Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Favorites '08

Some favorite solo shows from 2008, in no particular order-

Megan Pflug at V&A
RH Quaytman at Miguel Abreu
RH Quaytman at Orchard
Michael Zahn at Eleven Rivington
Agathe Snow at James Fuentes
Gregory Coates at Opalka Gallery
Sol Lewitt at MASS MoCA
Mary Heilmann at New Museum
Joe Bradley at Canada
plus... my show at John Davis Gallery, of course.

I'm thinking of "favorite shows"... some of these installations seemed like exciting works of art themselves... this list is not about "BEST" anything.... meaning, I don't necessarily prefer individual Bradley/Quaytman/Zahn works over individual Barnaby Whitfield, Steve DiBenedetto, or Marlene Dumas works.

More favorite works seen this year, mostly in group situations -

Al Loving, in Albany, at the New York State Museum
Steven Parrino, at the Armory show
Joanne Greenbaum, at the Armory
Lucas Samaras, at the Armory
Linda Benglis, at Andrea Rosen
Wendy White, at Leo Koenig
Kai Vierstra, in his studio (better photos coming soon)
James Wines, at Empire State Plaza
Larry Zox, at Stephen Haller

Okay, actually this could go on and on... just scroll through the blog to see A LOT of great work.

Fanatastic Four 2007
more 2007 favorites

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my favorite blog post 2008: martin's tomato heads