Thursday, June 27, 2013

John Davis Gallery (through 7/14)

Gregory Amenoff
at John Davis Gallery, Hudson NY, through 7/14.
Gregory Amenoff - very nice... I liked the big ones especially...they are very Elizabeth Murray.
(btw I mentioned that and he said they were in a show together in 1978... Eight Abstract Painters, at the Philadelphia ICA... with Frances Barth, Jake Berthot, Bruce Boice, James Juszczyk, Paul Rotterdam, Joan Thorne)
Jason Stopa
Jon Isherwood - glistening brown... plop... mysterious glyphs...  so WEIRD!
Gregory Amenoff and Jason Stopa - sorry it's blurry.
JJ Manford + a Jason Stopa painting... rainbow and glitter. JJ had a show at John Davis last year.
Gregory Amenoff

Monday, June 10, 2013

MASS MoCA Summer 2013

Eric Doeringer, Some Los Angeles Apartments, in Love to Love You, curated by Martha Joseph.
MASS MoCA SUMMER 2013!! .... some new shows opened.... a Jason Middlebrook show, a Joseph Montgomery show, and a small group show including Eric Doeringer.
Jason Middlebrook's centerpiece... a Falling Water sculpture... kind of an 'awkward space'-filler, his totems/planks are more interesting.

MASS MoCA recycles everything... I wouldn't even be surprised if this was Styrofoam left-over from K. Grosse's wonderful show.

BEST use of MASS MoCA recycling I have seen yet was the utilization of the the C. Buchel abandoned movie theater seats to watch Guy Ben-Ner's (Buchel mocking) video.

Jason Middlebrook... charred-ish...  'plank' pieces are always cool. How/Why. Also, anything that is burned or just looks burned.
Judy Chicago's 'plank'-ish piece, Rainbow Picket (1965), included in the 1966 Primary Structures show, came before the first McCracken plank (1966)...  he was in Primary Structures also, but it wasn't a plank... was he inspired? I've never read anything.
Judy Chicago +... tough ads-as-art in Artforum before Benglis, car hoods on walls before Prince.
Jason Middlebrook

Eric Doeringer + MASS MoCA's Director Joe Thompson.

Eric has what looks like a really good show - or series of shows - this summer at No Foundation, in Toronto. I saw some photos on his facebook... not sure if this link to the fb pic works but try it. Eric's 2009 show at Dam, Stuhltrager was one of those rare perfect shows.

MORE TOTEMS!... not planks though, on the wall.
plastic coated
Joseph Montgomery
really like how this oily one extends, and the shadows
 these are so 3-D
Joseph Montgomery
Eric with artists working at MASS MoCA.  Eric's GF,,, I staged this photo don't be mad!
NOTE of DISCORD - i don't live terribly far from this museum... back in 5/2012 i emailed some curators here (Susan Cross, Denise Markonish, +) and at the Tang (Megan Hyde, Rachel Seligman, Ian Berry), inviting them to visit my studio... not a single one responded, even to decline. LAME!!...as non-profit museum 'curated' shows it's kind of sad; the artist's NYC galleries do all the work getting these shows placed.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

The National Exemplar

Richard Artschwager, at The National Exemplar. Closes 6/10.
National Exemplar is Eneas Capalbo's gallery. Eneas is an artist... I loved his show of fake Condos at Half Gallery.
Peter Coffin in the front gallery.

Richard Artschwager's last piece... a drum... it was at his bedside.

Richard Artschwager.

Eneas gave me a small book of his portrait drawings ---

Portrait of Violetta Caprotti
Portrait of Dash Snow