Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Heroes Show

Laura Sharp Wilson is maybe a new hero... I did Art Basel: Stuffy's last year, and thought that was a lot of work with fifteen artists, but Laura's show - The Heroes Show - includes almost fifty artists. Plus, all of my artists were Richmonders, while Laura has assembled artists from all over the country.

My Heroes piece is below, along with the short statement provided to let people know who your heroes are. I think all of the statements are collected together in a couple of binders...

Laura has sent a list of everybody's heroes, I'm including that below. I don't know whose hero is who... go to this post to see the list of all of the participating artists, maybe you can figure some out. There are some excellent artists in this show.

It's Libby and Roberta!!!!

my Heroes statement -

My two heroes featured in this piece are the Philadelphia-based collaborative artists and artbloggers Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof.

Through their blog, Libby and Roberta are non-stop Philadelphia art enthusiasts and supporters of their fellow artists... to the extent that their support of others has perhaps overshadowed awareness of their own very interesting artwork. Roberta and Libby have helped to draw artists to Philadelphia, kept artists from deciding to leave Philadelphia, motivated galleries and collectors, and made Philadelphia a much more dynamic and exuberant place for art.

If it were within my power I would give them a huge grant, or a medal or something... but all I can do is to try to capture and relay some of their generous-hearted vibe in this painting.

Thanks, Libby and Roberta!

This worked out really well, because I had pretty much finished this piece before I was invited to be in the show... serendipitous.

HERE is a LIST of HEROS: these are all the heroes celebrated by the artists in the show -

George deChirico, Samantha Smith, Joseph Cornell, David Brower (Wilderness Saver), Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Teresa and Peace Pilgrim, Philadelphia-based collaborative artists and artbloggers Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof, Edith Lewis (life long assistant and partner of the writer Willa Cather), the land of China, Marguerite Barankitse, Lil' Weezy aka Lil' Wayne, Kurt Vonnegut,Noah Webster, Jose Gomez ( a blind sculptor from L.A.), Agent Bauer, grandmother, mother, father, friend,David Hockney, Intention, YOU, Rachel Corrie, Pedro Aldomodovar, an expecting Wonder Woman, BALD, Karl Weyprecht, the founder of the great scientific collaboration across all disciplines that focus on the polar regions, International Polar Year, “All My Hero’s Cheat On Their Wives” (1950’s Mafioso), heroic books, UnknownMan in an Orange Terrestrial Suit, Oatsie and St. Francis (animals in our lives), Dan Friedman,Brian Jones, Great American Hero, Dennis Kucinich, the thistle (plant), Ghandi, Frida Kahlo, ArundhatiRoy, Hans Christian Anderson, John Brown, Louise Bourgeouis, Paul Farmer, peacemakers, Miranda (convictedrapist who Miranda rights are named after), Unknown Hero.

PICTURES will come next...


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