Tuesday, December 23, 2008


missed carol rama at maccarone, unfortunately... but i will be sure to catch erik van lieshout when it opens in a couple weeks. liked his mass moca show.



zipthwung said...

That is funny. i still think the whole bruhaha is a deliberate conceptual art piece by buchel - how could one not work with a budget like ordinary mortals?

I think he was referencing Jeff Koons, who got lots of press for going over budget and not showing and so on.

Go a little over budget its a criminal hubris go a lot over budget, its genius.

In a way its about middle class values (under budget and on time) and la al land (over budget and never ready).

I can relate but then no one has given me access to the kinds of funds that I could abuse en route.

On another note - Yoko Ono's barely suppressed rage becomes more evident with each new gift of condescension:


I love her.

Martin said...

if it were all deliberate on christoph's part it was brilliant (and stupendously cruel)... but i tend to think it was a case of his seriously overestimating what he could do in that space within the understood parameters.

anyways... it was thrilling. i relate it to prince's burned second house... so much better once it went beyond any pretense of artistic intention. i feel privileged to have experienced it all first-hand. i'm so glad i attended the motion hearing.

great description of the ono piece. spot on.

Nomi Lubin said...

great description of the ono piece. spot on.