Friday, January 11, 2008

George DeMers, the Iron Man, his Private Museum - a True-Blue Collector

Welcome To The Iron Man Museum - Early Laundry Items - Largest Collection In NY


Some beautiful forms... they feel good to pick up.

Lots of signs posted talking about the evolution of the iron, all of the different forms and functions. The Iron Man will tell you all about them.

HERE is a VIDEO of the Iron Man giving a short tour, talking about some of the different irons.

An iron on the stove at left, and an old ironing board.

Oriental Irons are different.

Iron Man Museum
Collection of washboards, and the Oriental Iron case. Click on the picture for a bigger view.

The center of the museum is full of old-style washing machines, starting with the kind you crank your clothes through.

George DeMers, aka Iron Man.

The Iron Man is, in fact, known as Iron Man amongst two different groups of people for two different reasons. The antiques dealers call him Iron Man because he comes and buys the irons, the guys at the gym call him Iron Man because he is a power lifter.

Sadly, the Iron Man is busted and has been forced to sell his entire iron collection at a loss, and is trying to sell his house. He got screwed by the adjustable-rate mortgage thing. I think he put something like $23,000 into assembling his iron collection, and recently sold it for $7,000.

He's only keeping one iron, one of his two favorites.

IRON MAN!!! You can see that in this sign the Iron Man is power lifting two irons, flanked by Revolutionary war soldiers. The Iron Man is also very into history and the Revolutionary War (a few battles were fought in the area).

This is the Iron Man's re-creation of a Revolution-era kitchen. Here's another view.

Iron Man Museum
Diorama of a Revolutionary War battlefield.

Iron Man Museum
Fort George - Exact Replica of the Figment of my Imagination.

Do you want some sturdy folky furniture? George makes furniture, from wood, all sorts of very good sturdy funky folky stuff, kind of Adirondack style. It's CHEAP. He's a got a showroom in another building, and can make special request stuff. He's in Schuylerville, NY.... check out the website, lots of pictures of his furniture.

PLUS: WATCH the Iron Man video. READ the Iron Man newspaper article.

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Michael said...

An awesome collection and another sad story.