Thursday, June 27, 2013

John Davis Gallery (through 7/14)

Gregory Amenoff
at John Davis Gallery, Hudson NY, through 7/14.
Gregory Amenoff - very nice... I liked the big ones especially...they are very Elizabeth Murray.
(btw I mentioned that and he said they were in a show together in 1978... Eight Abstract Painters, at the Philadelphia ICA... with Frances Barth, Jake Berthot, Bruce Boice, James Juszczyk, Paul Rotterdam, Joan Thorne)
Jason Stopa
Jon Isherwood - glistening brown... plop... mysterious glyphs...  so WEIRD!
Gregory Amenoff and Jason Stopa - sorry it's blurry.
JJ Manford + a Jason Stopa painting... rainbow and glitter. JJ had a show at John Davis last year.
Gregory Amenoff

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