Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mildred Greenberg

Mildred Elfman Greenberg posters for ..."ice age to the space age", a 1984 work-in-progress exhibition held at Marian Locks Gallery (now called Locks Gallery), Philadelphia.

Mildred died in 2003, at 91, and her daughter, with the help and support of friends, has documented most of the work - more than three hundred items - left in storage. All of the stuff pictured below was made roughly 1980's and very early 90's. Please scroll down through these previous posts to learn more about Mildred and her work.

Space Goddess with Spaceship... looks like it includes a collaged photographic image, some glittery-type stuff, and maybe a toy spaceship. Mildred often included small three-dimensional elements to her drawings. Click on the photo to see it much better.

Here's a good example, from the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

This flag structure belongs with this base.... here is a picture of the finished piece, Quagmire, 1990-91, flags, fan, toy armaments, soldiers and animals, artificial flowers (found objects sprayed with enamel paint) on wood coated with black ensemble paint.

Quagmire was made in response to the Gulf War... it's hard to see, because everything is an oily black, but she's placed army men and animals in a floral jungle.

Darth Vavadar, White Knight... not sure if that's the correct title or what may be missing here. The storage locker contains a number of sculptural assemblages... we need to consult some period photos to make sure everything is together. This one includes an electrical cord, so something must light up or move.... another (awesome) one includes a blacklight.

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