Sunday, June 14, 2009

Christoph Buchel Appeal

Christoph Buchel Vs. Mass MoCA continues.... read the briefs -

1. Buchel's Appeal, 3/2/09
2. Mass MoCA's Brief, 4/3/09.
3. Reply Brief for Christoph Buchel, 4/22/09.

The case was argued last week in the U.S. Court of Appeals... click here to listen to the audio. I can't tell how it is going to go at all. Buchel has new counsel. Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts for Buchel, with the New York law firm of Wachtell, Rosen, Lipton & Katz and the Boston law firm K & L Gates.

UPDATE: Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento is now Assistant Director of Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. Sergio was a strident Buchel defender on his CLANCCO site. Visit Sergio's current project, a pro-Deaccessioning Blog.

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Anonymous said...


What is your opinion of Christoph Buchel Vs. Mass MoCA?

Seems to me Buchel is/was in the wrong.

Martin said...

who knows!

if everything said is to be taken at face value it seems apparent that they both fucked up at least a few times each.

my sympathies and any benefit of the doubt go to the museum... but i like both the museum and the work of the artist and would not like to see either seriously harmed. thankfully they both seem to be doing okay... buchel's terminal will be in the mojave in 2010, and the museum's endowment is finally starting to turn the corner.

i think a loss might have a greater negative impact on the museum than on buchel.

what do others think? zwirner & wirth, reykjavik, all the law firms are checking this.

Martin said...


this is evidently of no interest to anyone, which i'm surprised by with all of the twitterers and art sites. i think this is the only link to the audio.

Nomi Lubin said...

Not of no interest. Just feel like I'd have to go reread whatever I once read about the whole mess to say anything responsibly. And I guess, not enough interest to do that.

So, just tell me what to think and I will think it, supreme leader.

Anonymous said...

@ Nomi Lubin

Just checked out you work.

Wow. You're a very good painter.

Nomi Lubin said...

Hey, thank you. Who are you? Sorry, I know you might be unable to reveal that for security reasons. Just asking.

Are you Obama? (Say no if you are.)

Allan Smitheel said...

Haha. No, I just like posting comments Anonymously.

zipthwung said...

Yeah, too much press for one artist. Got burnt out - same with Nauman, Prince, etcetera,.

Buchel? Another scatter artist destined for the trash heap. You know, window displays are so 2008. Let the new new in. Point of purchase posters stacked in the trash bins, windows taped for hurricanes, dogs unleashed, chasing phantoms, rabies, scabies, diseased ulcerating sores, mongrels, rabidity, dirt scum, driving rain, taxis. These streets are waiting for the omega.