Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ken Weathersby

Ken Weathersby, at Pierogi, through June 27th.

Ken Weathersby
cut-outs, re-assembled side-by-side, reversible....

Interference. Nine insets... different sizes, unaligned. Those blotches disrupt the pattern even more... so hard to focus on anything.

Ken Weathersby
detail at an inset, showing pencil lines and blotches. the imperfections were a nice surprise... i had thought it was all gonna be super fussy and "clean".. but they are kind of frankenstein.

Ken Weathersby.


jeffreyscottmathews said...

Excellent! I'm really into the disruptions and the visual noise. I'm hoping to make it out to see this work in person as it obviously reads differently. thanks for posting!

Martin said...

jeffrey yeah do it if you can, i think this is the last weekend... and the show in the front room is also very good... i will post some photos later.

Pablo said...

Ken is one of the most interesting of the new breed of geometric artists.