Monday, June 14, 2010


Jaime Gecker

Metallika, curated by Patrick Brennan, at Monya Rowe.

JD Walsh - didn't take a good picture of it, but he has a great video/sculpture... he took a stereo speaker, layed it flat, and made videos of things being dropped into the concave speaker... they bounce around or pulse to the bass... feathers, glitter, a chain... throbbing beauty. His white-gloved hand is visible dropping items into the speaker, it's a magic act.

Sarah Dornner


Denise Kupferschmidt

Patrick Brennan

Patrick Brennan
popsicle sticks

Patrick Brenan FAZES....

Jaime Gecker

Ned Colclough
Ned Colclough.... (another angle).



ken weathersby said...

i like that it looks like Jaime Gecker likes films that i like. (As in that top painting's ode to Varda's "Cleo from 5 to 7".)

David Grainger said...

The JD Walsh piece sounds like it took a lot from Gary Hill's 'Soundings' videos, from the 70's. He poured sand and water into speakers; and also lit them on fire, punched nails through them, etc.

(these videos are hide to find, this one's a remake)

Martin said...

oh yeah hadn't seen that but can certainly see from where he was likely inspired... jd's piece wasn't a sound piece, i don't even remember any sound... it was all droning beauty and transmutation of materials.

thanks david.