Saturday, January 15, 2011


never posted these and i need to see some GREEN. in the woods behind an abandoned house in Vermont.

heart babies



Friday, January 07, 2011


my flickr setttttsssss

abstract painting
anaba paparazzi
artist sets

Peter Acheson, Rita Ackermann, Justin Adian, Polly Apfelbaum, Ivin Ballen, Gina Beavers, John Beech, Jane Benson, Huma Bhabha, Josh Blackwell, Katharine Bradford, Joe Bradley, Sarah Braman, Patrick Brennan, Roger Brown, Rosanna Bruno, Benjamin Butler, Varda Caivano, Dana Carlson, Whitney Claflin, Gregory Coates, Jason Coates, Jennifer Coates, Peter Coffin, Dan Colen, Gianna Commito, Travis Conner, Matt Connors, Joy Curtis, Herman 'Ray' Davis, Steve DiBenedetto, Cheryl Donegan, Leonardo Drew, Marlene Dumas, Ida Ekblad, RM Fischer, Stacy Fisher, Alison Fox, Jason Fox, Joe Fyfe, Jaime Gecker, Beth Gilfilen, Suzanne Goldenberg, Brenda Goodman, Ron Gorchov, Ethan Greenbaum, Joanne Greenbaum, Mildred Greenberg, Nora Griffin, Fred Gutzeit, Katharina Grosse, EJ Hauser, Rachel Hayes, Mary Heilmann, Mike Hein, Daniel Hesidence, Patrick Hill, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Shirley Jaffe, Merlin James, Anya Keilar, Harriet Korman, Mark Kostabi, Fawn Krieger, Lady Pink, Ben LaRocco, Sol Lewitt, Judith Linhares, Liz-N-Val, D. Dominick Lombardi, Al Loving, Nate Lowman, Lauren Luloff, Matthew Lusk, David Malek, Liz Markus, Sarah McEneaney, Melissa Meyer, Rebecca Morris, Carrie Moyer, Loren Munk, Dona Nelson, Joe Overstreet, Paris/aka Holy Joseph, Steven Parrino, Meridith Pingree, Judy Pfaff, Megan Pflug, Richard Prince, RH Quaytman, Noam Rappaport, Lance Rautzhan, Richard Rezac, Joshua Rickards, Leif Ritchey, Eric Sall, Lucas Samaras, Tom Sanford, Dana Schutz, Josh Smith, Mike Smith, Michael E. Smith, Molly Smith, Nancy Smith, Agathe Snow, Jered Sprecher, Jessica Stockholder, George Sugarman, Blair Thurman, Jeffrey Tranchell, Lane Twitchell, Johannes VanDerBeek, Kai Vierstra, Maria Walker, Roger White, Wendy White, Barnaby Whitfield, Bruce Wilhelm, Michael Zahn, Larry Zox.


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

shows to see

Alisha Kerlin in 2 shows... at Thomas Erben (1/6) and a cool looking group show at Soloway (1/8 - one week only). She is the 2nd interesting RFA artist I've noticed to have a show at Thomas Erben... Whitney Claflin is the other.
Dona Nelson and others at Regina Rex, 1/8.
Ann Craven at Maccarone, 1/8 - and she just had a topsy-turvy show there like 3 shows ago. HEY guess what i got an original signed/dated Ann Craven painting in a bin at the Strand for two freaking dollars!! no shit.
Lee Lozano at Hauser & Wirth, 1/12
Joe Bradley at Canada, 1/13.
- oh wait and he is at Gavin Brown too opening 1/8. what is happening.
Bryan Zanisnik at Horton, 1/13.
- unrelated to Bryan's show... i don't have a cent to spare but TOP of my list of resolutions is to send Sean Horton a check for $20.
Joshua Abelow at James Fucking Fuentes!!, 1/13.
Eric Doeringer, Loren Munk, Filip Noterdaeme, Matthew Higgs Society and others, in a show curated by Eric Doeringer, at EFA Project Space, 1/14.... looks very smart and fun. I am archived in the Matthew Higgs Society, they sent me a card (back) thanking me for my contributions to Matthew's legacy (scrollll).
Bureau, 1/13 (reception 1/16) - i don't know who is showing but like visiting this little gallery.
Gellochio at 245 Varet, 1/28.

ADD!: Butt Johnson at CRG, Patrick Hill at Bortolami, Lief Ritchey at Martos, Matthew Fisher at Heskin, Yadir Quintana at Standpipe 2/3.