Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Domestic City

Vince Contarino and Judith Braun.

**ART -STARS** attend Domestic City, curated by Vince Contarino and Nichole van Beek, at Kidd Yellin!!

Inna Babaeva.

Kris Chatterson.

Yadir Quintana. Gorgeous... he had another nice piece - much smaller, on a pedestal - in a show I saw last year.


Kai Vierstra.

Ben Stiller and Dustin Yellin. Didn't think to tell Stiller how much I liked his Oscar presentation.. I was geeking out. Couldn't act cool or even be normal.


Gina Beavers.

Meridith Gina Kris
Meridith Pingree, Gina Beavers, Kris Chatterson.

Mike Smith.

Gary Petersen's paintings.

Lauren and friends
Lauren Luloff (center)... with ___ and ___?

thanks Kai!


Kai said...

I was captured in a most uncandid moment, thanks Mr."make a serious face" Bromirski. I look like a jerk! Are you trying to make a point wiseguy?

Martin said...

haha i like it... it was the best one. do you want me to delete it?

Kai said...

No, I'm shameless. plus the world's gotta know. bingstie

Mark Barry said...

that's a Zoolander pose!