Monday, December 22, 2008

Without Walls, at Museum 52

Matthew Lusk - like

Museum 52
Without Walls, at Museum 52 - more than fifty artists on two floors; the artists were instructed only that the walls were not to be used, and given approximate dimensions. The dimensions and layout sort of remind me of Keith Tyson's Large Field Array (which reminded me of Martin Kippenberger's The Happy End of Franz Kafka's Amerika)...  and also the first version of the nearby New Museum's Unmonumental, with the bare walls.

Nathan Carter - little David Smith dreamcatcher thing....

So much personality in the work in this show....

David Altmejd -  a Gremlin thing.

David Altmejd - looks so fluffy and light on the floor.... you need to study it close to see it's made up of casts of open mouths and ears... creepy magic.

i see a howling wolf shadow

can you see it?

Anya Keilar - liked her work at Daniel Reich last year...  I guess she is not with him anymore, she's got a show coming up at Museum 52.


Barnaby said...

Damn I just can't get enough of David Altmejd.

Nomi Lubin said...

Creepy magic, yes. He pulls it off, doesn't he? He is somehow able to make these sweet/grotesque things without relying on shock value. There's something boyishly exuberant about him and his work, right? It's a relief.

I like that "little David Smith Dreamcatcher thing" too.

Carla said...

What Nomi said about David Altmejd.

I like the Matthew Lusk piece too.

Anonymous said...

great post,am just trying to make some xmas sculptures

Unknown said...

looks like Nathan Carter

Martin said...

hey ivin i think you're right, i'll add it, thanks.

Martin said...

i saw the review in the new art in america today for nathan carter's casey kaplan show earlier this year... wish i had seen the show.