Saturday, February 28, 2009

art in space

John Torreano
John Torreano, at Feature... big mixed-bag show of Feature's painters. I liked this and the Richard Rezac.

Adrian Ting and Zach Needler
Adrian Ting and Zach Needler, at Feature opening. Zach has a show up right now at Christopher Henry.

Patrick Brennan, at Artist's Space. It was a huge one-night only show. Packed.

Sarah Braman
Sarah Braman, at Artist's Space.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Martha Cooper, at Ad Hoc Art.

Martha Cooper's Going Postal. Martha Cooper is the photojournalist who published the 1984 book Subway Art... something that I had to reshelve over and over again - and subsequently spent much time looking through - when I worked at a bookstore in the early 90's. Nice interview with Martha in the Village Voice last week.

Michael Lobel's James Rosenquist: Pop Art, Politics, and History in the 1960's. I haven't seen this book yet but I'm sure it will be excellent; Michael is the art historian who curated Fugitive Artist: The Early Work of Richard Prince, 1974-1977... producing a catalogue with blank squares and written descriptions in place of the images Richard Prince refused permission to reproduce. That show was reviewed twice in the NYTimes, by both Roberta Smith and Benjamin Genocchio. Michael also wrote the recommended Image Duplicator: Roy Lichtenstein and the Emergence of Pop Art.

Diane Schenker's book of poetry Relation/Couch/Dreaming.... pre-order here.

The cover illustration is a drawing by the late Morris Yarowsky, a 1966 piece given to Diane's husband when they were both at the University of Oregon.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Daniel Hesidence

Daniel Hesidence, ROSE LAUGHTER winter holiday, curated by David Altmejd, at Andrea Rosen (in the middle room).

This is the second all-red/rose show by a (former?)-Feature artist seen this winter...  Jason Fox is at Peter Blum through March 7th.

Daniel Hesidence
This show is more interesting than the show he had at Feature in November.

Daniel Hesidence

Daniel Hesidence

Daniel Hesidence

Daniel Hesidence

Friday, February 20, 2009

Luca Buvoli

Luca Buvoli, at Susan Inglett Gallery.

Luca Buvoli
Spinning twisting car in space.

Luca Buvoli

Luca Buvoli

Luca Buvoli
So much better than Cai's flying Taurus' and lunging wolves... I would love to see Luca Buvoli in the Guggenheim.

Luca Buvoli

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fernando Mastrangelo

Fernando Mastrangelo, "Love is a Smoke Made with the Fume of Sighs...", at KUMUKUMU.

The floor was crunchy with sugar, bits of broken glass, and charcoal.

Fernando Mastrangelo.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

27th Street Galleries

Jonathan Delachaux, at Foxy Production, with Lizzie Fitch.... through 3/21.

Lizzie Fitch
Lizzie Fitch, at Foxy Production.

Justin Samson, Inside the Cosmic Motion Projector, at John Connelly... through 2/21. Feels like a low-budget retro sci-fi movie lab... everything is made from everday items.... lampshades, bookracks, food containers. More photos here.

This is the second show I've seen referencing the Large Hadron Collider.... Diana's was at Perry Rubinstein.... Diana was featured in a recent Artnews as an "Artist to Watch".

Peter Caine, at Derek Eller... through 2/21. Freaky animatronics. I made a video that will get uploaded and linked to eventually. James Kalm on Peter Caine at Jack the Pelican, for the Brooklyn Rail.

Joy Garnett
Joy Garnett, at Winkleman Gallery... through 2/21.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dona Nelson

Dona Nelson, Night Studio, 2008, at Thomas Erben.

Back of Dona Nelson's Night Studio, with a painting by Haeri Yoo across the room.

Dona Nelson
cheesecloth over hole.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Steven Parrino

Steven Parrino, Glam Racket, 1997, enamel on canvas, duct tape, and glitter, at Van De Weghe Fine Art... more photos.

Frank Stella
Frank Stella - this was at Van De Weghe last month... check out the paper-stapled side.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


corner of my painting.

Updated List of Upcoming Shows -

Joe Fyfe, February 5th, at James Graham & Sons - SAW!
D. Dominick Lombardi, February 7th, at ARTLEXIS.
Melissa Meyer, February 12th, at Lennon Weinberg.
Fernando Mastrangelo, February 13th, at KUMUKUMU.
Josh Smith, February 14th, at Luhring Augustine.
my show, from February 16, at Gallery 817, University of the Arts, Philadelphia.
Linked, February 19th, at Heskin Contemporary.
Rudolf Stingel, February 21st, at Paula Cooper.
Apartment Show... BYOB. February 22nd.
Nate Lowman, February 28th, at Maccarone.


Friday, February 06, 2009

Joe Fyfe

Joe Fyfe, at James Graham & Sons.

Joe Fyfe


Melissa Meyer. Melissa has a show opening 2/12 at Lennon Weinberg.

PS - i am posting from a laptop given to me by Elizabeth Riley!!! it's an old one and has some quirks - i can check and read all my e-mails but i can't delete or send any... i can comment on blogs and make new blog posts but i can't make any links, make text bold or italicize, or edit previous posts... i can get all my photos from my camera to flickr... i can do facebook and pretty much read whatever on the internet. so anyways, if you are sending an e-mail thanks i got it but i can't respond from this computer (yet).

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

upcoming shows

Joe Fyfe, February 5th, at James Graham & Sons.
D. Dominick Lombardi, February 7th, at ARTLEXIS.
Melissa Meyer, February 12th, at Lennon Weinberg.
Nate Lowman
Nate Lowman, February 28th, at Maccarone.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Anya Kielar

Anya Kielar, at Casey Kaplan.... CLOSES Saturday February 7th.

Saw her show at Daniel Reich in 4/2007 and really liked the boxes... and she had a nice piece in the just-closed Museum 52 sculpture show. Check out this show before it closes.

Anya Kielar

Anya Kielar - one of the sprayograms