Monday, June 29, 2009

Philip Smith Responds

Philip Smith, the single member of the original five-artist Pictures show not included AT ALL in the thirty-artist Met show, responds in a letter to Art in America.

Regina Hackett on Philip Smith's art, and on his exclusion from the Met show.
CultureGrrl Lee Rosenbaum talks to original curator Douglas Crimp.
Carefully Aimed Darts' Historical Erasure at the Pictures Generation.


Nomi Lubin said...

Yikes. I agree with whoever wrote (I just read everything you posted plus everything those things linked to; don't know who said what anymore) that whatever we think of the decision, Ecklund had the freedom to omit Smith, that what's most disturbing is the historical inaccuracies -- the tag that states there were only four in the original Pictures show, the reviewer who perpetuates this mistake. Disturbing.

michael said...

great post. its totally lame that smith was left out of the Met show. but...as Crimp himself must have felt when he revised his original essay, smith's work doesn't really fit in with what the pictures generation became. it would have been better for the met to show how the definition of pictures art evolved rather than present such a monolithic version of the idea. as it is, the exclusion of smith just seems cruel.

Nomi Lubin said...

Yes, good points, Michael.

kelli said...

Martin do you still live upstate? My friend is having a solo show in Beacon if that is close to your house.
Saturday, July 11th in Beacon, New York at Go North Gallery. Jon Allen.

Martin said...

hi kelli - yes i'm upstate, but i'm about 2.5 hours north of beacon.

i've met jon... if it's the same guy.