Thursday, June 26, 2008

Present Tense

Joe Fyfe, Spider Painting, 2007 - a spider-patterned sheet - black and red spiders - stretched... with two pieces of fabric on that, one with paint stains.

Present Tense, at Spanierman Modern, curated by participating artists Don Christensen and Mary Heilmann.

Stephen Mueller, untitled, 2008 - an oracle, a mirror, a cool blue blank slate. Stephen Mueller on youtube.

Polly Apfelbaum, Two Blue, 2000 - on pillowcases.... they're stained circles of fabric, like spores.

Polly E. Apfelbaum
property of polly e. apfelbaum.

Mary Heilmann, Weave, 1992 - opposite John Duff's Plywood Construction, 1975... that was nice.

Mary Heilmann
click me.

Emery Blagdon, untitled, 1970 - with spangles...

Emery Blagdon's room of energy emitting healing machines.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fascinating and satisfying show. I have a real thing for Mary Heilmann, most of the time, and this piece looks like a winner.

I once heard British artist Mark Harris lecture and he said that in US, it is considered cheesy and self-promoting for an artist to include him/herself in a group show that they curate, but in England it is expected that the artist submit him/herself to the same standards applied for the show. I am glad to see that here, because it makes much more sense visually and it weaves a fuller picture of the aesthetic.
can't wait to see it.

Mark Barry said...

Wow, beautiful Heilman. Seems like a summer landscape. And you seem to have had a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

also, Stanley Whitney is so cool. And who would call a painting Love Triumphant except someone who means it?
Actually, many people, I guess.

Martin said...

vic - it was a satisfying show for sure... better than i had expected. are you going to nyc? if you are in the area go to see jess at tibor de nagy, and roger brown at dc moore... they are in a nearby building. both galleries show a lot of good artists.

i have no problem with artists including themselves in shows they curate, or being self-promoting. still can't understand why bands can pose for super cheesy photos, staple flyers to every telephone pole in town, stand in front iof clubs and pass out flyers... but artists have to be so stealth about everything.

mark - i was in the city thursday through sunday, with a lot of advance research... although i still didn't see everything i would have liked. regret missing kerry james marshall and some others.

i want to give a heads up for anyone visiting the les to check out the video at luxe... that wasn't on my list and i'm glad i stopped in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up(s?), Martin, I'll check out your recommendatons. I'm in town Jul 8-18.

Barnaby said...

I love, love, love two blue.