Friday, February 25, 2011

Jamison Brosseau

Jamison Brosseau

studio. these photos were taken at Community Event #1014. jamison's studio is kept open in the back.

GO to 245 Varet TONIGHT ONLY 7-11pm for Selections From The Collection of Mr. And Mrs. Jon Lutz to see a show of work by Irving Balling, Joshua Abelow, Ethan Greenbaum, and Janine Polak.


Sarah Adams and Marikke Dau

Jamison Brosseau Studio

Jamison Brosseau on anaba 8/18/2010

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Patrick Hill

Patrick Hill, Clumsy Angels, at Bortolami. Closed 2/23.

ballerinas and stripper poles + catholic vibe

christ struggling with the cross... there's even a halo.


feels like pieces should move, like that rotation you do with your arms when you play train. clumsy angel in the background, with marble wings and glass halo.

Patrick Hill at Bortolami 2007, on anaba (late) 2/26/2008 - the glass pieces were set up to fall and smash... there was a mobile with cement and glass... he used beet juice to stain canvas.

Patrick Hill at Andrea Rosen, on my flickr 11/2008.
Patrick Hill at Bortolami, on my flickr 8/2010... (+ a sculpture).

Monday, February 21, 2011

shows to see

Joe Bradley at Journal, opens TUES 2/22, 6pm
Judith Braun talk at NurtureArt, 2/23, 7pm
Joe Fyfe at James Graham, opens 2/23
Daily Operation-curated group show, at 245 Varet, 2/25, 7-11pm ONLY
Anissa Mack at Laurel Gitlen (Small A), opens 2/27, 6pm
Joy Curtis at Klaus Von Nichtssagend, opens 3/4
David Hammons at L&M, through 3/4
Mirrored Thoughts/Spaces Between at Spattered Columns, through 3/22
Chuck Webster at ZieherSmith, through 3/26
Lynda Benglis at New Museum

Sunday, February 20, 2011

things to do

things to do -

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jonah Koppel

Jonah Koppel, at Klaus Von Nichtssagend... new LES location!

three big paintings in a cool new space

These remind me of the great Philadelphia painter Warren Rohrer.

(Joe Fyfe and Dan Walsh both studied under Warren)

Jonah Koppel

Jonah Koppel at Klaus. Closes 2/27.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Joe Bradley

Joe Bradley, Human Forms, at Canada. Closes 2/21.

big switch from the schmutzkunst!

barrel of monkeys-like

Double Elvis-y.

lots of doubles paired... they are screenprints so the doubles are exactly the same, even the mis-registrations or whatever it's called.

some of them are cool to look at like those images where the negative/positive space flip-flops, when two faces make a vase if you squint.

stills from a breakdancing video i think.

Peanut Gallery, curated by Joe Bradley, at Journal Gallery, on anaba 12/4/08.
Joe Bradley, Schmagoo Paintings, at Canada, on anaba 1/5/09.
Joe Bradley with Sarah Braman, at Museum 52, on anaba 5/28/09.

trop fort

Joe Bradley drawing show opens 2/22 at Journal.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eneas Capalbo

Eneas Capalbo, Fake Condos, at Half Gallery.

he's been painting fake Condos for ten years

Eneas Capalbo
Eneas Capalbo at Half Gallery

Friday, February 11, 2011

Michaela Eichwald

Michaela Eichwald at Reena Spaulings.

Michaela Eichwald


Michael Tomeo on Michaela Eichwald at Reena Spaulings.

yeah rauschenberg. now i remember seeing that 1/4 mile piece in the first show at mass moca.

Michaela Eichwald
Michaela Eichwald

Monday, February 07, 2011



JHELLOCHIOs. Richtards supplied bases everybody made heads.


Brosseau is Number One.
the mysterious poet

Mike Smith's Ghellochios - Orchid Jellokayo with 2 Attendee Jahleakeyowes.

Matt Richtards
jellokaiyo's on his way

Mairikke Dau

hi jhalowkeyo!
245 Varet