Monday, September 12, 2005

Philadelphia Museum of Art

JT Kirkland posted the above photo of the Philadelphia Museum of Arts's Cy Twombly room last week after his visit to Philadelphia. Thank you, JT! I tried to find a photo of this a few months ago and coudn't find anything, not even on the PMA's own website.
Twombly considers this piece, Fifty Days at Ilium, a single ten-part painting - not an installation of ten separate paintings. JT's photo shows half. I spent a good amount of time in this room during my eight years in Philadelphia and can see the influence in my old Potato and Humberto paintings.
Check out Philadelphia artist Jim Houser's homage that was included in Spector Gallery's The Great (re)Masters show - she asked Philadelphia artists to reinterpret favorite works from the PMA's collection. Houser compressed Twombly's room of ten big paintings into a single small multi-panel piece and it is perfect. One of my other Philly faves, Sarah McEneaney, did a Van Gogh.
The PMA has a Munch exhibition opening in September and a van Ruisdael show scheduled for October so I will definitely make a trip up to Philly sometime in November or December when they are both up.


Anonymous said...

No problem Martin!

Cynthia said...

ah ha! the secret is out. Twombly was the first gallery show I remember seeing in NY as a young teen. It so affected me that I did rolling scribbles for a long time after. still get very marky in my drawing (not in painting, oddly, tho).

Hans said...

Twombly ? Much overrated. Even boring, when I saw his works the second or third time.
Take a L.Kirchner, never boring, see it a 1000 times.

Anonymous said...

Twombly and Kirchner? Had the opposite effect. Hmm. Art must be subjective after all.

Anonymous said...

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