Friday, July 25, 2008


New Comments on Old Posts: old posts never die....

(1) Morris Yarowsky - still get comments on Morris Yarowsky... some nice reminiscences from friends and former students... students from when Morris taught at University of Oregon, San Francisco Art Institute, Virginia Commonwealth University.... students from literally 45 years ago. That's pretty amazing; are they googling him after forty years?

and former student Matthew Fisher mentions Morris in a recent post on MTY, the blog he shares with Rob Matthews -

"The late Morris Yarowsky felt that folk artists were not doing the same thing as he was (they weren't making art). A disconnect to art history, culture and 'knowledge' prevented them from making art like his"

Matthew has been spotlighting artists... scroll down to see them all.

(2) Jamie O'Shea - somebody else has commented calling out Jamie O'SuperLame for lifting photos from other people's flickr sets and posting them without any acknowledgement... or actually, in the post he is being called out on, he credits a "Supertouch roving reporter" visiting Paris... so ballsy, Super Tightie Pants.

Comments left in complaint get Super Douched, into the void.

(3) Steven Parrino - this is not such an old post, but the commenter who said Steven Parrino was partly supported by his wife has prompted - (among people that knew Parrino) - further discussion on Bill Schwarz's blog.

pLuS: Tom Moody on Bill Schwarz.


zipthwung said...

Vegetables? Man, I want to work for Robert Longo or something. i want to be free to do what I want to do. And get loaded. And ride bikes without getting hassled by the man. Or potholes.

Anonymous said...

Super Douche destroyed the evidence. The link for "the post he is being called out on" is now dead.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, one correction, though:

The commenter didn't say "partially supported," the commenter said "supported for a good amount of that time," meaning the eight years Team gallery ostensibly only sold two Parrino paintings.

I do not know what years Parrino's marriage overlapped the Team years, but the commenters on Bill Schwarz's blog who knew Parrino challenge the general statement that "Parrino was supported by his wife" and attest to his fiscal independence for most of his 21 year exhibition career.

Parrino's career in Europe is something both "anonymous" and the NY Times (in pushing the "only sold two paintings" urban legend) have not factored in or considered, apparently. Again, I don't have Parrino's balance sheet but the Schwarz commenters suggest the European sales were modest to good.

--Tom Moody

Anonymous said...

it seems to me that the strangest thing about this whole Parrino cash flow question is why is Martin so concerned?

Anonymous said...


You mean to tell us that it is unusual for a struggling artist to want to know how other artists who made or make art full time were or are able to pull it off?

Martin said...

anonymous - i'm not as "concerned" as you seem to be assuming.

the article says he only sold a couple paintings... i wondered how he was able to support himself. i am very much struggling to support myself. i'd like to know how others do it.

no big mystery. no big deal.

i also enjoyed the de kooning bio... major shocker for you, i'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Martin didn't you know that all artists who are not named Damien Hirst, Julian Schnabel, and Jeff Koons suffer from sour grapes? Shame on you. Shame...on...you.