, because he was so slow.

Amy Wilson... one of two booklets. She had made a post asking if anybody wanted one.

Books/Catalogues/Periodicals - Jered Sprecher, Mildred Greenberg, Paper Monument, Eva Lake, Michael Lobel (Fugitive Artist: The Early Work of Richard Prince).


Barnaby said...

sh!t that's right. I have a package to mail.

Anonymous said...

I got a birthday card from my mom's partner in the mail today.

Anonymous said...

Mail art is amazing. I love to see the whimsical side of the art world.

Martin said...

eric is today your birthday? mine is today, for real.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is my birthday Martin. So we are both Aries! March 22 and 23. Happy B-Day dude!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Martin!!

Barnaby said...

Come on Martin ya know my birthday post was funny!