Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jessica Jackson Hutchins


Jessica Jackson Hutchins
Jessica Jackson Hutchins, at Laurel Gitlen. Closes March 28th.

Jessica Jackson Hutchins, with Laurel Gitlen, at Armory Show. Laurel Gitlen is/was Small A Projects.

Saw Jessica Jackson Hutchins at four different places in one week - solo show at Derek Eller, with Laurel Gitlen at the Armory, solo show at Laurel Gitlen, at the Whitney Biennial.

The couch in the Whitney was the only clunker... heavy-handed and a bad pairing with that photojournalism... but the other shows were all excellent.

at Armory.

at Laurel Gitlen.

Jessica Jackson Hutchins
german speed skater

at Laurel Gitlen.

Jessica Jackson Hutchins, at Derek Eller. Closes March 27th.

Maurizio Cattelan was there and bought a piece... he asked for a discount.

at Derek Eller.

at Derek Eller.

at Derek Eller.


YHBHS said...

i love that he asked for a discout!

bettybite said...

I am a new art/sculpture student here at my school, I moved from graphic design because I love the more hands on approach... and I love expressing myself in a more free manner.

I love these pieces. I am glad I found your blog to follow!

Martin said...

david - and he picked up one of the pots off the rest of the sculpture. missed getting a picture though. i asked him if he saw that triple candie show where he died haha.

betty - yeah aren't they great? the two shows were excellent.

Unknown said...

thanks for the nice words and pics! too bad i was trapped at the piers . . . good luck with the opening this week!