Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Fred Gutzeit

In 1971, Lee Lozano gave Fred Gutzeit one of her blank notebooks inscribed "Love to Fred from Lee Lozano"... thirty years through space and time later Fred used that still-blank notebook to plot out this wormhole of an exhibition inspired by Lozano's wave paintings and his own interests in the cosmological.

Fred Gutzeit
Pocket Utopia Salon to discuss the legend, myth, and work of Lee Lozano...  lots of information provided by Fred G., Loren Munk, Kevin Regan, Austin Thomas, Ingrid Dinter

Fred Gutzeit
Fred Gutzeit's installation at Pocket Utopia will be up for one more week...



a christian said...

also Gutzeit studio visit with James Kalm.

zipthwung said...

The swirls seem a bit PandD but the overall LSD vibe is bringing me back to flushing the toilet while high - fractals bro, its like the world slows down so you can see all the little swirling eddies in the stream - or the edge of the zipper.

THe logic of pos neg pos neg is a fun one - I see it everywhere, simply everywhere.


Nomi Lubin said...

His site is nice. I love how he writes about his life and what he does. It's so matter of fact and unpretentious.

Martin said...

a christian - thanks i'll add it.. and i had even seen it.. it was how i first learned of the show.

james kalm is pictured in that crowd.