Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chuck Webster, PLUS Charles Thomas O'Neil

Chuck Webster, Glyph From An Italian Fireplace, 2007.

Color and Form: The Language of Abstract Art, curated by Hellmut Wohl, at The Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield MA. It's Chuck Webster and Charles Thomas O'Neil, with a small selection of older work from the museum's collection.

Chuck Webster is one of the artists included in Bob Nickas' upcoming Painting Abstraction. WHO ELSE??

Chuck Webster
Cactus, 2004 above To Paul Klee (Workshop), 2007.

Lazy Bridge For Luca Signorelli, 2007 above Fragment, 2008.

Heartbeat, 2007 and RAAH, 2004


Charles Thomas O'Neil

Charles Thomas O'Neil
Charles Thomas O'Neil

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This old man was standing outside taking a photo of the gallery with his cell phone... he was taking photos up and down the street. I asked him why he was taking all of these photos and he said because he had lived here for 25 years and it was his first time back in 50 years.

I took this photo of Israel at 5 Rivington, where Thierry Goldberg is now. ArtLoversNewYork's Simon Cerigo and Nancy Smith had their studio and home here, from 1987 through 1996. Richard Prince's Spiritual America was at this address, 1983.

RELATED: Check out the Lost Art of New York map being created at 16 Miles of String.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Bruce Nauman, the Sam Shepherd of Contemporary Art” - Francesco Bonami. What are some other examples of this? I know I’ve read them but can’t recall any.

Peter Schjeldahl "motherfucker"! - in comments responding to Geoff Dyer.

retard roundup:
1. Chris Sharp, 2/11/08, for Flash Art - reviews Joe Bradley, Dan Colen responds in comments... discussed on anaba 11/10/08 and 1/05/09 (many great comments).
2. Charlie Finch, 12/11/08, for Artnet - on Marlene Dumas' retarded references.
3. Jerry Saltz, 1/09, for NYMag and Artnet - on going "full retard"
4. Chris Sharp again, 4/28/09, for ArtReview - staking his claim to the retard mantle, mentions Justin Lieberman, Joe Bradley, Dan Colen, Josh Smith.... Justin Lieberman responds in comments.

John Haber on Marlene Dumas, on Saltz' Facebook - "I'm gratified that so many people I like to read are so uniform in dumping on this utter garbage and leave it at that".
John Haber on Dumas, for Haber's Art Reviews.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Christoph Buchel Appeal

Christoph Buchel Vs. Mass MoCA continues.... read the briefs -

1. Buchel's Appeal, 3/2/09
2. Mass MoCA's Brief, 4/3/09.
3. Reply Brief for Christoph Buchel, 4/22/09.

The case was argued last week in the U.S. Court of Appeals... click here to listen to the audio. I can't tell how it is going to go at all. Buchel has new counsel. Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts for Buchel, with the New York law firm of Wachtell, Rosen, Lipton & Katz and the Boston law firm K & L Gates.

UPDATE: Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento is now Assistant Director of Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. Sergio was a strident Buchel defender on his CLANCCO site. Visit Sergio's current project, a pro-Deaccessioning Blog.

5/16/2007 - predicting the show will never open
5/22/2007 - expecting notoriety
5/29/2007 - report from tarp show
6/12/2007 - some views
6/18/2007 - Buchel exhibits legal documents in Switzerland
7/27/2007 - tools of the master
7/30/2007 - CLANCCO cranks it up
8/20/2007 - World's First Google image search sculpture
9/05/2007 - Robert Storr VS. Nancy Spector
9/19/2007 - announcement, links to NYTimes, Brooklyn Rail...
9/21/2007 - report from the motion hearing.. part 1
9/22/2007 - report from the motion hearing... part 2
9/24/2007 - on Roberta's piece, and more
9/25/2007 - 2nd correction to Roberta's NYTimes piece
12/09/2007 - Buchel's Miami coda, a Jenny Holzer reference
2/15/2008 - From: Michele Maccarone
3/2/2008 - spirit of sharing
3/4/2008 - Clark Anti-Forum, aka Balancing Act by Christoph Buchel
3/27/2008 - Pissed-off Douche L., at the Armory... this was one of my favorite pieces.
9/21/2008 - Marc LeBlanc essay, with photos.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski, at The New Museum.

First seen in a group show at 303 Gallery, 7/2007 (scroll down) .
Next seen at the The Armory Show, 3/2008 (scroll down).

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski.

I can't say the name of the New Museum show, it's too stupid. Enjoyed Ryan Trecartin, Liz Glynn... some others but I can't remember any names right now.

Monday, June 01, 2009

John Davis Gallery Summer Opener

EJ Hauser.

Rosanna Bruno, Sharon Butler, EJ Hauser, and Molly Herman all have solo shows at John Davis Gallery. John Davis has a main year-round gallery space and a second building - a former carriage house - which is used for the summer... each artist gets a floor. Rosanna is in the main gallery space; EJ, Molly, and Sharon are in the carriage house. Sculptor Mary Ellen Scherl is in the courtyard.


Sharon Butler - this is the same fantastic space (the fourth floor) that had Brenda Goodman, that had Kenji Fujita and Nancy Shaver.

Sharon and I are both included in Matthew Langley's 246 Editions... and I think there will be a show later this summer.

Rosanna Bruno and Sarah Peters.

Dana Carlson Andrea
Dana Carlson and Andrea Champlin. Dana on anaba 12/2005.

Peter Acheson - excellent painter, recommended by Katherine Bradford and Chris Albert... he was in the painting shows at Janet Kurnatowski and Sideshow.

Rosanna Bruno.

Sharon and Rosanna
Sharon and Rosanna.

EJ Hauser. EJ Hauser in Brent Burket's Unbreak My Heart, at Pluto. EJ Hauser in Chris Martin's Party at Phong's, at Janet Kurnatowski.

EJ Hauser!

Beth Gilfilen - Beth was included in Brent Burket's Unbreak My Heart, along with EJ and Rosanna.

Molly Herman - on the third floor... this is the same floor my show was on... thanks Chris Albert for posting some photos recently and for the great "slash and glitter alien show" description.

Molly and Beth
Molly and Beth.

Jonathan Stevenson.

Sarah Peters. Sarah on anaba 8/2007. Sarah reviewed by Roberta Smith for the NYTimes.

Sharon Butler.