Monday, June 01, 2009

John Davis Gallery Summer Opener

EJ Hauser.

Rosanna Bruno, Sharon Butler, EJ Hauser, and Molly Herman all have solo shows at John Davis Gallery. John Davis has a main year-round gallery space and a second building - a former carriage house - which is used for the summer... each artist gets a floor. Rosanna is in the main gallery space; EJ, Molly, and Sharon are in the carriage house. Sculptor Mary Ellen Scherl is in the courtyard.


Sharon Butler - this is the same fantastic space (the fourth floor) that had Brenda Goodman, that had Kenji Fujita and Nancy Shaver.

Sharon and I are both included in Matthew Langley's 246 Editions... and I think there will be a show later this summer.

Rosanna Bruno and Sarah Peters.

Dana Carlson Andrea
Dana Carlson and Andrea Champlin. Dana on anaba 12/2005.

Peter Acheson - excellent painter, recommended by Katherine Bradford and Chris Albert... he was in the painting shows at Janet Kurnatowski and Sideshow.

Rosanna Bruno.

Sharon and Rosanna
Sharon and Rosanna.

EJ Hauser. EJ Hauser in Brent Burket's Unbreak My Heart, at Pluto. EJ Hauser in Chris Martin's Party at Phong's, at Janet Kurnatowski.

EJ Hauser!

Beth Gilfilen - Beth was included in Brent Burket's Unbreak My Heart, along with EJ and Rosanna.

Molly Herman - on the third floor... this is the same floor my show was on... thanks Chris Albert for posting some photos recently and for the great "slash and glitter alien show" description.

Molly and Beth
Molly and Beth.

Jonathan Stevenson.

Sarah Peters. Sarah on anaba 8/2007. Sarah reviewed by Roberta Smith for the NYTimes.

Sharon Butler.


Eric Gelber said...

Do you know the easiest, i.e. fastest, way to the John Davis Gallery if I am coming from Exit 26on the Northwat (87)?

Martin said...

hey eric - we dont go that way, we go down to albany/renns. and then take routes 9 and 20.

Eric Gelber said...

I will just do what Mapquest says I should do.

Martin said...

just call or email the gallery.... i'm sure john knows.

cralbert said...

Hey Martin,

I'm bummed not to have been able to make it to the opening. It sounded like a really good time.

Martin said...

it was... and all the work is very good.

sorry to have missed you as well.

sloth said...

beautiful shots, Martin!