Monday, March 31, 2008

Joanne Greenbaum, Xylor Jane, Rebecca Morris, Jakub Julian Ziolkowski

Joanne Greenbaum... don't remember the title... but I love this painting. At greengrassi.

Xylor Jane... don't remember the title or gallery.

Rebecca Morris, untitled (#06-08), 2008, oil and spraypaint on canvas, at Galerie Barbara Weiss.

Here is another one, and here they are side by side. They're small.

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski, untitled, 2007, oil on canvas, at Hauser and Wirth.

I liked the two paintings he had in a group show at 303 Gallery last summer -

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski, in Three for Society, at 303 Gallery, through July 27th - something creepy, like a leather mask or something...both his paintings are cartoony but creepy like that. I like the way he lets these tiny controlled drips happen, and then works them into the composition... for example, in the piece above you can maybe see that little drip of blue in the shoulder, and in this piece you can see the oily ass-crack sweat.

There is so much tension in that drip of blue in the shoulder.


Anonymous said...

gallery is greengrassi, London.

Martin said...

for greenbaum? thanks, i'll add it.

Anonymous said...

Excellent posts, Mr. B --

I'm loving on the Rebecca Morris piece. Got any more shots of her work from this show? She opens again Thursday -

Anonymous said...

This Greenbaum is very challenging. The black at the corners just seems to desparate and wrong, it took a lot of guts. Same with that salmon shape on which there are more orange/red lines. And the character of the lines is anything but complacent. It's ugly and hard to look away.
Every artist announces their mode or position, what they do; they say, "here's what I do, now you can recognize me," but only the good ones like Greenbaum do something with it. really vague, I know.

Anonymous said...

j.j.ziolkowski is very gooood !!!.check this stuff-Tom Kowalski -http://artbazaar.blogspot.com/2007/03/na-naszym-radarze-tomasz-kowalski.html

or Peter Sakowski -http://www.obieg.pl/cal2007/07042801.php

Anonymous said...

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