Friday, June 29, 2007

stats 'n stuff

STATS! i need a motivation transfusion, STAT!

Sometimes I get kind of blah about this blog.... like... what is the point, who cares, nobody comments anyway, artists are not taking control, this is too much effort on my part, i want to focus on PARKOUR now, etc.

But, I just looked at my statcounter thing to see what is up compared to last year, and although I expected more visitors than the year before, I am surprised at how much it all keeps increasing. So, that motivates me to keep doing it, I guess.

The bar graph above is the Yearly Summary. Blue supposedly represents unique visitors, and green represents the number of page views. The number of unique visitors for 2006 is almost double that of 2005, and we are only halfway through 2007 but are close to matching 2006.

Not sure how all of this works exactly.... I read something once about people using RSS feeds or some other things/ways are not accounted for here (?).

Monthly bar graph, from January 2005 through today. There was a jump in April, don't know what that's about.

blog crisis -

Plus, and related, someone mentioning something negative about blogs appearing self-promoting.... aargh, that bothers me. I am ALL FOR artists promoting their work, in whatever way they best know how... whether that means moving to NYC and networking, or putting your shit on a blog.... just hate the hangups and hypocrisy people have about it, acting blase... the stealth shit. SORRY, I am not trying to be confrontational.

UPDATE 6/30/07: I'm better now! Next time I feel blue I will try to stick to lashing out, or malicious gossip.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Charlie Hammond, Haim Steinbach

Charlie Hammond, at Anton Kern (in the back).

This one has stones imbedded in the canvas, I think it's called Sculpture of a Stonethrower.

The gingham pattern is painted, not collage. Looks like he is taping those shapes out first, making the brown part, and adding the pattern after.

I'm not sure of his process in making the brown part, or how exactly he painted the first one. I read something about how he will do things like attach a brush to a revolving drill, to make what he calls "macaroni" paintings. Neither of these are examples of the macaroni paintings; those are full of loopy curlicue lines all over a darker ground.

This work is now making me think of the Massimo Bartolini airplanes, in that the process seemingly involves play, or toying around, with formal, elegant looking results.

Haim Steinbach, at Sonnabend.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Massimo Bartolini

Massimo Bartolini, at D'Amelio Terras - no photos, there is no bother, they are not work that reproduces well; very large sheets of paper folded many times, then unfolded and presented flat, with the creases overlaid in colored pencil.

Two (or three?) of them are unfolded fantastical paper airplanes... these seem like evidence of something larger, a larger process. There is the imagined performance of folding the paper - walking around this big sheet of paper and making all the folds - followed by the resulting sculpture; a large, ungainly, totally unflyable paper airplane, laying heavy on the floor, ending with the unfolding of the airplane and tracing every single tiny crease with a colored pencil.

I like the persistance in the face of adversity stubborness of that final act... that, okay, there is no way this airplane is going to fly, but screw everyone, I'm not done with it. I like the formal and material elegance of the displayed piece, and the obstinate buffoonery of the process.

Sol Lewitt, at MoMA - at MoMA the same evening I saw a small (un)folded paper Lewitt, in the show Lines, Grids, Stains, Words. I'm just mentioning it here because it somewhat related, and I want to remember it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dear Pastel Artist, pastel me

Tompac suggests to Barnaby he put me in a picture, and Barnaby in the comments says he has an idea... YES PLEASE DO IT!!! I'm ready for my closeup!!!

I haven't been painted or drawn in almost twenty years. I think these are from 1988, or at least that is when I modeled for them, both by Renee Foulks. The drawing above was a study for a large multi-figure painting.

Renee Foulks, Martin, 1988(?) - I'm sad, because I still wish that I had Jesse's girl.

This image is from a scanned-in badly stored slide. The colors are different, the image is sharper. Renee is - or was - an ultra-methodical artist, this painting is layer upon layer, with a number of sittings, and she took slides and photographs of the whole process.

Renee Foulks is a Philadelphia artist.... studied at Moore, taught me at University of the Arts, and I think is now at PAFA.

Jason Coates, Mike Erickson, Rachel Hayes

Okay, I hate the idea of MFA shows in Chelsea galleries, especially rentals, BUT this is the VCU show and I lived in Richmond for almost four years and know some of the artists, so I went. Not sure if this one is a rental, although the previous VCU show two years ago at Stux cost $15,000.

Anyways, there is some good stuff!

Jason Coates, Corn, 2007 - this piece is too funny, rows of angry crazed corn. What is Jason thinking? This one makes me laugh every time I look at it. The middle row has TWO sets of buggin' eyes, and some ears have no eyes... what is it all about? I don't know, but it looks good and is funny. This painting has personality, it isn't like a painting of something with personality, it has it's own personality kind of like those earlier Ruth Roots smoking cigarettes.

"Yeah, so? I'm a painting of corn. Wanna make something of it???"

Jason's painting isn't laid-back like those chilling Roots though, this painting is wired and seriously offended, ready to jump off the wall and wring my neck with frustration, if only it could. Really, it reminds me of the hippos I used to tease into a frenzy when I worked at the zoo.

Jason is showing a second painting, called Sheriff.

My Jason Coates History, at a Glance:

3/23/2005 - a visit and some thoughts on the Jason Coates/Steven Little/Bruce Wilhelm show at ADA.
5/25/05 - Jason writes a Style Weekly article on my blog. I didn't know Jason at this point and had no idea it was coming out... it was insane to pick up Style and see this.
4/1/2006 - I crush Jason in the Monument Avenue 10K. Jason 54:16. Martin 49:13!
8/30/2006 - three of Jason's new paintings.
12/2006 - Jason and I trade paintings!!! I get this, he gets this. It was in the Markel Building show, the one Vic liked.
12/11/2006 - a visit to Jason's studio.

Mike Erickson
Mike Erickson's Angry Little Watering Can - another angry/funny piece with a lot of personality. I don't know Mike, except in passing...

Okay if you were going to put together a show of work that thinks it's alive, what/who would be included? This Mike Erickson, Jason's Corn, a Ruth Root smoker... what else? Oh, there is an artist included in The Believers, at Mass Moca - Theo Jansen. His stuff definitely.

Rachel Hayes - I don't know what this piece is called.

The Rachel Hayes anaba Reader, at a Glance:

1/18/2006 - Rachel Hayes at Sculpture Center. This is an impressive installation.
4/18/2006 - Rachel's killer show at ADA.
4/30/2006 - yet another very good piece.
5/15/2006 - boy performance artist slash ladykiller The Fartist under Rachel's Pulse piece.
5/21/2006 - VMFA curator John Ravenal under Rachel's Pulse piece.
11/21/2006 - Jerry Saltz admiring Rachel's Art Basel:Stuffy's contribution!!!

2006 was the year of Rachel Hayes on anaba, for sure.

What else did I like? Eric Sall (Rachel's husband, shows at ATM) has a purple twilight majesty, with bunting. That one is pretty good. I guess those were my favorites.

One of the artists in the show, Jared Lindsay Clark, has posted a bunch more exhibition photos.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry

Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry, at Caren Golden - Image of a lynching, with the same image (almost) both painted on canvas and printed on a sheer silk overlay... the silk is not touching the canvas and the two images don't line up exactly, so it looks hazy. The hanging man here is printed on the silk overlay only, his image has been left out of the painting... you need to study the piece closely to notice exactly what is omitted.

Immediately after leaving the Caren Golden show.... I turned the corner and saw this painted over NIGGER. The sidewalk is closed off and walled up, so this is a wall that you are walking directly towards and confronted with, not something seen on a side wall.

The "nigger" grafitti is there, but it is easy to not see, if you don't look. It was chilling to see this first thing after leaving the McCallum and Tarry show, and straining to see the lynched man.

Who is it even written for? The only black person I can remember seeing in three days of Chelsea was the woman that works at James Cohan.


input dekimasen

i made a big post. it disappeared. i try not to smash computer now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

oops.... PLUS! MUCH! MORE!!!

Oops. Nancy Baker's interview with Eva Lake talked about how important it is to always be spinning how GREAT everything is going, and Corny (in comments) briefly touches on the dangers of appearing self-promoting.... I'M SCREWED.

Okay, here are some of my recent rejections - AAI studio space program REJECTED, Sarah Lawrence gallery show REJECTED, AboutGlamour abstract show REJECTED, White Columns artist registry REJECTED (not a big surprise, considering). There was more but I can't remember it all.

Rejection Blasts From Anaba Past: i can't complain, i guess, rats is the word, Provincetown Rejection Recap, love, Richmond, Subscription to Rejection, Libby Lumpkin - OPTIONS 2005, Packets of Rejection, Latest Rejections, Virginia Commission for the Arts, LMCC 2004.

It was a relief two PLUS years ago first discovering the MM and FB blogs...

"I am imprisoned by failure. The Greater New York Show. What is so great about it? Why do these crafty titans refuse me? Ignore me?" - FB

"I'm defeated. So. You know how I'm googling my enemies. Well. I googled an enemy and it turns out that she got into something I applied for. UNACCEPTABLE!" - MM

Am I the only one that sometimes does the self-promoting at the same time as the talking about how great everything isn't going? That actually got me a show, and a review (okay, a blurb) in Time Out New York! Bustin' all the rules!!!


Chris Ashley is next on Eva's interview program. I really like this recent piece he's posted... kind of like that Magritte painting, kind of a scholar's rock. Nice one.

Watch this youtube Salvador Dali video posted to Amie Oliver's blog. He was a guest on What's My Line! It's really good. I wish that statue had been made.

Pat Berran - along with Kate Horne, Amie Cunningham, and Candice Hoeflinger - has a show opening at RARE this Thursday, 6-8. If possible I'm gonna try to make that opening, but it is at the same time as my Painting Center opening. Maybe I will get over in the last twenty minutes or so??? Pat and Kate have both shown at Nonesuch. I miss Nonesuch.

Jack Kirby's 'Fourth World', a book(?!), was reviewed in the Village Voice art column. I want that book. You have to scroll past the horrible Mr., but there is a good Zoe Strauss review in there also.

I added Kirby and Dali to Tyler's list.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Christoph Buchel is LAME

It is official, Buchel is the new Cattelan. What a prankster.

Yes, as previously wondered, Buchel DID in fact get his bad-boy merchandise together for the big Basel fair! Good boy! Sit! Make Controversy! Heel! Sell! Roll Over! Snarl! Good Boy!

He's showing a big installation called Chinese Recycling Area: including camper and Meth-Lab, which this British(?) blogger describes as "a heavy (and huge) piece on (what I guess) american soldiers in the Irak war and at home..."

Buchel is also showing, and I'm NOT kidding, "a more modest, editioned work made by framing some of the documents related to the situation with MASS MoCA—letters from the museum's director, and legal papers recently filed by the museum."


Maurizio Cattelan is to Roberto Benigni as Christoph Buchel is to Robin Williams... because sometimes you get the let's-be-serious bearded Robin Williams, and sometimes get the jester Robin Williams. Ham-fisted either way. Buchel is kind of like that.

UPDATE: I'm confused about what the title of his Basel installation is. I've read some stuff, like on Artnet, which call it Unplugged (Simply Botiful); other sources - including the one liked to above and Basel's own website - call it Chinese Recycling Area: including camper and Meth-Lab. Maybe there are two pieces or something? I don't know.

Building Picturing

I'm in a show called Building Picturing, opening at The Painting Center this week, curated by Vittorio Colaizzi. The show opens June 19, with an opening reception Thursday June 21, 6-8pm.

There are sixteen artists in the show, each represented by two pieces. Here's a list of the included artists (more links later, if I find them) -

Donald Beal, Martin Bromirski, Pamela S. Cardwell, Hannah Cornish, Michael Davidson, Vaughn Whitney Garland, Lenore Golub, Anne Gray, Julie Karabenick, Russell L. Roberts, Yolanda Sanchez, Jeffrey Stark, Elizabeth Ternhune, Timothy M. Trelease, David Webb, Susan Zurbrigg.

About the show -

“Building Picturing” features the work of sixteen painters whose approaches range from geometric abstraction to keen observation, from lyrical inventions with mark and color to restrained distillations of the landscape. These diverse painters are linked by their emphasis on the painting as a made thing, the result of an encounter with both tactile and formal constituents; paint and canvas, as well as color, shape, and placement. Neither hermetic nor naïve, these artists do not ignore the last few decades’ challenges to painting’s languages and ideologies in order to practice a nostalgic revivalism. They are fully aware that their images speak within a broader field that includes “high art,” news media, and cartoons, but they do not accept equalization as a premise, nor do they approach painting as a collage of readymade styles. Instead, they invest their very craft with meaning. Never simplistically painting “about painting,” they use the terms endemic to their practice to achieve the human qualities of curiosity, experiment, desire, and commitment.

Vittorio Colaizzi is the Richmond painter who wrote the intense Assault on Taste review of my Markel Building show... prepare for some more assault.

I am (almost certainly) going to come down to NYC for that opening, and to see some other shows. The only show I know about that I really want to see is Sarah Peters, and Lauren Luloff if I get to Brooklyn. What else should I see? Please advise.

RELATED: there IS another review of that Markel show still to come out... it's coming. HANG TIGHT!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Nancy Baker - will be interviewed by Eva Lake today at 3pm... that should be a good one. You can listen live - and call in - or you can listen to the archived mp3 later. I listened to the Charlie Finch one, in three twenty-minute segments.

Ha. I loved it when Nancy wrote in a recent comment thread on her blog "if I see one more MFA show in the galleries I'll puke"... because I said something similar on Winkleman's blog last month, regarding an MFA show Winkleman was hosting, and wondered what Ed's represented artists thought about it. This began a strange fight with Ed... go read the thread. I'm still weirded out that he evidently spent six months assuming I was someone whose thinking is so different from my own. Makes you wonder...

Oh, I should explain that Nancy is represented by Ed... that's why I'm glad she said that puke thing. Better late than never.

UPDATE 6/17/07: oops, Nancy is no longer represented by Ed. How does that happen? I mean, these galleries are so "choosy" about taking on an artist.. then she has one show and that's it? Is it a sales thing? Creative differences?

Anthony Fineran - WOW! He sent me the painting that is at the top of this post! It's real small, like the size of a book. I will be thinking of what to send in return.

Sarah Peters - Sarah has a solo show opening at Winkleman's on Friday! Okay! That's one I can get behind!

Here is my Sarah story... it actually turned out to have way more coincidences, mainly, that Mountain Man had stayed at my apartment in Richmond. The Carson/Sarah coincidence was strange enough, but the added MM thing really blew my mind.

I miss the early MM days...

RELATED: if you are into Eva's interview program, you would also probably like listening to ArtCritical's review panels. There is a lot of stuff archived, just scroll down and listen.

UPDATE 6/14/07: a visit to Madarat Gallery... this is the Iraqi gallery featured in last week's NYTimes.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Buchel photos...

Jon Ward, someone who was working on a show at Mass Moca in February, has posted photos taken when he snuck into the off-limits Buchel space. That's funny... I did the same thing a couple months later, but I've only posted one of my photos so far. Yes, it is my painting inside "the house", I am grandstanding on Buchel's grandstanding.

Laura Berlin, writing for New York Social Diary, states -

"Swiss artist Christoph Büchel reinvents performance art and institutional critique by staging it as an installation/legal battle, despite the fact that Büchel is not endorsing the work as completed and has not authorized the museum to display it to the public."

"Despite the outrage voiced by Büchel, Büchel's lawyer, Donn Zaretsky, and Büchel's representation, Hauser & Wirth, all of whom maintain it was the museum itself which caused the project to spiral out of control — it is likely that the artist's obsessive compulsive collaborative techniques were merely a tactic in making a larger statement."

I don't give him that much credit, I think he just blew it and wants to get out of any responsibility.... but if so, it might have been a stronger statement if he had chosen a museum that was more than eight years old, maybe had a collection, maybe had an endowment, a yearly operating budget that wasn't less than a million dollars; maybe one that wasn't the only economic lifeline of a depressed milltown in Western Massachussets. Go Get'em Tiger!

From the statement for Buchel's most recent show at Hauser & Wirth -

"Büchel repeatedly manipulates and exploits the perceived power of the social and legal contract, subverting the relationship between artist and audience while insisting on a more active political role for both."

RELATED: ultra-lameness from Maurizio Cattelan, the previous Buchel... he used to be sometimes interesting, the way Buchel is now. Who will be ultimately lamer? It's too close to call.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Larry Lorca, Stuffy's, HOPEful, Guernica

Richmond has the best graffiti and outdoor art... how come? Something about the vibe in Richmond, the South, the urban/nature mix - river, bricks, cinderblocks, and trees... it's all so vibrant and compelling. I like this photo above because YOU CAN SEE STUFFY's in the reflection!

Are artists like Judith Supine and Deuce7 starting in Richmond, with some moving to NYC, or is Richmond a draw for the NYC artists? Both, probably. I wish the raft shop hadn't closed... not spending so much time in the James, it isn't feeling like summer...

Larry Lorca is taking pictures of EVERYTHING. I'm so glad he got the classic...

HOPEful... Guernica boards. These are glued to the wall...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Heroes Show Photos!!! PLUS!

Fast on the heels of the Richmond VA Art Basel: Stuffy's photos, The Heroes Show photos!!! I stole them from Judith Baumann's blog.

The show was at Bryce's Barber Shop, in Olympia WA...

My piece is between the mirrors, on the left... here is a picture of it on Judy's blog. Here's the scanned-in version, with my Heroes statement.

Top-center is Laura Sharp Wilson and elin o'hara slavick, to the right is Michael Lease, and that little blue one might be the Joanne Greenbaum.

The middle one is Kimya Dawson... she played at the opening (she's a musician also)... listen to I Like Giants on her Myspace.

Let me know any of the unidentified artists pictured here and I'll post their names... where is Josh Rickards?

This is Judith Baumann's... she explains it here.

PLUS: Here are the flickr photos and youtube video of Drew Liverman/Jules Buck Jones/Scott Eastwood/Mike Phalan's Stalemate of the Boozefoxxx, in Austin TX.

Friday, June 08, 2007

four more.... too good to ignore

Lauren Luloff - has an outdoor installation in the backyard space at Black and White Gallery, opening TONIGHT (6-9pm). I reaallly enjoy her stuff...

The work will stay up, or whatever happens to it in the elements, June 8 - July 16.

Eva Lake - has started an interview-based talk radio show covering visual art. The scheduled guests for the show are all announced in advance, and you can listen live - and call in - or listen anytime because all the shows are archived.

Eva has already done one with Charlie Finch (I haven't listened to it yet), Nancy Baker - of Tire Shop/Edna/Winkleman fame - is coming up soon, followed by Chris Ashley. Good ones! Later she is doing Richard Polsky... Richard Polsky really hates Marlene Dumas.

Hans Heiner Buhr - has a response to Damien Hirst's diamond skull...

"it's carbon, it's light, it's pleasure, it's beauty, it's death, it's expensive and it's not an very original idea"

Drew Liverman - as mentioned briefly in the previous post, Drew Liverman has an eight-page spread in the current issue of Beautiful Decay.

It's called A Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, Based Loosely on the Seminal Text by Valentin Andreae... I'm not sure if I have that exact... just go to page 64. Here is some info on the source.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Art Basel: Stuffy's Photos!!! PLUS... where are they now???

Douglas Witmer sent me his Art Basel: Stuffy's photos! LOOK, this is it! The pieces on that first wall are me, Michael Lease, 3 by Drew Liverman, and Rachel Hayes. Check out all the booths!

I saw today that Drew has an EIGHT-PAGE spread in the current issue of Beautiful Decay! wow. PLUS, Rachel has a review in NYArts Magazine.

Oura Sananikone, Bruce Wilhelm, Travis Conner, Timothy Sean Johnston, Don Crow, Scott Eastwood.

Bruce has got a lot going on.... Don is back in Richmond for the summer.... Scott is where? Last thing I know is Scott made Boozefox with Drew and Jules, in Austin... and it LOOKS AMAZING... Travis is probably in a boxcar somewhere?


Timothy Sean Johnston and Don Crow.

First wall - Drew Liverman, Travis Conner, Rachel Hayes, Barbara Tisserat.

Back wall - Scott Eastwood, Travis Conner

Art Basel: Stuffy's

Drew Liverman, Tom Harte, Drew Liverman, Scott Eastwood, Travis Conner.

Don Crow, Scott Eastwood, 2 by me, Paul DiPasquale, Drew Liverman, Travis Conner, Rachel Hayes, Barbara Tisserat.

Scott Eastwood, Travis Conner, Scott Eastwood.

2 by Tom Harte, Fiona Ross, Drew Liverman, Travis Conner, 2 by Michael Lease, Oura Sananikone.

That is almost the whole show, only a couple spaces not shot. One artist, Michelle Arthur, isn't pictured here, these photos were taken at the end of the show and she had just picked up her stuff.

Jerry Saltz at Art Basel: Stuffy's!!! We are still waiting for the review!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hasan D. Nassar, Madarat Gallery, NEW ART HEROES

My new art heroes are gallerist Hasan Nassar and the artists at his Madarat Gallery.

Did you read Kirk Semple's article in the NYTimes? Read it, really... it's inspiring. Hasan Nassar started an organization called Attitudes Society of Art and Culture in 2004, the gallery opened early last year. Nassar also puts out an arts newspaper, and has an ambitious list of future projects.

The NYTimes article mentions Qasim Sabti, whose Hewar Gallery has been operating since 1992 -

"His gallery remains one of the few remaining hubs for the cultural community here. But even though its cafe is often busy, exhibits are rare. 'Sometimes I am tired, too tired,' said Mr. Sabti".

Qasim Sabti was profiled in this 2003 Steve Mumford feature on Iraqi artists. Here's the Artnet review of a 2006 show of Iraqi artists.

Hasan D. Nassar's Madarat Gallery, 2006 (photo taken from artist Mohammed Sami's site, I think Mohammed is the guy in black).

from the NYTimes article -

"Noori al-Rawi, 82, a painter, curator and art scholar who founded four museums in Baghdad and is regarded by many in the Iraqi art world as one of the pioneers of modern Iraqi art.

Mr. Rawi has become so depressed by the state of his country that he has not picked up a paintbrush for more than two years. He says he is ready to gather all of his art history archives — articles, books, reviews, photographs, slides and paintings — and burn them.

'I feel now that all humanity is against Iraq and against the Iraqi people and against Iraqi history and against Iraqi culture,' Mr. Rawi, frail and slight, said on a recent afternoon while sitting in his dormant studio in western Baghdad. 'We entered an endless dark tunnel.'"

I want to show at Madarat or Hewar Gallery... or something.

(i understand that is probably a pretty stupid thing to say)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Abstract Painting: 1960-1969

The Jo Baer essay posted last week, I Am No Longer An Abstract Artist, is part of a larger 10/1983 Art in America feature on the fifteen artists included in a 1983 show of '60's painting, Abstract Painting: 1960-1969, curated by Donald Droll.

I've been recently geeking out on the (mostly abstract, mostly NYC) painting of this period - first with High Times Hard Times New York Paintings 1967–1975... followed by reading Jo Baer's 1967 letter to Artforum, seeing the Roy Colmer show at Mitchell Algus, seeing the Rosalyn Drexler show, meeting Jo Baer, discovering the AMAZING collection at the Empire State Plaza, following the Nicholas Krushenick thread on PaintersNYC last week (first deceased artist featured on PaintersNYC?), and now learning of this Donald Droll-curated show, with the AiA interviews.

Wow, I am a geek. There is probably even more, I'm sure.

Some of the artists who were in this show I've never heard of, or know almost nothing about -

James Bishop
Sally Hazelet Drummond
Marcia Hafif
Will Insley
David Novros - is he the artist that did this piece, in the Empire State Plaza collection?
Doug Ohlson

The other interesting thing about that initial bio page of the artists is that each blurb lists both the artist's date of birth and the date of his/her FIRST solo show... it is a little surprising to see how relatively late some of them had their first solo shows, considering their current reputations. Maybe encouraging to some people reading this?

Here is a listing of ALL of the artists included in the 1983 show Abstract Painting: 1960-1969, followed by each artist's age at the time of his FIRST SOLO SHOW -

Jo Baer - 37
James Bishop - 37
Sally Hazelet Drummond - 31
Marcia Hafif - no date of birth given
Al Held - 24
Ralph Humphrey - 27
Will Insley - 36
Lee Lozano - 36
Robert Mangold - 37
Brice Marden - 28
Agnes Martin - 46
David Novros - 25
Doug Ohlson - 28
Robert Ryman - 37
Tony Smith - no info

Next I will probably research Systemic Painting, the 1966 Guggenheim show.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

yay for bruce! III, and jeannine!

Two of my favorite Richmond artists, Jeannine Harkleroad and Bruce Wilhelm, are semi-finalists for the Trawick Prize... a big money contest open to artists in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Jeannine Harkleroad on anaba 9/27/05, and 7/1/05.
Bruce Wilhelm on anaba like a million times.. here are some looks - 2/9/06, 5/25/06.


yay for bruce I
yay for bruce II

WHO? is this Bruce, you may be asking yourself.... what does he look like? What does he wear? What is his hair like?

This is Bruce. This is Bruce with Calvin.

THANKS to Carol Trawick for sponsoring this prize.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Friday, June 01, 2007

Julian Schnabel

That is me with the newest winner of the Cannes prize for Best Director! Wow, he has had some life! Congratulations to Julian Schnabel.
As you can maybe see, Jeff Koons is lurking in the background, also trying to get a picture.